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This article is about the book. You may be looking for the series adapted (loosely) from the book, Trollhunters.

Trollhunters is a novel written by Guillermo Del Toro and Daniel Kraus.

It was released on July 7, 2015 by Puck and was Illustrated by Sean Murray.


Life in high school is always complicated. But when the creatures of the dark begin to lurk through the corridors looking for human flesh... then it becomes terrifying.

Jim Sturges Jr. and his best friend Toby Dershowitz, know horror closely. They experience it every time they attend gym class or suffer relentless bullying from Steve and his group of bullies. They don't know that a much scarier horror is haunting them... again.

Forty years ago, the town of San Bernardino suffered a wave of mysterious disappearances, which turned Jim's father into a terrified and obsessive being. Today, for the first time, Jim will have to take his father's paranoia very seriously. Because monsters sharpen teeth and claws in dark corners and lonely hallways. And Jim is about to meet them face to face.


Prologue: The Milk Carton Epidemic[]

  • Jack Sturges and his little brother Jim ride their bikes; Jack disappears under a bridge, and Jim sees a large, shadowy, horrifying figure and flees home. Jack becomes the last of a rash of missing children in the area.

Part 1: Down the Drain[]

  • 1) The Jim Sturges from the prologue is old, paranoid, and has never gotten over his brother Jack going missing. His son, Jim Sturges Jr. narrates leaving for school.
  • 2) Jim Jr. arrives at school and is alerted that his best friend, Tobias "Tub" Dershowitz, is being bullied by Steve Jorgensen-Warner & company. Jim wants to help but is outmatched.
  • 3) Tub and Jim recover from being jammed inside lockers in the bathroom.
  • 4) Ms. Pinkton wants Jim to be better at math. Claire Fontaine is actually good at math and Jim thinks she's awesome.
  • 5) Jim and Tub have to climb ropes for Coach Lawrence in gym class. They fall.
  • 6) Jim thinks he sees something in the locker room.
  • 7) Claire and some drama girls invite Jim and Tub to tryouts for Romeo and Juliet. Steve approaches and Jim and Tub attempt to evade him, eventually rolling under cars. A massive troll paw scares Jim, but Tub didn't see it.
  • 8) As it's getting dark, Jim and Tub take a shortcut home through the local museum. Carol, the cashier, lets them through but Professor Lempke yells at them.
  • 9) Sergeant Ben Gulager finds them and takes them home because Jim Sr. was worried, but comments that it's not the first time Jim Sr. has called on him when Jim Jr. was nearly home.
  • 10) A troll kidnaps Jim from his bedroom.

Part 2: The Killaheed Cometh[]

  • 11) Jim wakes up after being kidnapped and meets Blinky and ARRRGH!!! As well as a man in metal armour. Jim runs away, crawling through sewers and hears the bustling of a city underground.
  • 12) Jim uncovers a city of Trolls and is being chased down by Blinky, ARRRGH!!! and the ‘metal man’. Jim realises that they’re the ones who took Uncle Jack and the ‘metal man’ hands him a medallion, telling him to wear it. Jim does not and passes out, waking up in his bed.
  • 13) Jim cleans himself up and, after rejecting a pancake breakfast his father made, goes to find Tub at the dentist to tell him about his encounter. Tub does not believe him.
  • 14) Jim tries to convince Tubs his encounter was real and Tubs reluctantly agrees to help.
  • 15) Jim auditions for the part of Romeo and gets it, impressing Claire.
  • 16) After auditions, Jim and Tub cut through the museum to find them constructed Killahead Bridge.
  • 17) Jim and Tub camp out in Jim's room and hear noises from the kitchen.
  • 18) After encountering ARRRGH!!! and Blinky, and surprisingly his uncle Jack, in his kitchen, Jim and Tub reluctantly agree to help them.

