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Aided by the Killstone, Jim is able to unlock a heavy shield of armor.
The Art of Trollhunters

The warrior's shield is a weapon used by Jim to defend himself during combat.


After retrieving the Killstone from Angor Rot, Jim cleaves it and places it inside his amulet, which unlocked a large shield.


The shield in Daylight form is steel grey with electric blue accents. It has two nubs in the front and its edge is slightly uneven. The shield even has a tongue blade for combat.

The Eclipse shield is exactly like the Daylight shield, except that it is black with blood red accents.

Abilities []

Jim can summon his shield on his left arm. It is a very strong shield capable of deflecting powerful attacks, like those of Angor Rot and Nomura. It can also be used in the manner of a snowboard, as shown in "Homecoming".


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