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This article is about the book. You may be looking for the series adapted (loosely) from the book, Trollhunters.

Trollhunters is a novel written by Guillermo Del Toro and Daniel Kraus. It was released on July 7, 2015 by Puck.


Life in high school is always complicated. But when the creatures of the dark begin to lurk through the corridors looking for human flesh... then it becomes terrifying.

Jim Sturges Jr. and his best friend Toby Dershowitz, know horror closely. They experience it every time they attend gym class or suffer relentless bullying from Steve and his group of bullies. They don't know that a much scarier horror is haunting them... again.

Forty years ago, the town of San Bernardino suffered a wave of mysterious disappearances, which turned Jim's father into a terrified and obsessive being. Today, for the first time, Jim will have to take his father's paranoia very seriously. Because monsters sharpen teeth and claws in dark corners and lonely hallways. And Jim is about to meet them face to face.


Prologue: The Milk Carton Epidemic[]

  • Jack Sturges and his little brother Jim ride their bikes; Jack disappears under a bridge, and Jim sees a large, shadowy, horrifying figure and flees home. Jack becomes the last of a rash of missing children in the area.

Part 1: Down the Drain[]

  • 1) The Jim Sturges from the prologue is old, paranoid, and has never gotten over his brother Jack going missing. His son, Jim Sturges Jr. narrates leaving for school.
  • 2) Jim Jr. arrives at school and is alerted that his best friend, Tobias "Tub" Dershowitz, is being bullied by Steve Jorgensen-Warner & company. Jim wants to help but is outmatched.
  • 3) Tub and Jim recover from being jammed inside lockers in the bathroom.
  • 4) Ms. Pinkton wants Jim to be better at math. Claire Fontaine is actually good at math and Jim thinks she's awesome.
  • 5) Jim and Tub have to climb ropes for Coach Lawrence in gym class. They fall.
  • 6) Jim thinks he sees something in the locker room.
  • 7) Claire and some drama girls invite Jim and Tub to tryouts for Romeo and Juliet. Steve approaches and Jim and Tub attempt to evade him, eventually rolling under cars. A massive troll paw scares Jim, but Tub didn't see it.
  • 8) As it's getting dark, Jim and Tub take a shortcut home through the local museum. Carol, the cashier, lets them through but Professor Lempke yells at them.
  • 9) Sergeant Ben Gulager finds them and takes them home because Jim Sr. was worried, but comments that it's not the first time Jim Sr. has called on him when Jim Jr. was nearly home.
  • 10) A troll kidnaps Jim from his bedroom.

Part 2: The Killaheed Cometh[]

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Part 3: The Trollhunters[]

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Part 4: The Battle of the Fallen Leaves[]

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  • This is the book the Trollhunters series was adapted from.[1]
    • However, the book is very different from the series itself.