Part 3: The Trollhunters[]

  • 19) Jack, Blinky, and ARRRGH!!! explain what they can to Jim and Tubs as they descend down a stone stairwell. Jim mentions the bridge at the museum and the three become unsettled but do not explain.
  • 20) Jim is given a brief lesson on troll history and his family’s connection to it, as well as the looming danger that is fast approaching.
  • 21) Jack, Blinky, and ARRRGH!!! take Jim to De La Rosa to train as minions of Gunmar approach.
  • 22) The group stops Nullhullers from taking a human baby.
  • 23) Jack scolds Jim for breaking rank as ARRRGH!!! is possessed by Gunmar's eye, confirming that he is indeed waiting for the bridge to be completed to strike.
  • 24) Jim wakes up and talks with his father before he leaves for work. After Jim Sr. leaves, Tub comes out as Jim says he does not want to meet with the trollhunters anymore while Tubs says it is their calling. A man walks over with a flyer of his daughter.
  • 25) Jim, Jack, Blinky, and ARRRGH!!! go to a junkyard to take out trolls who can track someone anywhere. They inadvertently let one escape when the police show up and Jack,Blinky, and ARRRGH!!! need a new place to stay.
  • 26) Tub reluctantly agrees to let ARRRGH!!! stay at his house.
  • 27) Jim takes Jack and Blinky to his house and reflects on the weekend.
  • 28) Jim goes through the day concerned over everything small detail meaning disaster. Tub avoids him all day as well and Steve, who has to join the play to play in the game, is made Jim's understudy.
  • 29) Jim goes through the week having terrible days in school, and noticing more and more absences, while excelling as a trollhunter.
  • 30) Jim Sr. watches footage from the nanny cam and learns of trolls before realizing his missing brother is in the room with him and his son and faints.
  • 31) Claire knocks Steve down a peg and offers to tutor him in math.
  • 32) Claire arrives at Jim's house to tutor him and is abducted by the Gumm-Gumms.

Part 4: The Battle of the Fallen Leaves[]

  • 33) Jim, Jack, and Blinky set out to track down the Gumm-gumm as Jim Sr. fails to talk them out of it.
  • 34) Jim, Jack, and Blinky borrow Jim Sr.'s van and pick up Tub and ARRRGH!!! before setting out to fight the Gumm-Gumms.
  • 35) The group searches for an entrance as ARRRGH!!! gets possessed by Gunmar's eye. The others save her and enter the underworld.
  • 36) The group gets lost before finding a trail of shredded pink fabric and following it to a troll graveyard that leads to the Gumm-Gimm's hideout.
  • 37) Jack, Blinky, and ARRRGH!!! fight the Gumm-Gumms as Jim and Tub free to kidnapped children. Kilaheed bridge is completed.
  • 38) The trollhunters and Gumm-Gumm end up at the football game and everyone joins in the fight.
  • 39) Things go back and forth until ARRRGH!!! delivers the winning blow to Gunmar.
  • 40) Everyone recuperates from the battle and give ARRRGH!!!, who died in battle, a proper memorial. Jim and Claire kiss as Steve is revealed to be a changling.



In September 1969, brothers Jack and Jim Sturges are riding their bikes in a canal on Jack's birthday. As they play with toy guns, Jim sees milk cartons with a few of the one hundred ninety missing children who vanished in San Bernardino. As the street lights come on , the brothers cross under a bridge where Jim finds his older brother's bike abandoned and Jack missing. After calling Jack's name, a large creature crawls out from under the bridge and chases Jim. The boy makes it home to find the monster gone and a medallion in his hands. Jim's parents come out and ask about Jack. Jack was never seen again and Jim passed the story on his brother's disappearance to his son, Jim Sturges Jr..

Part One: Down the Drain[]

Forty-five years after Jack disappeared, his nephew Jim Sturges Jr. is woken up one October Friday morning by his father, who has become paranoid in the years since his brother vanished, to catch the bus. After his family punches in the code to open the steel barricade on the window, Jim gets out of bed and gets ready before going down stairs to have cereal for breakfast. They eat after he sees him father looking at Jack's alter, a set up adorned with various pictures and objects Jack owned. After eating cereal, they exit. As Jim is told by his father to catch the bus, he thinks of how his father was screwed over at the San Bernardino Electronics Company by his bosses, how they stole an invention of his and refused to promote him, resulting in him mowing lawns on weekends. Jim then leaves for the bus.

