Human Strickler
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Once far too heavy for him to lift, Toby very cleverly has Vendel trap the anti-gravity curse into the warhammer, making it light enough to hoist into the air. Unfortunately, the density of the warhammer is unpredictable, but over time, Toby learns to master the art of wielding its crushing blows.
The Art of Trollhunters

The Warhammer is Toby's primary weapon of choice.


  • Gravitational Switch: The Warhammer's main ability is changing the amount of gravity pulling on itself, to either become very light or very heavy, as a result of a curse being placed inside of it. Its great weight makes it a weapon of great destructive power when used correctly. When being used, it has a fiery glow.
    • Flight: As the series progresses, Toby gains greater control over the Warhammer, even using it to fly during his final battles against Morgana and Morando.
  • Portable Form: After seeing Toby having some difficulties wielding the warhammer, Blinky made some modifications in it so that it could assume a more portable pocket shape.


  • Unpredictability (formerly): At first, Toby was having trouble adjusting to his warhammer's ability as it often becomes heavy and light without warning. Luckily, as the series progresses, Toby gains better control of his weapon.
  • Heaviness (formerly): Additionally (at first), the warhammer was way too heavy for Toby to even lift. After transferring the gravity curse into it, Toby is able to wield it perfectly.


  • Toby's Warhammer somewhat loosely resembles Thor's hammer Mjølnir from Marvel.


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