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They are royalty wherever they go.
―Zadra watching Aja and Krel perform in the Battle of the Bands[src]

Zadra is a major supporting character of 3Below.

She is the lieutenant of the Taylon Phalanx, briefly the commander of General Morando's army, the leader of the Resistance, and the second guardian of Aja and Krel Tarron.



After she rose to the highest ranks of the army, she was appointed as the royal guardian, alongside Varvatos Vex.

When Aja and Krel were children, Zadra would tell them stories about other live beings on different planets and how vast the universe really is.

3Below (Part One)[]

Morando's Coup[]

On the day of Prince Krel and Princess Aja's coronation, in which the latter was absent, General Morando enacted a coup d'etat. As Morando managed to penetrate the palace defense with ease, Zadra suspected that there was a traitor aiding him.

Zadra stood to protect the Great House Tarron when Morando invaded the palace and was helpless as King Fialkov and Queen Coranda were cut down, leaving their life cores to be salvaged. Zadra stayed behind to hold off Morando as Varvatos Vex escorted the royals to the Mothership, risking her own life.

Allying with the Resistance[]

Zadra was subsequently captured and later woke up in an infirmary, with Morando looming over her. The traitorous general demanded her allegiance, promising her command of his army. Zadra knew that only he wanted her to ensure his soldiers stay in line. Morando further taunted that his bounty hunters would soon find and terminate the royals and that there was no hope, which caused her distress. He proceeded to subject her to torture via red light, giving her an ultimatum to kneel or die, which her doctor turned off as soon as he left the room.

Later on, the doctor, introducing herself as Izita, helped free Zadra, revealing herself to be part of a resistance opposing Morando and helping to restore House Tarron to the throne. Furthermore, she mentioned that Aja saved her daughter during Morando's attack and thus is forever indebted to the Royals. Zadra was escorted to a waiting vehicle to take her outside the capital, but Zadra, believing she could best aid the resistance from the inside, insisted on remaining behind. Izita then provided her with a ring that would signify her allegiance to the resistance.

Thus, Zadra feigned allegiance to Morando and stood by his side as he publicly addressed the planet. Even as a resistance fighter is subdued in a futile attack on Morando, Zadra briefly held up her resistance ring in view of the cameras so the resistance, including Izita, would know she's on their side.

Identifying the Traitor[]

Zadra subsequently infiltrated a robotic blank factory to extract intel from one of the blanks. Unfortunately, her target spotted her, forcing Zadra to grab and try to silence it before it could alert Morando, who was inspecting the facility. Though Izita instructed her to remove the unit's memory core, she is forced to rip off its head and flee before she could be discovered. She delivered the head to Izita, who was able to tap into its memory, revealing the traitor was, in fact, Varvatos Vex, much to her shock and dismay.

Desiring to warn the royals, Zadra attempted to get in contact with them only for her call to be received by Vex. She demanded to know where Aja and Krel were but Vex insisted this was an insecure transmission and swore on his life that the heirs were safe. Incensed, Zadra called him out for his betrayal and threatened to make his death slow, painful and without glory if any harm were to come to the charges. Though Vex crushed his communicator, Zadra had kept him talking long enough for Izita to trace the call to a planet called Earth.

The Rise of Omen[]

Zadra was later present for Morando's presentation of a fully weaponized blank, Omen, which demonstrated its immense power by firing a power laser right through the building, forcing Zadra to tackle Loth Saborian to the floor.

Arriving on Earth[]

After informing Izita of Omen, the pair decide to travel to Earth to by stealing a Taylon-Stryker. But when she attempted to bluff the hanger guards, they reveal that Omen was being stationed there. The blank quickly identified Zadra's resistance ring and immediately attacked. Deciding to reveal her allegiance, Zadra quickly dispatched the guards and led Omen on a chase through the city before Izita showed up in a Stryker, urging her to find the royals while she held off Omen.

Upon arriving on Earth, she made first contact with a cow and assumed it to be a citizen and asked for directions to the royals; when it failed to respond, she set off to find them on her own, unaware that Omen had hitched a ride on her ship.