When he arrives at San Bernardino High school, Jim sees a sign for the one hundred second Festival of the Fallen Leaves- a week long festival commemorating a banishment. As Jim gets off the bus, a kid comes over to him and says his friend, Tobias “Tubs” Dershowitz, is being bullied in the Trophy Hall, a third floor hallway where the bullies lurk. Jim reaches the hall to find being strangled by Steve Jorgensen-Warner, the school bully and star athlete of both the basketball and football teams, for not giving him five dollars. Steve releases Toby upon seeing Jim, and Jim and Tubs are shoved into lockers. After waiting for Steve and his cronies to leave, Jim opens the locker from the inside- having learned how to do it from being shoved into lockers multiple times, and instructs Tubs how to do it. As they clean themselves up in the bathroom, they hear the bell. Tubs reveals he had a five dollar bill tucked into his armpit, a hollow victory. As they leave, Jim thinks he hears something in the pipes.

In math class, the teacher- Ms. Pinkman, is upset that the school is spending money on a Jumbotron while the school needs new equipment for science and math. Jim hides behind a textbook, as math is his worst subject, and hopes to not be called on. However as Claire Fontaine, a girl from the United Kingdom who wears military style clothing and no makeup, walked by after solving a problem, he raises his hand and is called on. Ms. Pinkman writes the equation out of Jim's reach as the other students laugh at him.

Asthe other kids are shooting hoops for gym class, Jim and Tub are struggling to make it to the halfway point as Coach Lawrence cheers the two on. Just as Jim is about to reach the halfway point, Tub gets his braces stuck in the rope and starts to lose his grip. Jim tries to help him, but ends up falling with Tubs. The couch helps them up, and a basketball hits Tub in the face. Jim and Tub clean up in the locker room as best they can as Tub laments that they pair are nothing and only have each other. Jim manages to cheer him up and leaves. However the lights go out and Jim thinks he sees a large figure in the distance. He moves to the light switch and turns on the lights to find nothing. However he sees a foot around the row of lockers and cautiously goes to investigate. He surprises Tub and sees a shower drain cover has been moved. After apologizing to his friend, Jim looks over again to find the drain cover back in place and shaking slightly.

As Jim and Tub leave school to go home, a group of girls from the drama club and Claire swarm the two to give them flyers for the play in the end of the week, Romeo and Juliet, Jim agrees to audition while Tub agrees to go for free donuts. They take flyers as the girls swarm another boy leaving the building. Jim and Tub head to the parking lot as they see Steve and duck under cars to get to the bus undetected. When they get close, Tub gets stuck and Steve almost finds them, however a car door knocks his basketball away and he goes after it. Just then, Jim sees a large hand under a manhole right by his head. He looks at Tub to find him covering his eyes. The hand vanishes as Jim and Tub pull themselves out front the cars. Tub is released that Coach Lawrence is talking to Steve, but has no idea what Jim is talking about with the manhole. As the sun sets, Jim and Tubs decide to cut through the San Bernardino History Society Museum. Carol, a college aged cashier who is nice to them, says Professor Lempke, the curator, is in a foul mood. The boys sneak in anyway and run into Lempke in a stairwell. The two evade him as he says they owe him over nine hundred dollars in entrance fees and will call their parents to collect, not knowing Tub lives with his grandmother and Jim with his single father. As they exit though a loading dock, it is near dark and a police car pulls up with sirens going.

