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Trifurcate Radiation is a rare energy source, capable of nullifying a wizard's magic.

Krel Tarron built a special blaster to leave the Arcane Order powerless.


Trifurcate Radiation is used in Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans to nullify the magic of Bellroc and Skrael. Once during their fight on the subway in Metro City and again in Arcadia Oaks.


Trifurcate Radiation is light blue in color.


Trifurcate Radiation can nullify magic, rendering wizards powerless when exposed to it. However all known machines that can produce it are large and can only be moved when in a vehicle, if put in a vehicle it is only as mobile as said vehicle (ex: can not pass roadblocks.)


  • Acording to Stuart, Trifurcate Radiation is “safe-ish.”