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Why settle to be a king... when I can be a god instead!
―Val Morando[src]

Val Morando[1] was a major antagonist of the Tales of Arcadia franchise, serving as the main antagonist of 3Below, a background antagonist of Trollhunters, and a posthumous antagonist of Wizards and Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans.

He was the exiled general of the Taylon Phalanx, temporarily the dictator of Akiridion-5, the benefactor of the Zeron Brotherhood, and the archenemy of House Tarron.



General Val Morando was the leading general of the Taylon Phalanx, an army of Akiridions trained by King Fialkov and Queen Coranda to protect Akiridion-5 and House Tarron by any means necessary, along with his compatriots, Commander Varvatos Vex and Lieutenant Zadra. It is once mentioned that hundreds of years ago, he also upgraded the Mothership.

However, Morando became more and more power-hungry and vindictive towards House Tarron's so-called "pacifism". He then led the Taylon (who chose to follow him) to usurp the throne. However, they weren't successful, so they were all exiled from Akiridion-5 for their crimes of high treason (though it was a merciful act since the real punishment was death).

Morando found an opportunity to free himself and the Taylon Phalanx so he could use them to usurp the throne once more. To that end, he contacted the Zeron Brotherhood and paid them to murder Varvatos Vex's family (along with hundreds of Akiridion civilians) in the tragic bombing of Satellite-9. Morando was aware that, after the attack, Vex asked Fialkov to pursue the Zeron Brotherhood across the galaxy so his family can be avenged, but he refused and decided to increase Akiridon-5's planetary defenses instead. This was to make Varvatos vulnerable to his future plans on taking over the planet.

The day before his coup, using the tragedy of Satillate-9 and reminding Vex how his family were never avenged because of Fialkov, Morando manipulated his former compatriot into lowering the planet's shields and lying that no one would be harmed upon his return (though he had every intention to harm almost everyone in his way). Unknowingly to either of them, a Blankbot was recording their secret meeting together.

Trollhunters (Part Three)[]

Although Morando does not make any appearances nor is ever mentioned within Trollhunters whatsoever, he still made big impact as the reason why Aja and Krel were in Arcadia is because they had to flee from his coup back in Akiridion-5.

3Below (Part One)[]

Overthrowing House Tarron[]

On the day of Aja and Krel's coronation (the one the former was absent from), Morando orders his forces to begin attacking Akiridion-5 after the shields were lowered by Varvatos. He later confronts the Tarron family in their palace, where he forces his men to shoot at the king and queen, causing them to lose their physical bodies. After immediately seeing his mistake, Varvatos takes the royal cores and retreats into the Mothership with the heirs while Zadra stays behind and buys them time to escape.

Morando orders his V-Strikers to pursue the Mothership, but too late when they escape Akiridion-5 through hyperspace. A soldier reports to the exiled general that they were unable to track the House Tarron Mothership, due to their own ships not being properly equipped for space-travel, as well as the Mothership's cloaking device. Out of disappointment, he kills the soldier and assembles several bounty hunters to find the royal children and bring their parents' life cores to Morando so they would be rewarded greatly.

After successfully taking over Akiridion-5 (even with many, if not all of, the Akiridions ranting that he was never the rightful king), he tries to corrupt Zadra into being his new commander, but she refuses the offer, and soon escapes with Izita.

The Omens[]

After that, Morando asks Loth Saborian, one of the Akiridions who work for him, about the status of the Omen project. Loth tells him that it's difficult, but Morando threatens to kill him. Eventually, the first Omen (a gigantic, brutal robot which is nearly indestructible), is created, and Morando makes a claim that the age of Omen has begun. He basically means that he will create more Omens just to terrorize the citizens of Akiridion-5 (and any other planet he would want to take over).

While Zadra escapes on a ship to Earth, the Omen hitches a ride without her knowing. Even worse, Morando forces the Akiridions to worship him, with one of the guards threatening a child not to pray for the King and Queen's return. The guard says, “First warning. There will be no second warnings.”

Eliminating the Heirs[]

After arriving on Earth, the Omen corrupts Mother's programming and takes the King and Queen's cores during the event of the Eternal Night which Morgana has already caused. However, when it tries to fly away, Varvatos makes a heroic sacrifice to save the King and Queen by slamming the side of his ship into the spaceship, thus making up for his treason. He is knocked unconscious, and subsequently taken away by the Zeron Alpha to a prison in the Earth's Moon where the bounty hunters hang out.

