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* [[Gatto]], representative of the [[Volcanic Trolls|Volcanic]] Mountains (formerly)
* [[Gatto]], representative of the [[Volcanic Trolls|Volcanic]] Mountains (formerly)
* [[Queen Wumpa|Wumpa]], representative of the [[Quagawumps|Quagawump]] Marshlands (formerly)
* [[Queen Wumpa|Wumpa]], representative of the [[Quagawumps|Quagawump]] Marshlands (formerly)
* [[Bork]], representative of an unknown tribe
* [[Bork]], representative of Gen'rik Guild Trollmarket
== Trivia ==
== Trivia ==

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The Troll Tribunal were the quaternary antagonists in Part Two of Trollhunters (sans Vendel).

They were a council of Troll leaders who looked after the well-beings of trollkind, as well as keep Gunmar from escaping the Darklands (until Team Trollhunters unintentionally released him to rescue Jim).

The council was later disbanded after the betrayal of Queen Usurna, who assassinated Vendel, falsely exiled Jim into the Deep, and revealed her true loyalties to Gunmar.


It's currently unknown how or when the Troll Tribunal was founded.

For the majority of Part Two, the Tribunal was one of Team Trollhunters' major obstacles in their goal of finding the now-released Gunmar. However, instead of plotting a way to stop Gunmar, Queen Usurna (who was secretly the mole for Gunmar) easily convinces the Tribunal to blame Jim Lake Jr. for releasing the Skullcrusher, which ended up giving Gunmar more time to sneak into Trollmarket until Jim was no longer in his way.

After Usurna assassinates Vendel and falsely exiles Jim into the Deep, Usurna gains control and respect from the residence of Trollmarket, at least until she reveals her true nature by presenting Gunmar to all of Trollmarket.

The Troll Tribunal was ultimately destroyed after this act of betrayal.



  • Despite Team Trollhunters playing a crucial part in releasing Gunmar, it can be argued that the Troll Tribunal were just as (if not more) responsible for Gunmar's escape.
    • It has been lampshaded by Toby that each of the members (minus Vendel) were just too arrogant and full of hubris (deadly pride) to admit that they were just too afraid to deal with Gunmar, as well as a few stray Gumm-Gumms in general. They were also pretty much already too skeptic to trust their human Trollhunter, despite everything he's put his neck through protecting both worlds. Even Blinky remarks multiple times that arrogance can lead someone astray and potentially get them killed from their own ignorance and stupidity. Their flaws were shown more in light when they stubbornly deny these accusations when concerning their fear and pride. Many of the Tribunal's actions and decisions have (directly or indirectly) led to the fall of Heartstone Trollmarket:
      • They foiled Jim's first attempt at escaping the Darklands which led to him being captured by the Gumm-Gumms, thus unleashing a chain of events that would eventually lead to the Skullcrusher's inevitable freedom.
      • Jim has unlocked the only weapon capable of killing Gunmar, something his predecessors before him have never accomplished in a millennia. So, they had an advantage, only to still be constantly blind-sighted by Usurna.
      • Due to Usurna's influence, the Tribunal decides to waste time blaming Jim instead of focusing on how to rid Gunmar once and for all if they were so worried about the fate of their world. Because of this, Gunmar uses this time to sneak into Trollmarket while Usurna banishes Jim into the Deep to keep him from interfering Gunmar's takeover.
      • Jim's friends have found clear evidence for Vendel that the Trollhunter was not truly responsible for Gunmar's release, as someone else was behind it. However, this evidence has not validated since Vendel was assassinated by Usurna, the real culprit. Therefore, without Vendel, the Tribunal choose to follow Usurna's words and go against Team Trollhunters'.
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