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Zong-Shi was a major antagonist of Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans, who was the ruthless ruler of the TrollDragons. He was also the archenemy of Charlemagne.


At some point prior to the start of the series, he and Charlemagne had already met, stating that the latter was an old foe. When Zong-Shi comes across the Krohnisfere and its power to show the future, he becomes obsessed of preventing his own demise and keeps his eyes on it at all times.

Rise of the Titans[]

In a new TrollDragon Market, inhabited by TrollDragons, Zong-Shi foresees Charlemagne approaching, as the dragon and his friends demands the Krohnisfere but Zong-Shi refuses to give it. However, Archie intercepts and takes the Krohnisfere away with his friends. Zong-Shi demands the heroes to hand over the Krohnisfere, so he knows his fate. Zong-Shi manages to grab hold of the Krohnisfere once again and he foresees his demise, which is being crushed by rubble.

Physical Description[]

Zong-Shi is a green TrollDragon, which has jade like textures, with golden patterns on his skin also that makes him resemble a dragon. On his head, he has two huge horns also. He is also very huge and tall and wears a blue silk robe with a broad brown cloth as a belt. He also has tall wing like projections on his back also. He also has golden eyes with yellow irises.


Zong-Shi is extremely paranoia, desperate to prevent his death. He has never averted his eyes from the Krohnisphere whenever he holds it and is willing to do desperate measures such as enslaving his entire race, depriving them of their basic needs while all they do is just mine and refine magical stones for the Kronisphere. He is largely uncaring and dishonorable, willing to let the people around him die from the enslavement he inflicts just to prolong his, which also shows his selfishness. He is also very petty, planning to have Charlamagne's hide in his throne room as a trophy and wear Claire's armor as an amulet after he has them all executed, just because they refused to give the Kronisphere back to him.


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  • He is the only named antagonist (and character) to appear in the film that has not previously appeared on any TV series.
  • Of all the named antagonists, he has the least screen time. He has about 3 minutes of screen time in a movie.
  • There's probably an error in the moment Zong-Shi dies, if the TrollDragons are purely trolls they should turn into stone in their deaths, it doesn't happen when he dies unless he wasn't dead at all or the TrollDragons don't die this way.

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