After that, Aja, Krel, and Zadra manage to enter Mother, but are attacked by the corrupted Blanks. Aja manages to escape, but is confronted by the Omen. Morando, from a holographic screen, taunts Aja that if she destroys the Omen, she will also destroy the King and Queen, and shows the footage to the entire planet of Akiridion-5 of Omen brutalizing and attempting to kill her. He also tries to have the Omen self-destruct in a countdown. However, Krel is able to turn Mother back to its original programming, thus temporarily shutting down the Omen. During this time, he and Aja make a speech to the planet that inspires hope and rebellion against Morando. Morando tries to have Loth shut off the video, who claims that it's impossible. Despite this, the Omen turns back on since its battery wasn't completely drained, but Aja kicks it into Mother's gears before it can self-destruct, thus destroying the Omen.

After the destruction of Omen and failing to diminish Akiridion-5's hopes, Morando decides to personally invade Earth so he can crush the King and Queen's cores himself.

3Below (Part Two)[]

Preparing the Armada[]

After the events of Part One, Loth Saborian redeems himself after realizing just how horrible Morando has become, so he reveals to Zadra, Aja, and Krel that Morando has created much more Omens to oppress his people.

To continue the fight against Morando, Krel creates a game which is linked to parking-security drones to destroy Morando's main vessel. Aja convinces Mary Wang to make the game go viral because it'll keep their summer from being boring. Hundreds of people start playing the game, causing hundreds of parking drones to combat Morando's vessel. However, the people start playing Go Go Sushi 2: Wasabi's Revenge instead because it's a popular game that has recently came out, causing the hundreds of drones to be destroyed. However, Eli Pepperjack targets Morando's vessel and makes a critical hit even though his parking drone was destroyed, forcing Morando and his fleet to flee. Morando gets infuriated by this, so he rips off one of the Omens' heads and orders Loth to triple the bounty.

Eventually, Loth gives vital information about both the legend of Seklos and Gaylen being true and the location of Gaylen's Core to one of the members of the Resistance. However, Morando discovers that he has betrayed him, so he has one of the Omens snatch the Resistance member and forces him to give the information to him. Morando then snaps his fingers, thus having the Omen drop the Resistance member from a great height. He then has Loth taken to the prison bay because he might still be useful to him.

Meeting Kubritz[]

Morando then creates a hologram to Colonel Kubritz, saying he also wants to get rid of Aja and Krel, and he also makes another hologram speaking to Gwendolyn, who calls him about contacting Aja and Krel. After that, Morando creates an asteroid the size of Arcadia to crash in Arcadia in approximately 24 horvaths, which causes Aja, Krel, and Varvatos to make a deal with Kubritz to stop the asteroid. Although the asteroid was stopped, Kubritz reveals that it wasn't a deal, but a trap. Fortunately, Aja, Krel, and Varvatos are able to escape with the help of Stuart, Toby, and Steve. After that, Morando finally arrives on Earth. Kubritz tells Morando “They were too preoccupied to stop your asteroid,” but Morando tells her it was a diversion to distract the royals, and gives her some Omens, claiming it was to help her defend Earth. Morando also arrives at Area 49-B and releases one of his bounty hunters, Tronos Madus, only so he can kill him off for his failures. Kubritz shrugs in disgust, but she foolishly continues to trust him.

After that, Morando reveals that Gaylen was a celestial of fearsome power who crushed the stars in his hand, turning them to dust, and from that dust, Akiridion-5 was created; while Gaylen is gone, his core still exists, a weapon of remarkable power that is now on our planet. He tells Kubritz that if she helps him find the core, then he will provide her with weapons she could use to protect herself against the galaxy. Eventually, after those events are over, Aja and Luug accidentally teleport to Area 49-B, where Morando confronts Aja, and they both fight. However, as Morando gets the upper hand, Luug and Aja teleport back to Mother.

Ambushing House Tarron[]

Morando then arrives with his Omens as he commands them, with Kubritz telling Morando that he promised her technology to help her. He tells her that it is too important for a human to command, and that he will return his Omens to her after he gets the King and Queen's cores. He and his Omens then find Mother, and tells the Royals (Aja, Krel, Varvatos, and Zadra) that he will give them a quick death if they surrender, but will kill them horrifyingly if they don't. They refuse to surrender, so he has his Omens attack Mother, who immediately activates her shield to protect the Royals, who call Buster, the alien monster (literal, not figurative) to the rescue, but Morando, in his ship, blow up Buster to his death using his lasers.

