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Where Is My Mind? is the twentieth episode of Trollhunters.

Official Synopsis[]

A horde of pixies descends on Arcadia Oaks High, sending the student body into a tailspin. Angor Rot comes to Jim with a surprising proposal.


Strickler is walking down the street when a pixie does in his ear. He hears Bular's voice saying he's impure. He turns around and is shocked to see Bular there. He's angry to see Strickler. Strickler falls and holds up his hands in defense. Bular tells him Angor Rot won't bring him reign. He tells Strickler to abandon the ring now. A teen girl walks by and then walks through Bular, tipping Strickler off that it's fake and he just has a pixie. He knocks the pixie out of his ear and then traps it in the ring. He yells at Angor for attempting to distort his mind with a pixie. He says Angor Rot is a dog and the ring is his leash. He commands Angor rot to kill the Trollhunter. Angor Rot tells him to avoid the school tomorrow. Strickler walks away and Angor Rot says the ring will be his.

Mary and Darci are upset with Claire for not telling them that Jim asked her to the dance. Claire says there's not much to tell, except that she actually asked him. Darci is proud, but Mary says not to celebrate. Mary says there are rules and you can't do that. They walk off together.

Toby is exhausted. Jim says the first day of training can do that, but Toby wanted the Warhammer. Toby says it'll be useful for Jim in the future. Jim says they can at least feel safe at school, because Angor Rot won't attack them in broad daylight. They enter the bathroom. Beneath them, Angor Rot releases pixies, which come into the bathroom through a drain in the floor.

Blinky is researching Angor Rot. He's learned about the ring that controls Angor Rot. Angor Rot has been stealing the souls of Trollhunters in an attempt to fill the void ever since. Blinky has noticed that AAARRRGGHH!!! has been distant since Blinky got a human form. He says he's still the same Blinky. Blinky suggests that they go on a trip together, but AAARRRGGHH!!! doesn't want to.

Steve shoves Eli into a locker as Eli says he finished Steve's homework and wired him lunch money. Eli asks if they can skip the locker stuffing for today, but Steve says no and shoves him in.

Steve checks himself out in the bathroom mirror and lays out the steps to get a Spring Fling date. A pixie flies into his ear. Soon after, he's shoved aside by another him. He's horrified not to be the only one. Then a third Steve emerges from a stall. Steve runs away in horror. He finds another Steve in his locker then finds himself surrounded by Steves. He runs around in horror, leaving the other students confused. Lawrence chalks it up to SAT season.

Claire says that instead of Shadowdancer, like Toby suggested, she wants to be Queen Death Viper 5000 of the Shadow Realm. A pixie flies into her ear as she enters her class. After she sits down, she hears Uhl say Killahead Bridge, confusing her. Then Uhl turns at her and says the question is why Claire wasn't paying more attention to her baby brother. The classroom is suddenly empty except Claire. Uhl asks why she'd let them take Enrique. It's all her fault. She runs out of the room in horror, leaving the others confused. Claire hears a baby crying and tries to find Enrique, but she can't get to him.

Vendel tells AAARRRGGHH!!! that, as he suspected, he was nicked by Creeper's Sun poison and he's turning to stone. Vendel can slow it down, but not stop it. Sooner or later, it will overtake him. He asks how long he has. Vendel says weeks. With treatment, a few months. He needs to tell his friends. He says no, he doesn't want Toby to know. Vendel agrees to keep it secret.

Toby and Jim notice that something is wrong at their school and it's not the SATs. Jim is certain that Strickler is involved with this.

Miss Janeth wonders what's wrong with them. A pixie enters her ear as well.

Jim and Toby find Strickler gone. As they talk, Jim sees a pixie on Toby's shoulder and tells him to stay still. It goes up Toby's nose before Jim can take care of it. Toby tells Jim he has to save him.

Toby is in a daydream. He sees the mole and goes to hug her. She picks him up and twirls him. They blast into space together, where her asks her to the Spring Fling. He takes off the hood and reveals his nana.

Toby is screaming and rolling around on the floor.

Blinky is over to talk to Barbara about Jim. She's still concerned about his behavior. Blinky gets a call from Jim, telling him everyone is going banana-pants. Blinky says it sounds like a pixie infestation. Angor Rot is in the school.

