Glorious [death]!
―Varvatos’ catchphrase

Varvatos Vex is one of the main stars in the Tales of Arcadia franchise, serving as the tritagonist of 3Below and an upcoming character of Wizards.

He is the commander of the Taylon Phalanx, the guardian/mentor of Aja and Krel Tarron, and the current love interest of Nancy Domzalski.



Varvatos Vex lived on Akiridion-5 and is the commander of the Taylon Phalanx. One day, there was a large bombing in his sector (on Satellite-9), caused by the Zeron Brotherhood, and it took the lives of his dear family. Embittered by grief, he swore he would make anybody pay.  

He was the king’s best friend and became the royal family's most respected guardian.  

On the day before Morando's attack, General Morando used Vex's bitterness towards the Zerons to convince him to lower the shields so that his soldiers to infiltrate the kingdom during the royal ceremony. He promised he would help Vex avenge his family (but was lying). He also promised no one would get hurt (but was lying about that too). However, unknown to Varvatos at the time, Morando was the one who hired the Zerons to bomb Satellite-9, intending to use a vengeful Vex to lower the shields and allow him to attack.  

Unknown to either of them, a Blankbot had been recording their conversation with its memory cache.  

3Below (Part One)

Morando's Coup

On the day of the ceremony, Vex is seen sparing with Prince Krel, until General Morando strikes after vex lowered the planet's shields. During the attack, Vex goes out to rescue Aja, while Zadra, his lieutenant, is helping Krel get to the safety of his parents, who have fled into the palace.

When the royal family was about to escape, Morando and the Taylon, who have betrayed Akiridion-5, attack. During this confrontation, King Fialkov and Queen Coranda are forced to retreat into their life cores. Vex temporarily has a shield up.

Right before he retreats into his life core, the king of Akiridion-5, who treated Vex like his brother, told him that he knew that Vex was the traitor, and to protect his family, with his life if necessary. Varvatos takes this task to heart to honor his king and demonstrates the measures he will go to to protect them. Vex cries out when he sees his king go into the life cores.

Morando demands Vex lower the shield, but, now realizing that Morando has been lying all along, Vex takes the royal life cores, puts another shield up, and retreats onto the mothership with the children. Zadra jumps off to hold the Taylon back and ensure a safe escape for the royals and the commander.

Landing on Earth

Meeting Stuart

The Zeron Brotherhood

Meeting the Trollhunters

Illegal Aliens

Distress Signal

Gnome Chase and Area 49-B



Kidnapped by Zeron Alpha

3Below (Part Two)

Reunion Escape

After Aja and Krel destroy Omen, the Mothership was critically damaged and her system was as well. Aja and Krel later learn from Magmatron that Varvatos is being held hostage on the Earth's Moon, and didn’t leave the royal family. He also mentions that he will be shipped to Akiridion-5 where he will be beheaded to Morando for his actions.

Aja and Krel (along with Stuart) journey to the moon to rescue Varvatos, who is being held captive by Zeron Alpha. With their plan foiled but Varvatos out of his cell, they confront Alpha, along with Tronos, Bookie, and the Foo-Foos. But when the bounty hunters begin fighting over who gets the bounty, the children, Stuart and Varvatos escape, only to be pursued at by Alpha.

Varvatos Vex, wanting to end the Zeron Brotherhood and avenge his deceased family once and for all, engages in an epic battle. During their battle, Alpha coldly confesses that he and his brothers were under orders from Morando to kill Vex's family on Satellite 9, which was meant to leave him vulnerable enough to betray the royals (much to Vex's dismay and anger). Fueled by this revelation, Varvatos manages to stab Alpha, vaporizing him for good and avenging his family.

Aja, Krel, and Stuart return to Earth with Varvatos, but Zadra shoots the ship down, thinking it was an enemy ship. Although Zadra was relieved that the children were safe, she was not very pleased about Vex's return and was not very welcoming. Despite that, she still informs him and the royals that she has received a message from Loth Saborian, who warns them that Morando has expanded his Omen Project, creating dozens of Omens enough for an army, and is readying an invasion towards Earth.

Warning Arcadia

Dancing with Nancy

Asteroid Catastrophe

Morando's Ambush

Escaping Kubritz

Finding Gaylen's Core

The Reign of Morando

Returning to Akiridion-5

Wizards (Part One)


Physical Description

In his alien form, Vex has blue skin and four blue eyes with black sclera. He is larger and muscular than Krel and Aja. He wears a glowing blue and teal armor, similar to an Akiridion's jumpsuit.

In his human form, Vex is an old man with grey hair, blue eyes, and a mustache. His outfit consists of a red sweater, cream pants with a belt, a light blue Gingham shirt, and brown shoes.


"Vex, always with the death." -King Fialkov about Varvatos in "Terra Incognita Part One

Varvatos is protective of Aja and Krel. He is also deadly and zealous. When his family was killed in a bombing long ago, he became blinded by grief and swore that he would make anyone pay. However, he soon befriended the king and he promised to protect the royal family. He also has a habit of speaking in the third person, rarely referring to himself in the first person. 

He felt extremely guilty for allowing Morando and his minions to infiltrate the kingdom and has made it his goal to make things right again, even willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of saving Aja and Krel's mothership and parents.