Managing to locate the Mothership and getting past its sensors with her knowledge of Vex's defense codes and confronted him for his betrayal. Vex insisted he be allowed to explain, Zadra contemptuously declared he could explain with his dying breath. Vex held back from fighting her before reverting from his human form to his Akiridion form and overpowered her. Zadra retorted that even in his true form, she wouldn't recognize what he had become. When Aja and Krel found out, they at first, considered executing him, but then realizes that the best they can do is have Vex live in exile on Earth since he actually wants to be killed. After changing Vex back to human form, Zadra kicked him out of the Mothership.

The Eternal Night War[]

With the Mothership repaired and Varvatos exiled, Zadra takes over as the royal's new guardian. She watches Krel and Aja participate in the band and acknowledges how much the humans enjoy their music. However, Claire walks onstage in her armor, warning the people of Arcadia that an invasion was coming. When the Eternal Night falls, Zadra is completely shocked by this unusual anomaly and quickly jumps into the scene, saving Stuart from a Gumm-Gumm. When she receives a destress signal from the Mothership, she and the children quickly rush back home, killing the Gumm-Gumms along the way. She saves Stuart from a Stalkling while Aja and Krel help out Steve and Eli in ridding the goblins.

3Below (Part Two)[]

Confronting Magmatron[]

Two weeks following the Eternal Night War, Zadra tried to contact the Resistance but the damage Omen inflicted on the Mothership caused Mother to repeatedly reboot. When Aja and Krel came to check in on her progress after a failed attempt to move the Mothership, Mother impulsively started playing Vex's logs. Though Aja missed him, Zadra and Krel don't share her sentiments. Zadra then proceeded to go on patrol and ordered Tarrons to remain inside. Though Aja protested they need to see their friends, Zadra retorted that they couldn't realistically expect their human friends to protect them. Furthermore, she labelled Earthlings as rude and lacking proper hygiene, recalling a mask furry creature scavenging their garbage; Krel asked if she was describing racoon.

Later that night, Zadra spotted a light in the distance and left to investigate, allowing Aja to sneak out of the house to meet with Steve to search for Vex.

Zadra is later found caught in one of Eli and Toby's traps, which tipped the Tarrons, Creepslayerz and Trollhunter to her location. She admitted that she got caught for desiring the Nougat Nummy they left as bait. She then scolded her charges for disobeying her orders before they are attacked by a Cindorite, Magmatron. As the Tarrons battled the Cindorite, Eli quickly set Zadra free. She then had the humans reset the trap to use on Magmatron, allowing Aja to interrogate him about Vex's whereabouts, learning that Zeron Alpha captured him during the Eternal Night. Magmatron then freed himself and attempted to reclaim him hammers, so Zadra tells everyone to keep him from his weapon. Toby soon realized Magmatron's weakness was water and threw his warhammer at a pipe, causing a spray of water that weakened Magmatron, before everyone released his weapons to destroy him. As the humans celebrated, Krel apologized to Zadra for sneaking out and nearly getting killed again. Zadra apologized in turn, admitting that if the royals hadn't left the ship, she might've been killed, as well as that the humans could be their allies and friends.

After using Magmatron's hammer to lift the Mothership back to its original crash site, Zadra inspected a package Momblack received. Finding a pair of red boots Mother accidentally ordered, Zadra took a quick liking to them and took them.

Varvatos' Return[]

While Aja and Krel prepare to go on a secret mission to the Moon, along with Stuart, to rescue Varvatos from Alpha, Aja tells Zadra that they are having a sleepover with their friends. Zadra still worries for the royals' safety, but she reassures her that they'll be fine.

Physical Description[]

Zadra is tall, slender, has three fingers, and spiky electric blue hair. She has blue linings over her face that resemble eyebrows and wears an Akiridion jumpsuit. She also wore a ring on her fingers, symbolizing her allegiance to the resistance.

After accidentally buying a pair of red human boots in the beginning of Part Two, they became part of her appearance (despite having no feet whatsoever).


