Voltarians are a species of electrothermal life-forms native from planet Voltar.


It is unknown how the Voltarian civilization was before the war that swept its planet. But as depicted, it seems that the survivors dispersed throughout the galaxy and declared war on House Tarron/Akiridion-5 (according to Zadra, a Voltarian attacked a garrison of soldiers of the Phalanx and destroyed them).

Physical Description

Voltarians are large reptilian-like creatures with green skin and blue ears. They have prominent claws, a long tail and yellow eyes with cross-shaped pupils.

Powers & Abilities

Voltarians have the ability to generate, manipulate and travel through electricity.


Voltarians are not able to escape if they are imprisoned in insulating materials such as rubber and silicon.

Known Voltarians


Appearances in the Trilogy


Part Two


  • Their appearance is similar to the Trandoshan species from the Star Wars franchise.
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