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Initially the concept of the armor was that it should feel somewhat bulky on Jim, as it was not meant to be worn by a human, representing Jim's struggle with his sense of responsibility of being a Trollhunter. That idea, however, negated the concept of the armor being its own magical being that adapts to its wearer. The armor itself is a character. We decided to streamline the concept and make it fit as much like a second skin on Jim as possible.
―Rustam Hasanov, Art Director[src]

The Trollhunter Armor (or the Daylight Armor) was a magical suit of armor worn by the Trollhunter.


The Trollhunter Armor is a silver suit of knight's armor consisting of a chestplate, two shoulderpads one bigger than the other, a pair of leggings, knee braces, boots, clamps, have blue glowing trimmings around in it, a black inner layer underneath the armor and the Amulet of Daylight is connected on the left side of the chestplate.


  • Summoning: The armor magically attaches itself to the warrior when activated by the Amulet of Daylight.
    • Weapon Conjuring: After the Amulet was upgraded with the Birthstone and the Killstone, the armor gained the ability to summon two boomerang-like daggers known as Glaives and a large warrior shield. When the Eye of Gunmar was added to the Amulet, the armor gained the ability to summon a helmet that can protect the wearer from the evil influence of the Decimaar Blade of Gunmar and other injuries.
  • Enhanced Durability: Like the Sword of Daylight, the armor is made of pure sunlight, providing additional protection against the Trolls.
  • Strength: The armor also provides the warrior extra strength and durability.
  • Limited Force Field: The armor also produces a brief force field around the warrior to protect them from too much harm.


  • Lack of Sunlight Protection: Although the armor is made of pure sunlight and doesn't hurt the Trollhunter himself, the armor cannot protect the warrior from natural sunlight (only if the chosen warrior is a troll).


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  • A green glow which comes out of nowhere reflects off of the armor whenever Jim is seen wearing it. As such, it is probably connected to Merlin and his green glow.