As the lieutenant of House Tarron's army, Zadra is a responsible, respectful, and honorable Akiridion warrior. She is very protective and loyal towards the children of the king and queen and wishes to protect them from the threats of Morando. Zadra wants to do what's best for Akiridion-5, staying behind to reconnaissance Morando's plans for the resistance who are fighting for their planet's freedom and House Tarron. However, she appears to only care about Akiridion-5, and not so much for the innocent Earth citizens, thus giving off an impression of being a bit selfish, even though Aja's care for the Earth citizens landed them in trouble at both occasions.[1][2]

When she discovers that Vex was the traitor who helped Morando attack House Tarron, she becomes more hostile towards him and plans on executing him for his misdeeds.[3][1] However, she seemed touched when he sends them a message, apologizing to the children for his wrongdoings. Although, despite that, she was still not as welcoming as Aja and Krel after they rescue Vex from the Moon, still viewing him as a traitor.[4]

In Part Two, she shows an overprotective side to the royals, similar to Vex's, but later accepts that the children can protect themselves every once in a while. She even admits that their human friends are not as weak or incompetent as she first thought.[5] Though she still holds a grudge against Varvatos for his past actions and was clearly spiteful towards him, she still begrudgingly allows him to stay and eventually makes amends with him.[2]

Powers & Abilities[]


  • Akiridion Physiology: As an Akiridion, Zadra is much stronger, durable, faster, and agile than a normal human.
    • Enhanced Strength: Although Zadra is clearly stronger than an average human, she's still not as strong as Varvatos.
    • Enhanced Endurance: Zadra can endure more than an average human.
      • Enhanced Durability: Zadra was able to survive being defeated by several Taylon Phalanx soldiers, albeit severely weakened.
      • Enhanced Stamina: Zadra can physically exert herself for long periods of time without tiring before fatigue begins to wear her down.
    • Enhanced Agility: Zadra is much more agile than even Varvatos, possibly rivaling that of Aja.
      • Enhanced Leaping: She was shown to be able to leap onto high rooftops with ease.
    • Enhanced Speed: Zadra is faster then an average human or her own species.
      • Enhanced Reflexes: Zadra reacts to attacks faster than other Akiridions, albeit rivals Aja's.
    • Hypermetabolism: Zadra is an energy-based being who doesn't require organic consumption.
    • Vacuum Adaption: As an Akiridion, Zadra can adapt and survive in any atmospheric environment without any aid, but a planet's gravity does still affect her.
      • Oxygen Independence: Zadra does not require oxygen to live.
    • Longevity: As an Akiridion, Zadra can live for hundreds of years, but is still vulnerable to being killed and can fall in battle.


  • Combatant: Zadra is a true warrior, trained to protect the royals of House Tarron. She is excellent at wielding her scythe-like serrator with great dexterity and hold her own against many of Morando's forces. Although she's smarter and faster than Vex, he was still able to defeat her in direct combat, most likely due to his physical strength.
  • Reconnaissance: Zadra was briefly able to spy Morando's activities and report them to the Resistance, until his first Omen Blank identified her as a Resistance member.


  • Physical Damage: Despite her enhanced durability, Zadra could be forced to retreat into her life core if she ever suffered too much physical damage (albeit she barely survived a horde of rogue Phalanx soldiers).
  • Candy: In "Moving Day", it is revealed that, despite all of her warrior training, they never prepared her for the temptations of Nougat Nummies, which got her caught inside one of Eli's traps. Eli and Toby were seemingly surprised that the Nougat Nummies actually work, as they would've thought that aliens would be smarter than to fall for bait as simple as candy.


  • Double-Sided Scythe: Her main weapon is programmed to be a double-sided scythe that can shoot out limitless blades. If it's spun fast enough, it can form a large shield capable of deflecting any attack.


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  • When she arrived on Earth, Zadra seemed to have developed a weakness for candy bars, resulting in her being caught in one of Eli's traps in the sewer.
  • Zadra appears to speak with a British accent.
  • From the end of "Moving Day" and onwards, she wears a pair of red boots as a part of her physical appearance.
  • According to Aaron Waltke, Zadra was meant to be within the LGBTQA+ spectrum, however, this was never seen in the franchise.[6]


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