Becoming Part 1- The amulet begins to move again
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Part One of Wizards will premiere July of 2020.[2]




NO. Episode name Originally released
1 "TBA" July, 2020
2 "TBA"
3 "TBA"
4 "TBA"
5 "TBA"
6 "TBA"
7 "TBA"
8 "TBA"
9 "TBA"
10 "TBA"

Character Debuts



  • This will be the third season in one of the Tales of Arcadia installments to premiere in a month other than December. The first being Part Three of Trollhunters (which premiered on May 25th, 2018) and the second being Part Two of 3Below (which premiered on July 12th, 2019).
    • Additionally, unlike Trollhunters and 3Below, this will be the first opening season to not premiere in December.



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  2. Guillermo del Torro Official Tweet on Part One of Wizards Release date. (February 24, 2020).
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