He and his Omens enter the spaceship and attack Mother, and seemingly deletes her, not knowing that she transferred herself into one of his Omens. Then, he stops the Omens from fighting, only so he can kill Varvatos himself, and brutally fights him, taunts him about how he could've been one of his greatest warriors, and mocks him about himself ordering the Zeron Brotherhood to launch the bombing on Satellite-Nine: “Oh, so you heard about that? What can I say, old friend? You have a keen mind for battle, but are a soolian in every other respect. Lay down your weapon, Varvatos. Kneel before your rightful king.” Varvatos refuses to do so, and rightfully says he does not fight fair. Morando admits it, and that he fights to win, destroying Varvatos' weapon and shooting him a few times, similar to a mature shooting game. He then decides to force him to watch as he kills the rest of the Royals, and enters the spaceship and accesses the King and Queen's memories to find where Gaylen's Core is so he can become a god.

Hunt for Gaylen's Core[]

Morando discovers that the King and Queen gave Gaylen's Core to Kanjigar the Courageous and Vendel to hide it in Heartstone Trollmarket. He gets out of the memories and destroys their protection, leaving their life cores to be drained. He leaves to Trollmarket to finally claim Gaylen's Core for himself. With that, Mother is forced to make a heroic sacrifice to power the stasis chambers of the spaceship so the King and Queen get their power cores get full so they can come back, even though she gets erased forever.

Morando soon gives Kubritz special armor so she can defend herself, and that it will have Gaylen's Core inside it once he comes back. He then has his Omens drill their way down into Trollmarket, where they search for Gaylen's Core. However, he finds the Royals, and tries to destroy them. He follows them into the Deep where Gaylen's core is kept, trying to reach it before Aja and Krel could. He finally gains it for himself, deciding to use it to remake the universe.

Attacking Arcadia[]

After getting Gaylen's Core, Morando reveals to Kubritz that after Seklos destroyed Gaylen, the universe descended into chaos, and he wants to use Gaylen's Core to bring his own order on the universe. Instead of inserting it into Kubritz's new armor as promised, he absorbs its power himself instead. However, Kubritz still trusts him, not knowing that he would likely betray her later on once his integration process was complete.

After hours of absorbing the power, Morando becomes the size of a giant monster, he becomes black, his highlights and eyes become red, and he has become more powerful than ever before. He arrives at Arcadia, and starts wreaking havoc. Meanwhile, Kubritz realizes what a monster (literal and figurative) Morando truly was when she witnessed him attacking the innocent people of Arcadia. Aja tries to redeem Kubritz and help her fight against Morando. When Morando starts attacking Aja, Kubritz truly redeems herself when she protects Aja from Morando, who boasts about himself being a god. However, Morando fatally wounds her by knocking her against a car which falls upon her, but not before Kubritz was able to weaken him. After that, Morando blows up Kubritz, and then grabs Toby and Steve, threatening to crush them if they don't tell him where Aja was. However, Aja appears, so Morando throws Toby and Steve, expecting that she will fail to save them. However, she does, so Morando chases them to the bridge. Aja then manages to stab Morando's hand and slash off one of his left eyes. Soon, the armies of Akiridion-5 come to Earth and fight Morando, severely weakening him.

However, Morando shows the wings in his suit, and uses a force shield to destroy the armies, proving that he is too powerful. Aja and Krel are forced to use the rebuilt Seklos' cannon to finish him off, which can only happen if two of the royals' life cores are drained while the cannon is still used. King Fialkov and Queen Coranda are finally fully restored, and use the cannon to sacrifice themselves as their life cores are drained as they die. With that, Aja and Krel aim the cannon at Morando, and Aja shoots it as it vaporizes Morando's body (likely including Gaylen's Core), destroying him and ridding the universe of his evil influence once and for all.


Morando is briefly mentioned by Steve when he mentions that he and Toby fought off "a 50-foot extraterrestrial".

Physical Description[]

Morando is dark blue, quite buff, wears an armored jumpsuit in a similar design as the rest of the Akiridions, and he also wears a transparent cape. He has four eyes, three fingers on each hand, and appears to have large horns on his head.