Like his charges, Vex finds Earth customs strange and to understand human phrases literally. For example, when Aja gave him a hug, he assumed it to be a form of attack.

After being rescued from the Moon, Vex gains a second chance at doing the right thing and did everything in his power to regain everyone's trust. He becomes a much better Akiridion during the rest of his time on Earth, even explaining his feelings for Nancy. For the sake of Aja and Krel's safety and well-beings, Vex believes that he should use the king and queen's cores as he also believes the children are worth keeping alive than their parents, not even flinching when Aja (out of mere denial) angrily begins to accuse him as a traitor and a "murderer".

Varvatos later shows to have a heroic, selfless side as he was willing to protect the king and queen from an empowered Morando so they could use their cores to power up Seklos' cannon, despite knowing he could've been lethally wounded.

Powers & Abilities


  • Akiridion Physiology: As an Akiridion, Varvatos is far stronger, durable, agile, and intelligent than a normal human.
    • Superhuman Strength: Varvatos has a super upper body strength that can defeat almost any opponent. He could lift and throw a car with no strain and overcome an agile Zadra with ease. Even in his human form, both Eli and Detective Scott claim that he is strong for his age, and he was able to stop a large moving truck with little strain in "Mind Over Matter".
    • Enhanced Endurance: Varvatos can endure more than an average human or common Akiridion
      • Enhanced Durability: Varvatos is more durable than his royal charges. He was able to take a full blast from a god-empowered Morando, albeit severely weakened and required medical assistance.
      • Enhanced Stamina: Varvatos can physically exert himself for long periods of time without tiring before fatigue begins to wear him down. This extends to his human form as well, despite its advanced age.
    • Enhanced Agility: Varvatos’s greatest feats of agility were shown in "The Arcadian Job" when he flawlessly evaded a laser grid, despite his larger structure. Also, in his human from, he displayed an incredible agility for a human in a such advanced age, most notably shown in "Terra Incognita Part Two".
    • Hypermetabolism: Varvatos an energy-based being who doesn't require organic consumption.
    • Vacuum Adaption: As an Akiridion, Varvatos can adapt and survive in any atmospheric environment without any aid, but a planet's gravity does still affect him, as shown in "Moonlight Run".
      • Oxygen Independence: Varvatos does not require oxygen to live.
    • Longevity: As an Akiridion, Varvatos can live for hundreds of years, but is still vulnerable to death and can fall in battle.


  • Swordsmanship: Like Zadra, Varvatos is a highly trained and true warrior. He is an accomplished swordsman, being able to rival Zeron Alpha and later Aja.
  • Marksmanship: Varvatos can fire his serrator with great aim, such as when he vaporized Halcon with one shot and without harming Luug.
  • Combatant: As the commander of the Taylon Phalanx, Varvatos is highly skilled in direct hand-to-hand combat. While fight the Zeron Brotherhood, he was able to flawlessly evade their attacks with one and two hands restrained. Plus, even though Zadra is smarter and faster than him, he was still able to defeat her direct combat, most likely due to his greater strength.
  • Tactician: Originally, Varvatos was not intelligent enough to construct plans, since he was more into pulverizing on sight. However, after learning a few things from his elder friends, Vex uses their tricks of tactics to think one step ahead of his enemies. Like in "Truth Be Told", he tricked Zeron Alpha that he has brought them the king and queen's cores (which were actually bombs) so he could infiltrate the ship and save his charges.


  • Physical Damage: Varvatos could most likely be forced to retreat into his core if he ever suffered too much damage. However, he barely survived a blast from a god-induced Morando once and never retreated to his core.
  • Revenge: Varvatos desires vengeance (especially before reason) when something close to him is taken away from his life, like his late family being killed in a staged bombing. Morando even used this exploit to make Varvatos vulnerable enough to betray House Tarron after they refused to aid him avenge his family, and even trick him into leaving the planet defenseless when he stages a coup. Luckily, after realizing what he has done to Aja and Krel, he eases up his thirst for vengeance after eradicating the last remaining Zeron brother, and accepts the royals as his newfound family.


  • Serrator: Vex uses his own serrator as a combat weapon as well. Unlike Aja and Krel's serrators (which look more like protractors), his is like a full circle and can form into a larger blaster capable of more power.
  • Cane: In his human form, Varvatos almost always carries a cane, due to his "bad back". He often uses it as a weapon when engaged in combat in his human form.


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Episode Appearances


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"Terra Incognita Part One"
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"The Fall of House Tarron"
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"Race to Trollmarket"
"A Glorious End, Part One"
"A Glorious End, Part Two"




  • The first time he is shown using first-person pronouns is at the end of the episode, "The Arcadian Job", when he confessed of his past betrayal to Krel, who was unconscious and in recovery. He mostly uses first-person pronouns when he's being sincere with his words and/or is in a state of regret. 
  • Varvatos appears to speak with some sort of Southern accent. 
  • A running gag in the series is people saying Varvatos is intense after talking to him. This was said by Eli, Seamus's father, and his elder friends.
  • Varvatos is currently the only main star in the Tales of Arcadia franchise to not make any physical appearances nor has ever been mentioned once in Trollhunters, despite Part One of 3Below taking place during Part Three of Trollhunters.


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