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By Kanjigar's honor, I would have made your death swift and painless, but, for that act of COWARDICE, I will show you no mercy when I take back what's RIGHTFULLY mine.
―Draal to Jim

Win Lose or Draal is the sixth episode of Trollhunters.

Official Synopsis[]

Jim preps for a high-stakes rematch against Draal, the amulet's seemingly rightful heir. But their animosity gives way to a surprising partnership.


The episode begins with Toby and Jim being lined up for their mugshots after their previous break in into the museum, the former not taking it very seriously. Barbara and Mr. Strickler come to pick the two up, discussing the fact that Nomura didn't wish to press charges, with Strickler claiming Nomura to be a close friend. Meanwhile, Toby and Jim discuss what they found about Nomura, with Toby theorizing that Coach Lawrence, Steve or even Strickler could be one, but Jim does not believe in the latter being true. Looking at the photo Toby took in the museum, Jim realizes that it is, in fact, the Killahead Bridge, and comes to the conclusion that they are trying to break out Gunmar. Just as they resolve to go see Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!!, Barbara and Strickler return to the car, the two casually discussing going out for coffee, and Strickler allowing her to call him Walter. Once Strickler leaves, Jim asks his mother if she had just asked Strickler out, but Barbara quickly shuts him down, grounding him until he apologizes to Ms. Nomura. Unsurprisingly, Jim and Toby sneak out later that night.

Jim and Toby discuss their findings with Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! down in Heartstone Trollmarket, the former initially shown to be skeptical of their findings. When the group bring up the Changelings, the bar patrons react in shock, before Blinky continues on in a low whisper. He explains that Changelings were once Trolls who were experimented on, turning them into something unnatural. He goes on to explain that Changelings were spies of the human world, yet it would take an army of them to find all the pieces for the bridge. Jim suggests going to tell someone but Blinky argues against it, stating they need more proof on the matter.

Whilst they walk, the group bump into Draal, who declares that he was looking forward to tomorrow's rematch, and claims he will "drink to your [Jim's] death". Jim is shocked, having thought this was only supposed to be a rematch, but as Blinky states, to challenge a troll's honor will only end in ruin. Jim tries to postpone the fight, but Draal instead laughs at his plea, claiming that all of Blinky's students have a pattern of forgetting how to fight. To add more salt to the wound, Draal declares that he will instead make Jim's death painful for his "act of cowardice", and leaves by stating Jim should say goodbye to his loved ones.

Meanwhile at the Museum, Nomura and Strickler argue about the Goblins, with Nomura arguing that it was their fault for leading Jim and Toby to the museum. They encounter Bular near the bridge, who threatens Nomura over being compromised, calling her an impure. She begs for mercy, claiming that Jim will soon know about Strickler, who is remarkably calm about the situation. Bular attempts to kill Nomura, but she escapes and grabs a strange ring like artifact from a nearby box, suggesting they bring another in. Bular agrees to this despite Strickler's protests, in the event that they may need a replacement. Nomura smiles at this as Strickler remains slightly angered.

Jim is writing a letter to Claire after realizing what the battle is truly about, and decides to tell her everything, however, the letter undergoes multiple retakes before he gets it right. Jim arrives at the rehearsal to drop off his letter to Claire, finding her practicing with Steve. As Steve bumbles along and almost knocks her over, Jim recites the line from the wing, gaining her attention. She addresses her next line to him instead of Steve, with Eli appearing to claim she is amazing, only worsening Jim's guilt over having to leave the letter for her. He quickly slots it in her bag and departs before Claire can get to the wing, having forgotten the rest of her line by the time she made it.

Returning home, Jim cooks a dinner for his mother, wanting to have a nice time with her favorites. Barbara reminisces over her former husband, James Lake Sr., having been reminded by the shrimp cakes that he used to make for the family. The two have a small discussion about it before Jim states that he loves her and would never leave her like that by choice. Barbra is touched by this but declares her wish to see him go to university instead, and offers to help clean the dishes. As his mother compliments his waffles, Jim slips the letter between the recipe books, a sad look on his face.

