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  • My occupation is a dragon rider, and a strategist expert. Also part of the Creepslayerz.
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    February 3, 2018 by AWESOME512345

    We know that the Creepslayerz (Steve and Elijah) are going to appear in 3Below, the second series in the Tales of Arcadia Trilogy as main characters. This suggests that the Creepslayerz will either try to expose, discover and/or will assist the aliens living in Arcadia, specifically the Prince, Princess and their bodyguard (The 3 main characters of 3 Below). 

    Now that we know that both Steve and Elijah are going to also appear in 3 Below it brings up the question whether other Trollhunters characters will appear in 3Below. I think that there might be glimpses of Jim and Claire in Arcadia Oaks High, but they will not get any speaking roles, except for maybe one side episode.

    But there might be a chance that Toby will have a slight role in 3Be…

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