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Mary Wang!

Hello <insert name here>, and welcome to my user page! I am Rivirn.


Hello, I am Rivirn, a Content Moderator, Rollback and an active member on this Fandom. I was promoted on the 18th of September 2021. I have a brother @Rivrin, but they are not on this wiki. I don't know what else to put here lol.


Weird is just a word thrown around for those who think differently
― Rivirn
Douxika is life, a reason to live, an icon, a legend. Douxika is the moment!!
Social Lia


Destiny... Destiny is a gift. Some go their entire lives, living existences of quiet desperation, never learning the truth about what feels as though a burden pushing down upon our shoulders, is actually a sense of purpose that lifts us to greater heights. Never forget that fear is but the precursor to valor, that to strive and triumph in the face of fear is what it means to be a hero. Don't think. Become
―Jim Lake Jr during his audition of Romeo & Juliet
For the Glory of Merlin, Daylight is mine to command!
―Jim Lake Jr
Of all creatures, I chose you
―Merlin to Jim[src]
My Amulet does not make mistakes
―Merlin to Jim[src]


No one gets to choose their station in life
―Coranda to Aja
It's what we choose in small moments that makes our lives better or worse
―Fialkov to Krel

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