Sergeant Ben Gulager, a man who was scarred in his temple blocking a bullet a man fired at his triplet daughters during a domestic dispute and speaks with a stutter, takes Jim and Tub home. When arriving at the Sturges house, he tells Jim Sr. about the times he called the police to find his son when he was close to home and to not do it again. Gulager gives Jim an apologetic look before leaving. Jim Sr. tells his son the dangers of staying out to late before going to his room to play a Don and Juan song. As midnight arrives, Jim searches the internet for anything like he saw at school. After a while he finds six videos of similar encounters that happened in San Bernardino in the last few years. Taking out his earbuds, he hears odd noises outside his room. Jim checks and sees the lights from the security system, however more appear and he sees them heading to his father’s bedroom. Jim rushes back to bed and thinks something is in his room. Building up his courage, he shines the light from his laptop into his room to find nothing, he checks the closet to find the same thing, only for a pair of hands to emerge from his bed and drag Jim under.

Part Two: The Killaheed Cometh[]

Jim wakes up in the sewers and makes his way though rooms filled with broken appliances until reaching a room full of doll. He sees a mural of humans fighting something before finding a bridge and the multi eyed creature he saw in his house. It screams at Jim and a man in makeshift armor carrying swords introduces the creature as a troll named Blinky. The man says Jim has overslept and he must return home. He tries to give Jim a medallion, Jim loudly refuses and a roar sounds what he man in armor saying he just woke up ARRRGH!!!. ARRRGH!!! comes over and sniffs Jim. Jim sees a light in the distance and runs for it, shimmying through a drainage cover to escape and ending up in a city of trolls. Jim runs into a city as the man in armor, ARRRGH!!!, and Blinky chase after him. Jim runs though pedestrians going about their business, eating strange food, arguing, or watching poor television signals while playing games, as the three come after him. Jim eventually reaches a river of trash as troll fish it out when the sun starts to rise and Jim questions if he will be going home. ARRRGH!!!, Blinky, and the man in armor arrive, address Jim by his name, and tell him not to reject the medallion like his father did. Jim then realizes that what his father said about Jack is true and he accuses them of destroying his father’s life. The man in armor tells him to take the medallion or Jim will be abducted every night until he does. Jim reluctantly takes it to ends up back in his bedroom with his father saying good morning as he heads out to maw lawns. An object falls onto Jim's bed and he realizes it is the medallion. Pulling off the covers, Jim sees that he is covered in mud and sludge before going into the shower to clean himself off and is petrified knowing what lurks in the drains. After putting the medallion under his shirt, he is shocked to find his father, fully rested for the first time in decades, had made pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Jim goes to eat but sees the sucker marks Blinky left on his father. Jim skips breakfast and goes to the dentist, Dr. Papadopoulos, to tell Tub. He bursts in during Tub's appointment and tells him everything. When Papodopoulos is finished, Tub swishes water in his mouth and calls Jim crazy.

Jim and Tub go to the Dershowitz house as Jim tries and fails to convince Tub his abduction by trolls actually happened. Tub's grandmother has them wash dishes and Jim convinces Tub to bring a nanny cam and archery to play auditions in exchange for a five dollar bill in case they run into Steve. Jim then leaves to get sports equipment.

Auditions for the play are being held by the football field as the team practices. Jim is nervous as Tub as he, the last in line, is getting closer to the stage. He watches his father, who has not seen him, mow the school lawn on his industrial grade mower as Tub arrives, being hit by a football thrown by Steve and misses the free doughnuts. Jim is called up and is paired with Claire for the audition. He loses the interest of those watching ar first, but impresses them and gets the part. As they walk home, Jim is stressing out about learning the lines in a week. They decide to cross though the museum and find everyone working on a new exhibit. Lempke catches the two and proudly explains how he spent almost two decades convincing official in Scotland to ship him a bridge they were going to destroy. A worker comes over and says the keystone was accidentally shipped to San Sebastián, Spain and will be at the museum Friday. Lempke demands he tell them not the open it as he has the workers unveil what they put up so far. Lempke says the bridge is called Killaheed Bridge, and Jim recognizes it from the troll's lair. One of the workers said the bridge bit him, but Lempke dismisses it.

