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Zerons are a ruthless race of bounty-hunting aliens.

The only known Zerons to appear are the members of the Zeron Brotherhood.


Zerons are ruthless, greedy, dishonorable, backstabbing, vicious and untrustworthy aliens who have no morals and are only influenced by decisions pertaining to their own good. They also have no remorse, as they would gladly kill innocent aliens if it meant completion of their bounty. However, they are very loyal to their comrades and fellow Zerons. Their affilation is General Morando.

Physical Description[]

Zerons can be both mechanical or biological in terms of body composition. Zerons almost always wear futuristic metal armor. They have slit-like eyes, small pupils and sclerae whose colour differs from Zeron to Zeron. They are animal-like in appearance.


Zerons are extremely skilled close-combat and melee fighters, able to rival and briefly overwhelm the famed Varvatos Vex himself. They are fast and agile, combining acrobatics and speed to create devastatingly effective attacks. They are also very intelligent, able to devise plans and quickly change their fighting style based on the opponent they are facing. While strength isn't their main forte, they do have a very high degree of strength.

Another quality they possess is their proficiency in all forms of combat involving weaponry. Zerons typically carry their own weapons and are very skilled with their usage. The metal armor Zerons wear increases their invulnerability to a respectable extent. Zeron teams can co-ordinate their attacks to deal more damage.


Zerons are very vulnerable to ionic constructs like serrators as a single blow can deal terrible damage to a Zeron.

Known Zerons[]


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