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Tronos Madu was the tertiary antagonist in Part Two of 3Below.

He was a Voltarian bounty hunter who desired to avenge his planet after House Tarron refused to help.



Tronos comes from the war-torn planet of Voltar. According to him, during the war his people asked for help from House Tarron, but they unfortunately left Voltar to burn when most they need them. 

3Below (Part Two)

Hunting the Royals

Tronos was in the bounty hunter outpost located on Earth's moon. In the midst of a drink and bets with other bounty hunter, the presence of Krel is revealed under his disguise, so all the bounty hunters begin to fight over his reward of 9 billion.

After the rescue of Varvatos by the princes, Tronos manages to track their ship to Earth where it begins to look for the Akiridions, transporting through Arcadia's electrical network causing several blackouts. This draws the attention of Toby, Aja and Colonel Kubritz.

In the museum, he faces Aja, Toby and AAARRRGGHH!!!, being forced to retreat.

He then manages to trace the princes to their garage, where they try to enclose him in an improved version of their lightning-capturing bottle. However, Tronos manages to escape and take the siblings with him, until Kubritz and her men manage to intercept and capture him.

Making a Deal

Imprisoned in Area 49-B, Tronos makes a deal with Kubritz to capture Aja and Krel so he gets their cores and she gets their technology. 

When Kubritz and her soldiers puts Arcadia Oaks High in a false quarantine, Tronos surprises Aja and Krel in the corridors and helps Kubritz to capture them. He then explains to a trapped Aja that he is not after their bounty, but to avenge his home planet destruction do to her parents betrayal.

When the princes scape with the help of Toby and Eli, Tronos go after them. During the fight, Tronos revealed how in the past Voltar ask for help to the House of Tarron to save the planet from the war, but the Akiridions turned their backs and let Voltar be destroyed. Kubritz intervenes, incapacitating Tronos just before he could kill the siblings, returning him to his imprisonment and betraying their deal.

To Be Better

When an asteroid was about to impact and destroy Earth, Aja goes with Tronos since he was the only one who could give power to Krel's laser and destroy the asteroid. Tronos refuses to help since he prefers to die alongside the House of Tarron. Aja then opens his cage and confronts him about Voltar, which makes Tronos attack her furiously. However, the princess convinces him that even if she didn't know why her parents never helped his planet, they both could be better than them by saving Earth.

At the end, Tronos accepted to help and together they destroy the asteroid. However, Kubritz once again pretends to capture Tronos, but they manage to flee. During the Akiridions escape from her, Tronos returns to gets his revenge on Kubritz and to cover the withdrawal of the Akiridions.


When General Morando comes to Area 49-B, Kubritz took him to a captured Tronos. Morando demands to release him, but only to kill him for his failure in capturing the royals.

Physical Appearance

Tronos is a large reptilian-like creatures with green skin and blue deers. He has prominent claws, a long tail and yellow eyes with cross-shaped pupils. He wears a high tech red armor with blue spikes coming out at the nape of his neck.


Powers & Abilities

  • Voltarian Physiology: As a Voltarian, Tronos can manipulate, create, and shoot electricity out of his mouth and send out a sonic screech. Tronos also has the power to travel through the flow of electricity and travels at a speed of light.


  • Armor: Tronos wears a high-tech armor capable of scanning for any information.


Aja and Krel Tarron

Colonel Kubritz

Toby Domzalski

General Morando

Tronos was one General Morando's subordinates and bounty hunters. However, after Morando learns that Tronos has helped the royal children escape, he kills him for "high treason".


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