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Give our regards to your family, Commander.
―Alpha to Varvatos Vex in "Collision Course"

Zeron Alpha is the secondary antagonist of 3 Below. He is the leader of the Zeron Brotherhood and was hired by General Morando to hunt down Aja and Krel. He is the only surviving member of the Brotherhood, as the rest of his crew were killed by Aja, Krel, and Varvatos.



Part One (3 Below)

Physical Appearance

Zeron Alpha is an anthropomorphic jackal-like alien. He wears a metal mask, which does not cover his whole face. That makes him different from his two brothers.


As described by Varvatos Vex, Alpha, along with his brothers, are without honor, glory and the occasional incontinence. Alpha is shown to be uncompassionate and heartless as he and his brothers killed hundreds of innocent lives, including Varvatos Vex's family, all for one bounty.

However, when Beta was killed by Varvatos Vex, he is seen howling (as he's a dog-like creature), displaying his loss and sorrow, which means he does have an ounce of compassion and grief, only for his family. He also does display anger and frustration, such as when his plans don't go accordingly or, particularly when Omega tried to comfort him for Beta's death in which he slapped his hand off, and swung a punch on the fire-pit.

Powers & Abilities

Alien Physiology

As a alien bounty hunter, he has the strength that is many times higher than a normal human or even a Akiridion or troll. Although he struggles in terms of strength with Varvatos Vex, he is also more agile than his brothers, but slightly weaker. He can also retreat very quickly when injured. He is shown to survive wall slams and thrown by Vex without causing serious injury. He has also been tossed by Buster and got up without a scratch.


Alpha is trained to use a blaster with great aim. He wields all of his weapons with great dexterity.


  • Retractable mask
  • Two pistols
  • Two boomerangs
  • Driller
  • Lasso
  • Zeron Ship


Zeron Omega

Zeron Beta

General Morando

Varvatos Vex

Princess Aja and Prince Krel

Episode Appearances

3 Below Part 1
"Terra Incognita Part One"
"Terra Incognita Part Two"
"Mind Over Matter"
"Beetle Mania"
"Collision Course"
"D'aja Vu"
"Flying the Coop"
"Party Crashers"
"Lightning in a Bottle"
"The Arcadian Job"
"Truth Be Told"
"Last Night on Earth"
"Bad Omen"


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