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Pathetic that you meet your end in a sewer, YOUNG ATLAS.
―Bular exposing Strickler's true nature to Jim

Young Atlas is the tenth episode of Trollhunters.

Official Synopsis[]

Draal gives Jim a troll-made totem to help curb his anxiety about Claire. But Jim's newfound overconfidence leads him to a startling realization.


Jim is training with Draal and falls backward. He says he thinks he broke his butt. They start dueling again after Jim admits he's distracted. Draal asks why he's distracted. He says Draal wouldn't understand, but when pressed says he's worried about kissing Claire. Draal admits that he actually doesn't understand.

Jim explains they're rehearsing the kissing scene and he has to kiss her tomorrow. Draal doesn't know what kissing is and asks Jim to explain it. He really likes Claire and he worries if he blows the first kiss, he might not get a second or a third. Draal says he once had similar feelings with an impure. Draal thinks he needs a Grit-Shaka, a totem used by the Gumm-Gumms. Wearing it banishes all cowardice, making you fierce and ready for battle. Jim asks him if he has one of those.

Mrs. Nuñez is cooing at baby Enrique when Stickler sits down next to her on the bench. While she's distracted by a phone call, Strickler tells NotEnrique that they're meeting today to activate the Eyestone. He warns Strickler that because of Jim, he can't leave the house. Bular will be upset that he's been exposed. He tells Strickler what he's learned. Strickler is surprised that he's been to Trollmarket and says NotEnrique now reports only to him because there may be things Bular doesn't need to know. Mrs. Nuñez returns and NotEnrique changes back to the baby form.

Coach Lawrence is subbing for Mr. Strickler, so he puts on Gun Robot 3. While the movie plays, Toby and Jim talk about the upcoming kiss. Jim is panicking and wonders how Claire can be so calm.

Mary knows Claire's thinking about the kiss, but Claire says it's just acting. Mary says they need a chemistry lesson. She gets up and says that Jim took her seat. Coach Lawrence orders him to give Mary back her seat without looking up, so Jim moves to the seat next to Claire. Jim puts on the Grit-Shaka and starts talking to her about the kiss. When Toby sees that, he moves his desk closer to Mary's and asks if she has a date to the play. She tells him she's in the play and tells him not to gross her out.

Toby is struggling to open his locker, when Jim comes up and opens his easily, impressing Toby. He says it's because of the Grit-Shaka. It makes him feel like he can do anything. He opens Toby's locker for him.

At lunch, Jim charms the lunch lady, who gives him Chicken Surprise over Toby's warning.

Toby comes out of a bathroom stall feeling miserable, while Jim feels cleansed. They start to leave, but Toby has to run back in.

Jim solves for X in math class, filling the whole board. Miss Janeth says she admires his gusto, but he's not remotely correct and this isn't his class.

Jim enters the teachers' lounge and pours himself a cup of coffee right in front of Coach Lawrence and Señor Uhl.

Toby asks Claire if she's seen, Jim. She tells him everyone is talking about Jim. He's been making a spectacle of himself. Jim then comes over the speakerphone to remind everyone to keep it crispy. He badly plays bass and sings until a teacher stops him.

Otto pulls the completed Eyestone out of the briefcase. It floats up and attaches to the Killahead Bridge. Bular is upset because it doesn't work right away. Then light starts pouring out of it into the bridge. A portal opens under the bridge and Gunmar appears. Bular tells his father that his release will soon be at hand, but then Strickler steps forward and tells him the same thing. Gunmar is pleased and says Strickler has done well. Bular tells Gunmar about Jim and how Strickler doesn't want him killed. Strickler explains. Gunmar is irritated by their bickering but says Strickler is correct. He says from now on, his son is giving the orders. Then he orders the others to let him speak to his son alone.

Once they're gone, Gunmar asks Bular why Strickler seems to have grown soft. Bular believes it's because he has affection for Jim due to being his teacher. Gunmar says if his heart has turned, they must know.

Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! are working on Jim's training course when Toby comes to tell them about what Draal did to Jim. They realize Jim has a Grit-Shaka. It gives a Troll no fear, but they don't know what it will do to a human.

Claire is performing on the stage. Jim comes onto the stage at the wrong time and says he's had some thoughts about the script. He gives Claire and Miss Janeth his version. Claire wants to do the original version, but Jim finds it boring. Claire wonders what's going on since Jim used to be the nicest guy. This isn't him. He says it is him. Jim leans in to kiss her, but she flips him over onto his back and says he's being a jerk.

Jim tries to get a tattoo of a broken heart with a weeping crack in the middle. Blinky stops him just in time. Blinky demands that Jim hand over the Grit-Shaka. Jim insists that he's fine and if they want it, they'll have to take it from him. He uses the amulet. AAARRRGGHH!!! tries to take the Grit-Shaka from him, but Jim runs away. Blinky says it's important to be afraid and if Bular attacked him right now, he'd have no defense. Jim says he's not afraid of Bular or anything else. To prove it, he wants to go fight Bular. Blinky says he has no means to locate Bular, but Toby says that's not quite sure.

Toby calls up to NotEnrique and asks if he's seen Jim. NotEnrique says if Jim wants to commit suicide, who is he to stand in the way? Toby offers up a dirty sock in exchange for telling him where Jim went.

Jim wanders the sewers looking for Bular.

Toby, Blinky, and AAARRRGGHH!!! start to search for Jim as Jim searches for Bular.

A goblin hears Jim and soon after, Jim is face to face with Bular. Bular sees that he's wearing a Grit-Shaka and understands. Jim lunges at him and a fight begins. During the fight, Jim loses the Grit-Shaka and Bular destroys it. His fear restored, Jim starts to back off as Bular approaches. Just as Bular is about to eat Jim, Toby is able to get the manhole above them opened, casting light on Bular, causing him to shrink back. Jim stands in the circle of light as Bular circles him.

He jumps to try to get Toby's hand so he can be pulled out. Bular says it's fitting that he'll lose his life in the sewer, calling him Young Atlas. Jim then remembers Strickler calling him Atlas. Jim dodges Bular a few more times, then removes his armor, which allows him to jump high enough for Toby to grab him and pull him out onto the street. Jim then tells Toby Strickler's a changeling. Toby says he never trusted Strickler. Jim thanks Toby for saving his life.

Down in the sewer, Bular laughs.

Bular reports what happened to Strickler, including calling him Young Atlas. Strickler knows this means Jim knows he's a changeling and is angry, but then Gunmar says he gave the order. It's a test. It will lead Jim to him so that when the time comes, he will kill Jim and free Gunmar with the amulet.



  • Jim finally learns that Strickler is a changeling and is working with Bular in this episode after the latter (under Gunmar's orders) calls him "Young Atlas", a nickname only Strickler uses.
  • It is revealed that Claire's mother is the councilwoman of Arcadia Oaks.
  • Title: Obviously, Strickler calls Jim "Young Atlas" as an act of endearment to acknowledge Jim's habit of "carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders", like the titan Atlas from Greek Mythology. Of course, Bular calls Jim "Young Atlas" to purposely expose Strickler's changeling nature to Jim.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar:
    • When Jim tries to explain the concept of kissing to Draal, he explains that it can sometimes go on "for hours".
    • Also when describing Jim's erratic behavior, Toby says it's like he's "drunk", not a word typically used in most kids animation.


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