That night, Tub stays at Jim's house and place a dummy in his bed before setting up the nanny cam. They arm themselves with sports equipment and wait for something. Tub is still skeptical of Jim until they hear a noise coming from the kitchen. They fumble into each other and exit the bedroom to investigate. The two find ARRRGH!!! and Blinky in the kitchen, poorly making sandwiches, Tub, finally believing Jim, fires an arrow at the trolls only for the man in makeshift armor to jump out of the darkness, defect the arrow, and disarm the two. He removes his helmet to reveal a blond teenager and Jim recognizes him as his uncle Jack. Jack takes the medallion and twists something, allowing Jim to understand the trolls. Blinky explains how Jack has spent the last four and a half decades fighting along side the trolls and disturbs Jim when he reveals he placed a fetus in his father’s digestive tract to get him to sleep. Jack whispers something in his nephew’s ear and Jim tells Tub they are going hunting.

Part Three: The Trollhunters[]

The floor beneath Jim's floor shifts to reveal a stairwell that the five take into the earth. As they descend, Jack tells Jim that they are descendants of warriors and every so often a member of their family is called to action. Jack says their were others, but information on their lines has been lost and the Sturges family is the only known line. Jim brings up mushroom hunting with his grandfather, Jack's father, and sadly informs Jack he died five years before. Jim says he can take him to his father, but Jack refuses. Jim then angrily said that Jack's disappearance destroyed his family and ruined his father. When they reach the bottom, Blinky informs Jim that he and ARRRGH!!! attempted to recruit both brothers, but Jack told them to leave Jim Sr. alone and take him, giving Jim respect for his uncle. As they walk through a tunnel to a mountain of bikes, Blinky reveals that Jack stopped what humans called the Milk Carton Epidemic. He tells Jim, who translates for Tubs, how Jack helped them take out the one responsible for the abductions, Gunmar the Black, and that they fear he is returning. ARRRGH!!! reluctantly shows them Gunmar's eye, which she ripped out, and Jack quickly closes the box, saying whoever looks into it enough times can start to act like Gunmar. They move on and Jim mentioned the Killaheed Bridge, Jack and the trolls are disturbed that it is in San Bernardino but refuse to say why as they keep moving, much to Jim's frustration.

However Blinky tells Jim about troll history, which Jim translates for Tub. Blinky explains how trolls can open portals to the underworld via bridges and children’s beds. He explains how the trolls of Eurasia hated humans for encroaching on their habitats and fought back in retaliation. Blinky then explains how ARRRGH!!! convinced the trolls to feed on small animals rather then humans and a split emerged between troll factions with the pacifists journeying to North America on the Mayflower before heading west to settle in San Bernardino. Not a single issue between trolls and humans occurred until London Bridge was moved to Lake Havasu City in Arizona where Gunmar lead his traditionalist trolls into San Bernardino and started abducting and eating children. Desperate for help, the trolls searched for a member of the Sturges family to help and convinced Jack to fight along their side. With his help, they vanquished the Gumm-Gumms, Gunmar and his followers, and Jack banished him deep into the earth with most Gumm-Gumm changing sides. However Gunmar swore vengeance on Jack and his family before leaving. Jack realized that if he returned topside he will age and never return, so he stayed in case Gunmar returned, which he most likely will if Killaheed bridge, a gateways to Gunmar's realm, is opened upon completion in a week. Blinky then tells Jim he has a week to train to fight Gunmar.