After integrating himself with Gaylen's Core, he became a giant alien god monster, the blue lights on his armor turn red, and his skin became darker, and his cape was replaced with hidden red wings. He has also two red blasters on each of his arms.


General Morando was a cruel, repulsive, destructive, power-hungry, and overall vile dictator who cared about no one but himself, wanting to destroy and dominate everything and everyone in his path, especially the Akiridion royal family. He committed high treason against House Tarron and the entire planet of Akiridion-5, simply because he wanted to rule over the entire planet as its new king, as he wants to establish his own order and law upon it. During his rule, everyone is living under his fear, and no one adores or even likes him for what he's done (although it's clear that he has no care for whatsoever for the Akiridions and ignored their protests).

He is also a sadistic manipulator, as any promise he makes he will break with no qualms or remorse. He lied to Varvatos Vex that if the latter lowers the shields of Akiridion-5, then he would not harm anyone, even though he forced the Akiridions under his rule upon his return. Of course, it is later learned that Morando was the one who staged the tragedy that killed Vex's family so he could be vulnerable to his persuasion. When Varvatos calls him out for this unforgivable act, he just shrugged it off like he enjoyed killing his entire family just to get under his skin. He even contacts Colonel Kubritz and lies to her that he will help her rid the Earth of all extraterrestrial lifeforms. When Costas tried to warn Kubritz that Morando couldn't be trusted, she foolishly trusted him anyway, even though there were clear indications that Costas was right (such as when Morando murdered Tronos Madu for betraying him, even though Morando himself betrayed House Tarron). Because of Morando's lies, Kubritz realized too late that she should've never trusted Morando once she saw him empowered, even though he previously promised to insert it into her new armor.

He never really seemed to care much about his henchmen, as he didn't even seem to be concerned that the bounty hunters he sent perished and decided to go after the Tarrons himself. He also crushed one of his own soldier's life cores out of mere disappointment.

However, the thing that made Morando more dangerous is how many innocent lives he was willing to harm and even kill in cold blood. He was willing to harm children, as shown when he sent his bounty hunters to kill the royals, including Aja and Krel Tarron, even though the latter two were teenage royal Akiridions. One of the soldiers of the Taylon Phalanx (which Morando influences and controls) threatens a young Akiridion child that if she prays for House Tarron's safety, then she will be harmed without any second thoughts. Before Morando arrived on Earth, he hurled a giant asteroid the size of Arcadia to destroy the town and the entire Western Seaboard (something Kubritz was always aware of), even though he claimed that it was a necessary diversion to distract the royals from his arrival. This heavily implies that he was willing to kill millions of lives just to get what he wants. When he arrived at the Mothership, he viciously used his vessel's lasers to splatter an innocent extraterrestrial animal named Buster to his death just because he "never liked bugs", even though Buster was a friendly and playful creature who did nothing wrong.

What made Morando even more despicable was his willingness to use the power of Gaylen's Core just to destroy the entire universe and recreate it into his own image, as well as cause more chaos and destruction. He obviously held a large god-like inferiority complex, as he required that the Akiridions worship him instead of praying that the royals would return. His own views of himself as a god increased when he merged with Gaylen's Core and gained the power to create and destroy planets, and became even worse by desiring to destroy the entire universe and recreate it in his own image. When he merged with it and became a giant monster, Morando became more bloodthirsty, merciless, remorseless, greedy, insane, and enjoyed destroying everything most dear to the Tarrons so they could watch everything they love perish by his hands, including their new home on Earth. He immediately proceeded to attack Arcadia and everyone there. When he saw Toby, he told him to surrender the Tarrons to him, but tries to kill him anyway, and when Kubritz berated him for being untrustworthy, Morando didn't even care as he viewed himself as a god because he gained immense power, and proceeded to blast her to her death. However, his belief that he alone was unstoppable ultimately led to his own demise, as Aja and Krel used Seklos's Cannon to disintegrate him quickly and swiftly.

