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Truth Be Told is the eleventh episode of 3Below.

Official Synopsis[]

Aja decides to tell Steve she's actually an alien, but her confession is cut short by a visit from the Zeron Brotherhood.


Izita and Zadra discuss the Omen blank. Zadra hopes she'll be able to get a ship able to reach Earth. Zadra goes to get the ship. The Omen Blank is the new security protocol and detects that she's part of the resistance. She fights while Izita goes to get a ship. Izita appears with a ship for Zadra. The royals trust her, so Izita stays to hold off the others while Zadra leaves on the ship.

Stuart narrates a tourism ad for other planets (Balubia, Pooplorth and Durio). He's not happy that Aja and Krel will be leaving soon. It's too dangerous for them to stay on Earth. They need to find another planet where they can hide. When the kids leave to look over a pamphlet Stuart gives them, Varvatos tells Stuart he's staying behind when the kids leave to take care of bounty hunters.

Aja prepares to leave for a date with Steve. She wants to warn him that they're moving.

Aja and Steve enjoy their date. Krel watches from afar and Aja tries to shoo him away. While they sit there, the electricity flicks and then things start to float. Then all of them are sucked up and out of the diner.

Aja, Krel, and Steve are on the Zeron Ship. Steve starts to panic about being abducted. Steve then realizes he knows what to do from television. A door nearby opens and Alpha and Omega approach them. They take Steve with them.

Varvatos loses again at chess, but he's disinterested in the game. He admits that he invited the others over for advice instead. He asks what they did when their kids moved away. They try to console him about Aja and Krel leaving. Varvatos walks back inside when Momblank tells him he has a phone call.

Alpha appears to Varvatos as a hologram. He reveals that they have Aja and Krel. They want the life cores in exchange for Aja and Krel's safety. Aja and Krel object to that exchange.

Steve looks around the room he's in and sees a cow in a cage. He tells her he'll rescue her too. He opens her cage and then realizes he should call Eli for help.

Eli takes the call, but he's looking into something which he thinks is about Jim and his Trollhunting duties and drops his phone.

Steve tries to ride the cow out.

Aja and Krel try to make a plan of escape. Aja says she's tired of hiding and wanted to tell Steve what she really is. Krel then realizes the aluminum hat Steve gave Aja can help them. He cuts Aja free and sends her to save Steve.

Varvatos goes to the king and queen and says he hopes they can forgive him.

Krel secretly follows Alpha around the ship. Omega comes in and tells Alpha that Varvatos is on their premises. Alpha asks if he brought the cores and he shows them he has. They prepare to make the exchange. Varvatos is sucked up into the ship. Alpha is angry to learn the children have disappeared.

Aja is looking for Steve and uses his phone to track him. She finds him trying to ride the cow. She tells him they need to leave, but they're confronted by Omega, who has two serrators. Aja takes one and they start to fight.

Alpha asks Varvatos to hand over the cores. He gives over the briefcase, but Krel appears from behind and attacks him. He's still able to open the briefcase and realizes the life cores aren't in it. Varvatos shields himself and Krel while the briefcase explodes.

After the explosion, Aja and Steve have to stop themselves from being sucked out of the ship. They fight Omega. Bessie ends up falling through the hole, upsetting Steve. Steve and Omega fall through next and Aja jumps after them.

Krel takes the controls and tries to crash the ship gently because he doesn't think they can land.

Aja manages to reach Steve just as she turns back into her alien form. She grabs onto him and they continue falling together. She's able to activate her hover board and uses it to slow them down. Steve looks at her alien form and tells her she's beautiful. They lean in to kiss, but Omega interrupts. Aja starts to fight her, but then then sees the ship incoming and they run to avoid getting hit. Varvatos and Krel fall out of the ship. Steve is intrigued by Varvatos as well. Steve promises not to tell anyone about them.

While they watch the kids, Stuart offers to let Varvatos stay with him when the kids leave. Varvatos says he's decided to join the kids because it's his duty to protect them. He'll deal with the consequences.

Bessie is stuck in a tree in the forest. Zadra's ship lands nearby and she climbs out. She tries to talk to Bessie for a moment before walking off. Unbeknownst to her, an Omen blank climbs off the ship behind her.

Alpha wakes up and pushes a button on a console.

General Morando learns that the royals are on Earth.



  • Steve officially learns that Aja, Krel, and Varvatos are aliens in this episode.
  • Zadra arrives on Earth in this episode, but has unknowingly brought the Omen Blank with her.
  • The character of Gladysgro, a Changeling spy in Trollhunters, is seen as a waitress at the diner Steve and Aja are dining in during their date.
    • Goof: Groe was killed off in the episode "To Catch a Changeling", and it's likely her human counterpart was saved from the Darklands in Part Three of Trollhunters. However, it's very likely her human counterpart would need to grow and mature for a few decades (i.e. likely into her 30s) to reach the age her Changeling counterpart appeared as.
  • Steve's middle initial is revealed to be Q.
  • On board the Zeron Brotherhood's ship Steve finds a captured cow which he names Bessie. Bessie later falls from the ship but somehow manages to survive and is seen in "Last Night on Earth".
    • Bessie's appearance is also in reference to the common idea that aliens steal cows when probing Earth.
  • Continuity: On their date, Steve tells Aja how he and Eli became friends by telling her what happened in "Creepslayerz"


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