Long ago, trolls lived underground, blissfully unaware of humankind above. Inevitably, our worlds collided. Trolls and humans each wanted the world as their own and fought for it. Blood was shed, and our first Heartstone rotted from within. And from it... Gunmar was born.
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The War for the Surface Lands[1][2] was the human-troll war that resulted in the birth of Gunmar.[3][4]

It was during the dark times when the humans and trolls worlds collided and each fought for control of the surface lands as their own. The war lasted for millennia up until the great Battle of Killahead Bridge.

After said battle, where the good trolls triumphed over the evil Gumm-Gumms, the war finally ended when "The Pact" was made between humans and trolls, allowing both of their kinds to live separately in peace and harmony.[5]


Millennia ago, during the Age of Merlin[6], the trolls lived underground (or more preferably the Darklands, which was the trolls' original homeworld before Gunmar's existence[7]), blissfully unaware of humans who lived above their world within the surface lands.[3]

However, Merlin's apprentice, Morgana, sowed the seeds of deception and strife between the collided worlds of mankind and trollkind, causing conflict and bloodshed planted within the two worlds who each wanted the surface lands as their own. As a result, the first Heartstone rotted and corrupted from within, and from it, Gunmar was born, who then proceeded to shattered the Quagawumps' beloved king as his first kill ever.[3][4][8] At some point, Morgana realized that she cannot use evil trolls like Gunmar and the Gumm-Gumms to conquer the world so long as their vulnerability to the sun remained in play. Deciding to remove that weakness, Morgana began devising a dark ritual called the Eternal Night which would permanently block out the sun, ensuring that the Gumm-Gumms could conquer the surface lands without fear of turning to stone.[4] Morgana also prophesied to Gunmar that he would usher in the Eternal Night, promising it would be the time when trollkind would reclaim the surface from humanity, which he used to rally sympathetic trolls to his cause.[9]

Merlin resolved a way to end the human-troll war by creating a champion who would forever be a bane to the Gumm-Gumms and protect both worlds (as well as the universe) from the forces of darkness. Somehow, he managed to take Morgana's left hand and used it to craft the Amulet of Daylight (with some help from an unseen apprentice[10]), beginning the line of powerful champions called the Trollhunters. This caused Morgana to develop intense hatred for her former master, as well as his Trollhunters, and she made it her life's work to not just conquer the world, but to also erase Merlin's name and all of his creations.

The evil Gumm-Gumms were merely a group of barbaric, unorganized trolls who followed orders from their previous warlord, Orlagk. However, Gunmar betrayed Orlagk in the hope of claiming control over the Gumm-Gumms himself. Orlagk and Gunmar's war lasted weeks, until Gunmar lost an eye while Orlagk was decapitated.[11][12] Gunmar claimed full control over most of the Gumm-Gumms and becomes their new warlord, corrupting the trolls' homeworld and claiming it as his Darklands. After this, Gunmar raided countless villages in search of new potential recruits for his army. He ended up in the Krubera Caverns, where he formed an alliance with the tyrannical Queen Usurna, who willingly traded her Krubera younglings and enlisted them in the Gumm-Gumm horde, one of them being AAARRRGGHH!!!, who eventually became Gunmar's top general.

Meanwhile, Gumm-Gumms stole youngling trolls and handed them to Morgana, who did something unnatural to change them. She gives these altered trolls the ability to maintain a human appearance so they can spy on the world above, dubbing them Changelings. Although, in order for a Changeling to maintain a human appearance in the human world, no harm must come to their baby familiars (whom they've been swapped with) in their world, using miniature portals called Fetches which are small enough for babies and goblins to pass.[13][14][15] Of course, these altered trolls aren't usually trusted to either the good or evil trolls, due to their two-faced nature, yet they completely praise both Gunmar and Morgana as their deities.[16] The Changelings then created hundreds of secretive bases around the world, forming an organization known as the Janus Order to serve the wills of both Gunmar and their "Lady Creator".

Many Trollhunters confronted Gunmar countless times with their sacred weapon, the Sword of Daylight, but neither were able to kill him since Merlin only created it with a singular purpose: to protect both humans and trolls. However, a troll scholar named the Dishonorable Bodus had somehow discovered that the wizard had kept Gunmar's bane within the Amulet, a secret weapon capable of permanently killing Gunmar: the Eclipse Blade. Bodus and his disciples journeyed around the world to learn how to unlock the Sword of Eclipse until they finally realize that the Trollhunters' Amulet needed three sacred gemstones which are tied to Gunmar's lifeblood: the Triumbric Stones, consisting with the Birthstone (a fragment of Gunmar's birth when he came to be from the Heartstone which was corrupted during the human-troll war, located in the "mountain's peak" of the Volcanic Trolls), the Killstone (a remnant of Gunmar's first kill when he murdered the Shattered King, located in the "marshlands" of the Quagawumps), and the Eye of Gunmar (a commemoration of Gunmar's vulnerability when he battled Orlagk for control of the Gumm-Gumms, located in the "caverns deep" of the Kruberas). However, Gunmar learned that Bodus knows the whereabouts of his life-blood stones, and therefore dispatched his army to hunt down and kill him and his disciples. Luckily, knowing that he had to keep his discovery a secret while being hunted down, he hid the whereabouts of the Triumbric Stones within his last surviving copy, The Final Testament of Bodus.[17]

A great warrior and hero to trollkind, Angor Rot, searched for Morgana to bargain for magic so he could protect his village which had been caught in Gunmar's war. However, the witch double-crossed him, imbuing him with magic, yet cursing his soul for him to be forever bounded to her service through the Inferna Copula, and she tasked him to forever hunt and slay Merlin's Trollhunters.[2] After killing many Trollhunters, Angor then decided to confront Merlin himself in his own temple, Aysa-Thoon, at Ranthambore. The wizard imprisoned Morgana's apathetic assassin within the temple as punishment for killing his champions.[18]

Ultimately, around the 1600s, the Eternal Night never came to pass during the great Battle of Killahead Bridge, which opened the portal into Darklands. While the great Trollhunter, Deya the Deliverer, banished Gunmar and his Gumm-Gumm followers (minus Gunmar's son, Bular) to the Darklands, Merlin dueled Morgana in a nearby glade, and managed to imprison her in a Heartstone prison underneath what would later be called Arcadia Oaks, expending nearly all his power in the process.

After Deya sealed the Killahead Bridge up with the Amulet, the trolls tore the entire bridge apart, stone-by-stone. However, since the pieces couldn't be destroyed, the trolls decided to scatter the pieces across the globe to prevent Gunmar and his army from returning. Vendel then made a pact with a human king that their kinds shall live separately in peace. Also, the trolls will for now on live in hiding while keeping their existence a secret from future generations of mankind and limit their diets to cats and socks, which officially ended the millennia War for the Surface Lands.

Meanwhile, after depleting most of his magic, Merlin retreated back to his tomb, where he fell into a deep slumber until the time came when he would be needed again. However, what Merlin failed to realize is that, despite her body's imprisonment, Morgana's spirit remained fully awake as she plotted to free herself and finish what she started. For centuries, she guided the decisions of the Janus Order to reassemble the Killahead Bridge and free Gunmar from the Darklands.





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