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―Varvatos Vex

Commander Varvatos Vex is one of the main stars in the Tales of Arcadia franchise. He appears as the tritagonist of 3 Below.



Varvatos Vex lived on Akiridion-5 and is the commander of the Taylon Phalanx. One day, there was a large bombing in his sector and it took the lives of his dear relatives. Embittered by grief, he swore he would make anybody pay. He soon befriended the king and became the royal family's most respected guardian. 

On the day before Morando's attack, General Morando used Vex's bitterness towards the bombing to convince him and his minions to infiltrate the kingdom during the royal ceremony. Unknown to either of them, a Blankbot has been recording their conversation with its memory cash. 

Part One (3 Below)

Morando's Coup and Landing on Earth

Adapting with Humans And Meeting Stuart

The Zeron Brotherhood

Meeting the Trollhunters

Illegal Aliens

Distress Signal From Akiridion-5

Gnome Chase and Area 49-B


Varvatos Vex's Confession

Kidnapped by Zeron Alpha

Physical Appearance

In his alien form, Vex has blue skin, four blue eyes, and black sclera. He wears dark blue and teal glowing armor and is larger and muscular than Krel and Aja.

In his human form, Vex is an old man who wears a red sweater, cream pants with a belt, a light blue Gingham shirt, and brown shoes. He also has grey hair and a mustache.


"Varvatos, always with the death." -King Fialkov about Varvatos in "Terra Incognita Part One

Varvatos is protective of Aja and Krel. He is also deadly and zealous. When his family was killed in a bombing long ago, he became blinded by grief and swore that he would make anyone pay. However, he soon befriended the king and he promised to protect the royal family. He also has a habit of speaking in the third person, rarely referring to himself in the first person. 

He felt extremely guilty for allowing Morando and his minions to infiltrate the kingdom and has made it his goal to make things right again, even willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of saving Aja and Krel's mothership and parents.

Like his charges, Vex finds Earth customs strange and to understand human phrases literally. For example, when Aja gave him a hug, he assumed it to be a form of attack.

Powers & Abilities

Akiridion Physiology

As an Akiridion, Varvatos is far stronger, durable, agile, and intelligent than a normal human. Vex has super strength and upper body strength that can defeat any opponent. Even in his human form, both Eli and Detective Scott said he is strong for his age. His greatest feats of agility were shown in "The Arcadian Job" when he flawlessly evaded a laser grid, despite his larger structure. 


As a commander of the Taylon Phalanx, Varvatos is a true warrior and an accomplished swordsman. He can also fire his serrator with great aim, such as when he vaporized Betha Flanagan with one shot and without harming Luug.


Varvatos is also highly skilled in direct hand-to-hand combat. While fight the Zeron Brotherhood, he was able to flawlessly evade their attacks with one and two hands restrained. Plus, even though Zadra is smarter and faster than him, he was still able to defeat her direct combat, most likely due to his greater strength.


Originally, Varvatos was not intelligent enough to convert tactics, as he was more into pulverizing on sight. After learning a few things from his elder friends, Vex uses their tricks of tactics to think one step ahead of his enemies. Like in "Truth Be Told", he tricks Zeron Alpha that he has brought them the king and queen's cores (which were actually bombs) so he could infiltrate the ship and save his charges.



Vex uses his own serrator as a combat weapon as well. Unlike Aja and Krel's serrators (which look like protractors), his is like a full circle and can form into a larger blaster capable of more power. 


King Fialkov

As stated by Zadra, Fialkov and Varvatos were close like brothers. While Fialkov loses his body, he reveals that he has known about Varvatos's betrayal. Despite this, he trusted Vex to protect his children from Morando with his life, not holding any grudge and understanding his actions.

Princess Aja and Prince Krel

"Of course you were afraid! What warrior isn't? Varvatos Vex is constantly afraid for you younglings. But you did not let fear hold you back. You kept fighting, and Varvatos is proud of you." -Vex to Aja in "Flying the Coop"

Vex made a promise to the king to protect Aja and her brother from General Morando. Vex was reluctant to train Aja in the art of combat but later decides to help her defend herself from threats that could come. He was visibly guilty for being the catalyst of Morando's surprise invasion and was ready to face punishment from Aja and Krel when they finally discover the truth.

Before he sacrifices himself to stop the mothership from leaving Earth, he apologizes to Aja and Krel for his misdeeds and tells them that they are unstoppable together.

Nancy Domzalski

In "Flying the Coop", Varvatos fell in love with Nancy the second he laid eyes on her, despite their senior ages. He compliments her hair and admires her strategic intelligence. During "Truth Be Told", he invites her and his other chess pals for some advice about staying behind while Aja and Krel head home (due to his own guilt of betraying them and their parents). Nancy tells him she understands that he only wants to stay with them so he could protect them, but they also needed to find their own adventure, explore the world, and let them grow on their own.

Episode Appearances

3 Below Part 1
"Terra Incognita Part One"
"Terra Incognita Part Two"
"Mind Over Matter"
"Beetle Mania"
"Collision Course"
"D'aja Vu"
"Flying the Coop"
"Party Crashers"
"Lightning in a Bottle"
"The Arcadian Job"
"Truth Be Told"
"Last Night on Earth"
"Bad Omen"


  • The first time he is shown using first-person pronouns is at the end of the episode, "The Arcadian Job", when he confessed of his past betrayal to Krel, who was unconscious and in recovery. 
  • A running gag in the show is people saying Varvatos is intense after talking to him. This was said by Eli, Seamus's father, and his elder friends. 
  • Along with Zadra and Stuart, Varvatos is one of the only main stars of the franchise to not physically appear in Trollhunters.
    • In spite of Part One of 3 Below taking place during Part Three of Trollhunters, he never made a physical appearance, nor was he ever mentioned. 


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