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Merlin's Trollish


This font is made by The Merlin Ambrosius of this Wiki & has been shared since June 3rd, 2021 by myself.
It's easy to use & based on Trollish Alphabet! There are plenty of faces & objects in it, though. It's some how fantasy!

Rules to use

It's of course free but there some rules that I'd be grateful if you demonstrate thy obedience from them!

Here you are! The notes & the rules:

  • Most of this font is from Tales of Arcadia series & its books!
  • I've put a lot of time for it & I do not like you to abuse.
  • Any changes will be shown in this Wiki, first
  • It's in my google drive!
  • I love to hear your feedbacks
  • Any problem or question, you can text me in my talk page or you can tag me in another page.
    Merlin's Trollish 2.png


    I do not have the permission to upload it in Fandom so it's in my Google Drive. Here you are! Click the image below: Merlin's Trollish.png

     Merlin the Immortal  Harry Potter Wiki  Talk Page  Contribs  11:35,8/1/2021