Unable to sleep that night, he experiments with the amulet, realizing it has the ability to translate between human and troll. He excitedly tries it on the book, to which he finds the amulet can also lead him to certain pages, conveniently giving him one on weak spots. Toby calls Jim on the walkie-talkie, seeing that he cannot sleep, and asks if he is okay. Jim claims that he is not, to which Toby agrees and signs off for the night. Jim smiles at this and turns in as well.

As school progresses the next day, Jim and Toby make it down to Trollmarket where the battle is to take place. Vendel acts as commentator for the fight, inviting both parties to prepare for battle. Jim is nervous before the fight, but Toby makes him feel slightly better after discussing getting taco's afterwards, reassuring Jim that he will survive and that Toby won't have to open his letter. As Draal walks out into the roars of the crowd, Jim asks if Draal has any weak spots besides the gronk-nuks, citing what he had read in the book. Blinky is too excited over Jim reading the book to answer, instead hugging him in joy. Jim walks out to the jeers of the crowd, gearing up before the battle commences.

The Forge's platforms activate to give the duo a stage for their battle. Draal is able to easily fling Jim to the lower levels, but as Draal goes to land a rolling strike, Jim throws his sword in the path, causing an explosion of blue light that stops Draal in his path. Jim tries it again but unfortunately it fails, prompting Jim to instead flee on foot, being pursued by Draal. Draal lands a blow from above, which Jim's armor protects him from, before the latter is flung by Draal into the air and punched onto the ledge above. The stage changes into a ledge, with Jim barely able to hold on, allowing Draal to kick him to the lowest level and injure him further.

Lying on the ground and at Draal's mercy, Jim retorts to Rule 3, using the pain as an opportunity to enter Draal's blindspot: his back. Draal angrily declares that Jim is not worthy of the mantle, but Jim retorts that the amulet chose him, utilizing the Forge's swinging axe to knock Draal off the ledge, to the shock of the crowd. Jim walks to the ledge as the crowd chants for him to "finish the fight", but instead of killing Draal, he helps him up to the jeers of the crowd. Jim gives a speech about how the amulet chose him and explains about the Changeling threat, but is stopped before the Killahead Bridge can be revealed. With Draal left without honor after the fight, Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! are summoned by Vendel, and the two boys head home after Toby reveals he read the letter.

Returning home, Jim is initially worried about his excuse for the day, but instead finds himself in a confrontation with Nomura, who drugs Barbra's tea so that she passes out. Nomura and Jim enter a confrontation, where he is forced to run into his room and the bathroom to escape Nomura. Before she can kill Jim, Draal drags her outside to fight, utilizing his brute strength in order to protect him. After hurtling Nomura some distance away, he has a chat with Jim, telling him that not all his fights in future will come with the time to study for weaknesses. Draal resolves to stay in the basement and guard Jim and his mother, since he is no longer permitted from entering Trollmarket, however tells Jim he's a protector, not a cleaner. He reassures Jim that he will make a fine Trollhunter, and will be honored to stand by his side when the day comes.



  • Jim's neighbor is heard to have a dog called Arther during this episode. Earlier in "Becoming: Part 1", Jim's neighbor is heard to have another dog called Parker.
  • Draal becomes Jim's new troll friend in this episode, as well as his protector.
  • At the end of the episode, Gunmar is incorrectly listed during the end credits, despite not appearing in the episode.
  • Title: The title refers to the term "win, lose, or draw", only altering the final word with Draal's name as this is the time when Draal and Jim duel each other to the death.
  • Running Gag: A troll attempts to eavesdrop on Blinky discussing secretive Trollhunter information, oftentimes with Blinky reacting with "Do you mind?" and the unnamed troll responding nonchalantly with "Whatever." This is shown in the following episode, as well.
    • In a recent tweet by Aaron Waltke, he reveals that this troll's name is "Schmidt", named after Andrew Schmidt.


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