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Hey there! I'm Mc101 and I am obviously an avid Troll-hunters fan. When i first saw it I pleasantly suprised by the Netflix original. I wish more people could get to see the masterpiece known as Trollhunters.


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    I hope you enjoy your stay at this wiki! I've been here for awhile and I can say with absolute certainty that everyone on this wiki is very friendly and you should feel comfortable when speaking to anyone.

Toby Domzalski

Out of the whole colorful cast of character in Dreamwork's Trollhunters, my favorite character has to be none other than Tobias Domzalski. I find Tobias a.k.a Toby to be one of the most interesting characters in the show and I'm glad that he is almost always by Jim's side and is always willing to provide comic relief when tensions are high. I also like it when Argh and Toby hang out together. Until the end of time, Toby and Argh will always be the ultimate wingmen and great friends....and my favorite Trollhunters character.

Walter P. Strickler

Honestly, I liked Strickler from the start. He is another one of my favorite characters because I just find his mysterious aura in the first part of Trollhunters to be captivating and interesting. I also appreciate his unique character ark. He goes from teacher, then we realize that he is actually a changeling troll, then he becomes Arcadia Oak's principal, and finally , when he realizes how corrupt Gunmar and the Janice order truly is. he switches sides along with Nomura to aid Jim in the ongoing battle against Gunmar and his new army. Strickler is a changeling and he helps Jim, but Barbara doesn't look forward forgetting Walter, but she doesn't look forward forgetting her son, Jim.

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