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Gone for five minutes, and you two somehow manage to lead a kid and a cop down here?!
―Victoria to her lackeys[src]

Victoria is an antagonist of Trollhunters, featured in the Part Three episode "Arcadia's Most Wanted".

She is a burglar who had been stealing goods from Arcadia Oaks and a current prisoner of San Quentin.



Victoria and a couple of her lackeys managed to escape from the San Quentin State Prison and began their spree of crimes within some parts of California.

Trollhunters (Part Three)[]

Victoria and her minions, after escaping from jail, started stealing various goods from all over Arcadia. However, Team Trollhunters blamed this crime spree on Glug while the police blamed it on Toby.

Physical Description[]

Victoria appears to be a middle-aged Caucasian woman with brown eyes.

She wears a black ski-mask that hides her face and hair, a white short-sleeved shirt with black strips, jeans, and black sneakers.


Victoria is a greedy woman who enjoys stealing goods and gaining more fortune. She is very loud and is constantly annoyed when her lackeys complain a lot. She also has no qualms on hurting a child like Toby, even taking him hostage to save herself some collateral control.

Despite her tough nature, she is quite cowardly, like when she confronts Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!!, she immediately runs away and willingly turns herself into the authorities.

Powers & Abilities[]


  • Thievery Skills: As a thief, Victoria appears to be quite skilled in stealing artifacts and objects, like Vespas.


  • Mortality: As a human, Victoria possesses a mortal body, so is therefore highly vulnerable to any forms of injuries, sicknesses, and death.


  • Crowbar: Victoria uses a standard crowbar as her melee weapon.



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Episode Appearances[]


Trollhunters Part 3
"Night Patroll"
"Arcadia's Most Wanted"
"Bad Coffee"
"So I'm Dating a Sorceress"
"The Exorcism of Claire Nunez"
"Parental Guidance"
"The Oath"
"For the Glory of Merlin"
"In Good Hands"
"A House Divided"
"The Eternal Knight: Part 1"
"The Eternal Knight: Part 2"


  • Despite only appearing once, Victoria is the first minor human antagonist to appear in Trollhunters (not exactly counting Colonel Kubritz, who appears as the first major human antagonist in 3Below).
    • Overall, despite her minority and before Kubritz, she is still technically the first entirely human antagonist to appear in the Tales of Arcadia franchise.
  • Victoria is also the second character whose name only appears in the credits, the first being Bork.
  • Victoria's shirt and mask comedically references the stereotypical use of white-and-black striped shirts and ski-masks burglars often wear during their burglaries.
  • Error: Victoria mentions that she doesn't want to be sent back to San Quentin. San Quentin State Prison is a California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation state prison for men.
    • It's possible, however, that she could be on death row, as all executions in California, both male and female, are carried out at San Quentin. However, due to the nature of the show, it's highly unlikely she would be, considering her crimes aren't severe enough to be put to death (as her history wasn't flesh out to understand enough). Simply, the San Quentin's in the Tales of Arcadia universe is meant to be a simply prison.


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