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{{Infobox season
{{Infobox season
|image = TrollhuntersJimArmor.jpg
|image1 = TrollhuntersJimArmor.jpg
|title1 = Part One
|title1 = Part One
|number_of_episodes = 26
|number_of_episodes = 26

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Becoming Part 1- The amulet begins to move again
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Part One is the first chapter of Trollhunters. It aired December 23, 2016.


Jim along with this best friends, Tobias 'Toby' Domzalski, Claire Nuñez and Blinky, AAARRRGGHH!!! and Draal, his troll companions, must thwart all attempts that happen to harm humans & trolls alike while constantly being attacked by evil forces, and dealing with school life and his oblivious mother. Season 1 contains 26 episodes, consisting of two parts. In an interview for part two, Guilmero Del Toro stated that the second half of part one could have been part two, since they both seem like two chapters on their own. 

The first half focuses on Jim becoming The Trollhunter and discovering evil trolls named "Gumm-Gumm Trolls" who wish to free the Gumm-Gumm leader, Gunmar from the Dark Lands, headed by changeling Walt Strickler and Gunmar's son, Troll brute Bular. The second half deals with Strickler attempting to take leadership of their community and going rogue by unleashing dormant ancient-troll, Angor Rot on Jim. Jim & his friends also band together to rescue Claire's baby brother, Enrique, who was taken by Goblins to the Dark Lands to create a changeling, nicknamed 'NotEnrique', who ultimately but reluctantly defected to ally with Jim because of the sympathy he feels for Claire.

Other characters introduced include Barbara Lake, Jim's mother, Steve Palchuk, Arcadia Oaks High's resident jock & bully who finds sadistic pleasure in bullying Jim, Toby and most extensively Eli Pepperjack, a glasses-wearing "Nerd" who is actually actively aware trolls exist, but no one believes him. Vendel is an elderly troll who is Heartstone Trollmarket's leader, guardian and notable confidant and Gnome Chompsky is a gnome who resides in Toby's House in his toy house, who volunteers to enter the Dark Lands to rescue Enrique.


NO. Episode name Originally released
1 "Becoming, Part 1" December 23, 2016
2 "Becoming, Part 2"
3 "Wherefore Art Thou, Trollhunter?"
4 "Gnome Your Enemy"
5 "Waka Chaka!"
6 "Win, Lose, or Draal"
7 "To Catch A Changeling"
8 "Adventures in Trollsitting"
9 "Bittersweet Sixteen"
10 "Young Atlas"
11 "Recipe for Disaster"
12 "Claire and Present Danger"
13 "The Battle of Two Bridges"
14 "Return of the Trollhunter"
15 "Mudslinging"
16 "Roaming Fees May Apply"
17 "Blinky's Day Out"
18 "The Shattered King"
19 "Airheads"
20 "Where is my Mind?"
21 "Party Monsters"
22 "It's About Time"
23 "Wingmen"
24 "Angor Management"
25 "A Night to Remember"
26 "Something Rotten This Way Comes"
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