Powers & Abilities[]


  • Akiridion Physiology: As an Akiridion, he was shown stronger and more durable than a normal human.
    • Enhanced Strength: Morando was strong enough to degenerate one of his soldiers with nothing but his tightening grip, and even crush a soldier's life core with his bare hand.
    • Enhanced Endurance: Morando can endure more than an average human or Akiridion.
      • Enhanced Durability: Morando was able to withstand many blows which would mortality wound an average human
      • Enhanced Stamina: Morando can physically exert himself for long periods of time without tiring before fatigue begins to wear him out.
    • Enhanced Agility: Morando is more agile than a normal human, but is clearly not as acrobatic as Aja.
    • Enhanced Speed: Morando is faster than a normal human.
      • Enhanced Reflexes: He can react much faster than than any living being. He was able to easily catch Toby's Warhammer without even looking.
    • Vacuum Adaption: As an Akiridion, Morando can adapt and survive in any atmospheric environment without any aid, but a planet's gravity does still affect him.
      • Oxygen Independence: Morando does not require oxygen to survive.
    • Longevity: As an Akiridion, Morando can live for hundreds of years, but could still fall in battle.
  • Ancient Physiology: After he integrated himself with Gaylen's Core, his physiology had increased into that of an alien god, even more so than an average human, Akiridion, or Troll. Even Toby admits that compared to the witch Morgana, he was more powerful than her. However, his exact strength was unknown as he was defeated before he could reach full power.
    • Supernatural Strength: Morando was stronger than any living being in the galaxy.
    • Supernatural Endurance: Morando could endure more than any living being.
      • Invulnerability: Morando could withstand countless direct hits from an entire fleet of Akiridion Resistance pilots, even Colonel Kubritz, but has clearly showed agony when they attacked him.
      • Supernatural Stamina: Morando could exert himself without tiring.
    • Supernatural Speed: Despite his new larger size, Morando was fast enough to keep up with Aja on her hoverboard and Toby with his Warhammer.
      • Supernatural Reflexes: Morando was able to easily catch Toby's Warhammer without even looking.
    • Flight (possibly): Morando most likely could fly since he had wings, but he was never shown doing this as he was defeated before he could reach full power.
    • Ionikinesis: Morando gained the ability to produce and control his own ionic energy without the need of a serrator.
      • Ionic Energy Blasts: Morando was able to fire continuous streams of red ionic energy capable of destroying an entire building. When using his power all at once, it could take out multiple city blocks. However, his blasts were apparently not powerful enough to overcome Seklos' Cannon, powered by two royal life cores.
      • Ionic Energy Wave: When he was overwhelmed by the Akiridion fleet, he was able to create of wave barrier capable of knocking them all away and everything around him.
    • Immortality: After becoming an Ancient deity, Morando most likely acquired a god's natural ability to live forever without dying. Thankfully, the Tarrons stopped him before he could live forever.
    • Creation/Destruction: With the power of Gaylen's Core, Morando possessed the ability to create and destroy entire planets. However, he was defeated before he could even begin destroying Earth first.


  • Combatant: As a former general, Morando was formidable in hand-to-hand combat. His fighting skills rival that of Varvatos Vex. He was able to easily overcome Aja Tarron, at least until "Race to Trollmarket" when she became experienced enough to fight him head on, even after he became a god.
  • Skillful Orator: As an evil general, Morando is able to use his speeches to win the loyalties of the Taylon Phalanx to get them to completely join his cause without question.
    • Manipulation: Morando was able to use Vex's bitterness about his family's tragedy (which he was directly responsible for in the first place) to persuade him into lowering the shields so his forces would overthrow House Tarron and take over Akiridion-5.


  • Physical Damage: Despite his enhanced durability, Morando could be forced into retreating into his core if he ever suffered too much physical damage.
  • Seklos' Cannon: Despite his god-like power, Morando did possess one weakness when merged with Gaylen's core, which is the cannon that ended Gaylen's reign of destruction. When powered by two royal life cores (at the cost of the royal Akiridions' lives), the cannon is capable of overpowering Morando's ionic blast and vaporizes him, along with the core.


  • Serrator: A serrator is an Akiridion's most common weapon, being able to form into a large blaster with a blade at the end. Unlike other Akiridion's serrators, his ionic weapons are red.


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Episode Appearances[]


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  • According to Queen Coranda in a memory in "The Big Sleep", General Morando was the one who upgraded the Mothership before his betrayal and exile.
  • Morando not only has a similar appearance to Gunmar, but in personality and an ultimate goal heavily involving tyranny and destruction of humanity as well.
    • However, while Gunmar did care about his son, Morando never cared about anyone but himself.
    • Also, like Gunmar, who revitalized himself with the Heartstone in Heartstone Trollmarket, General Morando turned himself into an alien god with Gaylen's Core, which was also hidden within Trollmarket, with the protagonists trying to stop them, only to fail.


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