Jack and the trolls take Jim to a room where trolls are watching commercials and static on televisions as Blinky explains how it is one of the few light sources that do not petrify trolls. Jack takes out a portable star map and ARRRGH!!! punches a hole in the wall. The group appears under a bridge in De La Rosa and Tub suggests they walk home. Jack tells Jim the three weak points of a troll, the heart, the goal bladder, and the softies- a spot on the neck. Jack emphasizes the importance of burning the goal bladder so that a troll does not regenerate. His uncle gives Jim two swords and tells him to name them, in a rush he calls them Claireblade and Cat#6. Jack says his swords are named Victor Power and Doctor X, after characters he and Jim Sr. liked. Jack gives a quick lesson as Jim fails to talk himself out of it. Jack then says some followers of Gunmar are close by and they head out. The five arrive outside a house and watch as a group of ten Nullhullers. Regurgitate their organs and climb into a baby's room. Blinky explains how they switch out human babies with their own, and that the replacements make up a good amount of CEOs and politicians. He also explains how an iron horseshoe can force a nullhuller into it’s true form. Jack has Blinky and ARRRGH!!! go into the house with him while Jim and Tub gather the gallbladders and wash away a pentagram the nullhullers drew respectively. Jim gathers up most of the gallbladders as the fighting inside quiets down. Jim hurries in and helps the three takeout the nullhullers. He picks up the baby, who is covered in mucus, and is relived when she is breathing. Jim cries as he butchers the half-formed fake baby and Jack demands to know where the last one went. As Jack and ARRRGH!!! leave to chase it down, Jim stays with Blinky as he tidies up the nursery and puts the baby back in the crib. When they exit, the backyard is clean and Jack berates his nephew for disobeying orders. Jim tries to protest but Jack does not listen. Soon ARRRGH!!! becomes possessed by Gunmar's eye and Jack grazes her to get it off. ARRRGH!!! confirms that Gunmar is indeed waiting for the bridge to be completed to strike and is reconnecting an unknown machine. Jack, disturbed by the confirmation, tells Jim their are worse things to come in the following days before he, Blinky, and ARRRGH!!! take Jim and Tubs home.

Jim wakes up and showers before going outside. His father comes over to him to talk, he mentioned the kitchen, which Jim promises he will clean, but his father said he already cleaned it and tells him to enjoy himself for the festival and to go to late night rehearsals for the play. Jim Sr. walks away as his son gets teary-eyed. Tub then comes outside and tells Jim he enjoyed the previous night while Jim says he wants nothing to do with the trollhunters. As they fight, a man comes over and hands them a flyer of his missing daughter. Tub says this is why they need to keep helping them as Jim walks away.

That night Jim goes with Jack, Blinky, and ARRRGH!!! to the junkyard to take out a group of Gräçæjivøid'ñuy, or rust trolls- who can memorize a scent and share it with others before tracking them down within hours. They manage to take out all but one, but they did not destroy the gallbladders. As Jim corners one, Gunmar's roar echoes throughout the junkyard and Gulager, who is near by, hears and investigates. The police officer gets into an standoff with ARRRGH!!! before she gets away. Jack says their cave is lost and they need a new place to hide.

The group heads to Tub's house and convince him to let ARRRGH!!! stay at his house for the time being. Tub reluctantly agrees as ARRRGH!!! inadvertently destroys nicknacks around the house and eats Tub's belongings and cats. They convince her to stop by turning on the television. Soon Jim takes Blinky and Jack to his house. He and Blinky clear out his closet to hide the troll in as Jack stares at his shrine. As Jim suggests his dad could adopt Jack, Blinky says his uncle has spent to long among trollkind to be integrated back into human society and a rage has build up in him over the thinks he could never do. After helping Blinky lightproof the closet, he goes to speak with Jack and finds his uncle in his father’s room. They leave when the fetus emerges and, rejecting his nephew’s offer to use the attic or garage for cover, Jack demands Nim lend him some clothes so he can go to the cave undetected. Jim reluctantly agrees and tells Jack to be careful as things have changed since 1969.

