Truth Be Told is the eleventh episode of 3Below.

Official Synopsis

Aja decides to tell Steve she's actually an alien, but her confession is cut short by a visit from the Zeron Brotherhood.





  • Steve officially learns that Aja, Krel, and Varvatos are aliens in this episode.
  • Zadra arrives on Earth in this episode, but has unknowingly brought the Omen Blank with her.
  • The character of Gladys Groe, a Changeling spy in Trollhunters, is seen as a waitress at the diner Steve and Aja are dining in during their date.
    • Goof: Groe was killed off in the episode "To Catch a Changeling", and it's likely her human counterpart was saved from the Darklands in Part Three of Trollhunters. However, it's very likely her human counterpart would need to grow and mature for a few decades (i.e. likely into her 30s) to reach the age her Changeling counterpart appeared as.
  • Steve's middle initial is revealed to be Q.
  • On board the Zeron Brotherhood's ship Steve finds a captured cow which he names Bessie. Bessie later falls from the ship but somehow manages to survive and is seen in "Last Night on Earth".
    • Bessie's appearance is also in reference to the common idea that aliens steal cows when probing Earth.


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