The Double-bladed Scythe is a powerful ionic weapon used by Zadra.


Its date of creation is unknown, but it was presumably created after Zadra entered the army or when she was promoted to a high rank.


In its deactivated form, it is a long black staff with futuristic carvings on it.

When activated, the carvings glow an electric blue and the staff sprouts two long scythe blades having grooves on them. The blades are an electric blue too.


Zadra's double-bladed scythe is a formidable weapon in both close and long-range combat. Being made of ionic energy, like a serrator, it can inflict terrible damage on its victims. It can also generate powerful ionic blasts the shape of the blades, capable of bringing down entire spaceships. When rotated at high speed, it can form a shield strong enough to block serrators.


Since it is made of ionic energy, it can presumably be defeated by Area 49-B's neurometers.


Appearances in the Trilogy


Part One

Part Two


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