Jim goes through the day thinking about how the slightest abnormality means something bad happened. Tub avoids Jim all day. During rehearsal, things go poorly as two actors, Jasper and Frank, struggle to coordinate a sword fight. Thankfully Claire, who had six years of fencing lessons, helps them. Just then Steve arrives saying the coach told him he needed to boast his grades to play in the game Friday and that he chose to be the understudy for the play. Ms. Leach agrees and has him rehearse the balcony scene with Claire as Jim changes into his costume. Angry at seeing Claire and Steve rehearsing together, he inadvertently tells the costume workers he can walk in heels and causes the cast to fall as he struggles to walk. Claire falls as Steve catches her. Jim is the last to leave and decides to quit the play to focus on trollhunting. Monday night Jim, Jack, Blinky, and ARRRGH!!! take out a group of Wornbeards, trolls who whisper in children’s ears as they sleep to manipulate them into running away. Tuesday Jim does not pay attention in math class and refuses to climb the rope in gym, earning him a detention as Tub looks on. He does poorly in rehearsals and Steve is called in to replace him. That night he joins his uncle and the trolls in taking out Yarbloods, mosquito sized trolls who cause sickness in children. They take them out as Galuger drives by, still in shock after seeing ARRRGH!!!. Wednesday Jim notices even more students out and that night helps take out Zunn, trolls who abduct children for Gunmar. He takes out the most, impressing the others. When Jim gets home, he makes a lunch for Jack and notices his father, who was not drugged that night, watching footage of Blinky and ARRRGH!!! from the nanny came news footage about disappearances. Jim Sr. then notices Jack and goes to touch his brother before passing out from shock.

Jim heads to school, leaving his father in a state of shock at seeing his long dead brother alive and still in his ears teens. He remembers that he needs an eighty-eight on the following day’s test to pass as he catches Steve demanding ten dollars from Tub. With his new found courage, Jim goes over to defend his friend and talks back to Steve. However Steve, who reveals he wants to be in the play for glory, is not intimidated until Claire comes over to tell him off. Steve, who does not understand British slang, is confused until she kicks his basketball down the hall and forces him to swallow his anger and retrieve it. Jim goes to help Tub, but he is gone. After speaking with Claire, she offers to ditch rehearsal with him and tutor Jim in math. She says her house is a bad idea and offers to go to his house. Against his better judgment, Jim accepts the offer. Claire arrives at Jim's house a little after six that night and they start their session. Jim does well and they start talking about the security measures around the house. Eventually Jim reveals his mother walked out on him and his dad shortly before his fifth birthday on May second, which Claire says is her birthday as well. After Jim mistakes Claire’s Scottish accent for an English accent, she becomes briefly affected. When Jim starts to say that Claire has the perfect life, she dumps out her backpack to reveal a dress, heels, jewelry, makeup, and makeup remover and reveals her parents for her to dress like that, but changes at school. Jim then complements her and she kisses him on the lips before his father calls to say he will be late and for him to heat dinner on his own. When his father mentions it is night, he hangs up and hears Claire scream before vanishing under his bed. Jim tries to enter but Blinky holds him back. Jim then vows to save her.

Part Four: The Battle of the Fallen Leaves[]

Jack and Blinky investigate Jim's room and say they need another entryway. As they set out, Jim undoes the locks and realizes his father is watching them. Jim Sr. asks Jack to stay before offering his services after he says he cannot. However Jack tries to talk Jim out of it when his brother accuses him of destroying what is left of his family. Jim ignores this and says he is going with them and promises to come back. They borrow Jim Sr's van and Jack drives, exited at the prospect of finally operating a motor vehicle, and does as little damage as he can. The three pick up ARRRGH!!! and Tub, with Tub willingly joining them and ARRRGH!!! happily showing off her new braces. Tub says he convinced ARRRGH!!! to eat cheeseburgers rather than cats and finds the list of cat names and gives a eulogy as they reach their destination, the Holland Transit Tunnel. They search for an entrance to the underworld but do not find one. ARRRGH!!! then becomes possessed by Gunmar's eye as multiple doorways open and close. Jack keeps ARRRGH!!! focused by singing a lullaby she used to sing to him when they first met. Jim cuts the eye off of her and it crawls into a doorway what Tub blocks by throwing a rock into it. The group heads inside as Jim glances at the bridge to find a truck dented from the inside heading to the museum.