Angor Rot enters the school and sees all the students scared.

Blinky is running to the school, but gets tired. He finds a car and climbs inside. He can't figure out how to work it and scares himself with the horn. He gets out and starts running again.

Angor Rot searches the halls. He comes face to face with Jim and says Daylight is his to command. Jim summons his second weapon. Angor Rot grabs Steve and uses him as armor. Then he throws Steve to the sit and starts fighting Jim. Jim manages to slice his leg, but then gets his weapon stuck in the walls. He dodges Angor Rot's attacks. He picks Jim up and holds him. Jim is able to get his weapons back and sets the pixies on Angor Rot. Then he runs away.

Claire hears Enrique again, but still can't get to him. She opens a locker and it's an empty portal.

Toby runs away from the figure out his Nana asking for smoochies. His Nana then starts throwing dodgeballs at him. He runs into a wall, knocking the pixie out of his nose. He crushes it and then runs to find Claire and Jim to tell them he found the cure.

A pixie enters Jim's ear. He sees Toby and his mom made of stone. Jim tells himself it's not real. Angor Rot comes up behind Jim, who is lost in his dream.

Toby finds Claire in a locker and pulls her out. He hesitates and then smacks her, releasing the pixie from her ear. She smacks him back and asks him what's going on. He tells her they need to go protect Jim. He gives her plugs for her nose and ears.

They find Jim in the gym, but Angor Rot closes the doors, locking them out.

Jim swings his weapons around as Angor Rot taunts him. Angor Rot strikes and Jim is left trying to strike at someone he can't see. Angor Rot knocks him to the gournd, dislodging the pixie. Angor Rot says he wants Jim to get the ring because they have a common enemy. He offers to sever the connection between Strickler and Jim's mother if Jim helps him. Angor Rot says Jim has no other choice but to trust him. Angor Rot says the next time their paths cross, it'll be the end of either him or Strickler.

Angor Rot opens a box and calls all the pixies back to him, freeing the others from their fears.

Claire and Toby find Jim and are glad he's alive.

Strickler arrives at the school to see the police there.

Mary asks Darci what she saw and Darci tells her not to ask. Steve asks everyone to never speak of the incident again.

Strickler talks to a cop, who tells Strickler everyone's accounted for. He says it sounds like a chemical leak in the science lab. He says it was lucky no one was hurt, and Strickler begrudgingly agrees.

Blinky finally arrives at the school, out of breath. Jim asks him if he's heard of the Inferna Copula. Blinky says he has.

A pixie goes into Angor Rot's ear. He sees himself dying. He smacks himself against a wall to remove the pixie and then kills it.



  • First appearance of pixies.
  • Title: The episode title is a reference to the song "Where Is My Mind?" by the Pixies.
  • Many character's worst fears are revealed in this episode:
    • Jim's worst fear is losing everyone closest to him (alongside or before losing his humanity, as seen in "Mistrial and Error")
    • Toby's worst fear is getting "smooches" from his Nana (before dieting, as he admits in the 3Below episode "Race to Trollmarket")
    • Claire's worst fear is failing to keep her baby brother, Enrique, safe and losing him
    • Steve's worst fear is not being special (as it takes the form of there being more than one Steve besides himself)
    • Eli's worst fear is nobody believing him
    • Mary's worst fear is being naked in public
    • Darci's worst fear is someone discovering she's the mole mascot and being rejected as a friend for it, according to Aaron Waltke on a Discord.
    • Janeth's worst fear is being under the spotlight unprepared without a line
    • Stricklander's worst fear is Bular and being outed as a coward
    • Angor Rot's worst fear is dying empty
  • In Blinky's book about the Inferna Copula, it (roughly) translates to "After being severed from the hand of Trainu Nim, it's been speculated the Inferna Copula was lost in the salt mines of Zipasue."
  • Error: In the scenes where Darci talks to Claire with Mary, she's seen wearing a blue T-shirt and white shorts. However, while leaving with her friends as Claire looks at Jim, her shirt is green with a cameo pattern and she is wearing blue jean shorts.


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