The group follows the eye but loses it in a drain pipe. The five eventually get lost as they find sunlight creeping into the cavern. However Tub notices a strand of pink thread and Jim realizes it is from Claire's backpack before seeing a piece of her dress and resizes she left a trail. The group follows it to a room of troll statues as Blinky reveals it is the Cemetery of Souls, a fabled resting place for trolls who were petrified in the sunlight. Jim finds another pink strand before they go down a tunnel and into the headquarters of the Gumm-Gumm. They see a machine grinding up meat and Jim sees a hair clip and thinks it is the kids, but Jack says it is rat meat and the Gumm-Gumm have not eaten the children yet. Gunmar then notices them and sends his followers after them. They fight them until Jim sees Claire and the other children and he and Tub go to save her. Jim is attacked by the wormbeard he failed to kill. It almost kills Jim until Tub cuts through its gallbladder with one of the dental tools he stole from Dr. Papadopoulus. Tub then points out that they need to climb cables to save them and Jim becomes disheartened at the thought of climbing until Tub reveals he could climb a rope and was faking it to annoy the coach. The two climb, with Jim almost falling off and Tub catching him, as the children cheer. They reach the top to find the children buried up to their heads with slop on their faces, the two realize the kids are being fattened and seasoned. They dig them out and with the help of all the kids they freed, including the girl who’s father gave Jim the flyer, the kids are freed in ten minutes. However as they sneak away, a flash of light appears and Jim realizes Killaheed was completed. They end up at the school football game.

As San Bernardino High School is winning their football game, a flash of light emerges and trolls flood the football field. After a delayed reaction everyone panics and hides or flees until Gulager tells them to fight back. ARRGH!!!, Jack, and Blinky do what they can to take down Gunmar as Jim fights off the Gumm-Gumm with the crowd. Lempke watches from the sidelines with glee. When Jack goes for Gunmar's gallbladder, he slices open the troll and hundreds of basketball sized copies of Gunmar swarm the field. Jim and the missing children try to take out as many as they can as Tub fails to take out Gunmar's eye as it attacks him and his grandmother. However his grandmother hits it with her purse, crushing it. Jim watches in disbelief as Tub runs away with his grandmother. However they make their way to the announcers booth and Tub pours soda onto the control consul, creating static on the Jumbotron and allowing civilians to escape. Jim Sr. also arrives and uses his mower to run over the baby Gunmars. However Blinky loses tentacles and continues to fight as ARRGH!!! is tossed into the end zone. Claire tosses a prop sword in Gunmar's mouth and Jack tosses her one of his swords. At that moment Jim realizes Claire’s ancestors fought trolls just like his, but her hiding two aspects of herself from her friends and family kept her hidden from the trolls. Jack slices at Gunmar before being thrown aside and Jim crawls into Gunmar and finds the gallbladder. However Jim is pulled out before he can take him out. As Gunmar is about to crush Jim, ARRRGH!!! , heavily injured, attacks Gunmar and slams a newly dislodged boulder that Gunmar put in her head into his, finishing him off.

As Jim is about to finish off Gunmar, he hesitates, but continues on after looking at those watching him. Jim slices through the heart and removes the gallbladder. Jim hugs his father before going over to ARRRGH!!!, who died of her injuries, as Tub and Blinky hug her body. Jim, Jim Sr, Jack, Claire, Tub, and Blinky gaze at the fallen warrior and Tub suggests they move her off the field and position her in a fighting stance so that she will be immortalized a hero. The six struggle to move her but the crowd, thespians, teachers, and players from both teams move ARRRGH!!! off the field and position her into a fighting stance for when the sun rises. Jim and Claire talk before kissing each other. As they kiss, Jim realizes that Lempke has vanished and questions if the gallbladder is secured. Tub breaks the kiss by showing them the Steve has emerged from his hiding spot, his uniform free of bodily fluids. Tub takes a helmet from the the opposing team, which has a horseshoe on it, and presses it against Steve’s forehead. Steve screams and changes into his true changling form. The others notice this and, after grabbing a weapon, go to finish the bully off.



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  • This is the book the DreamWorks Trollhunters original Netflix series was (loosely) adapted from.[1]