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Toothache is a battle-axe wielded by Steve Palchuk


After Douxie and the others managed to enter Nimue's cave, they were confronted by Nimue herself, who deemed them unworthy and attacked them. When Steve is expelled from her mouth, he ended up breaking one of her teeth. Afterwards, Steve took it back to Camelot and fitted it with a handle, making it a battle axe. Lancelot then named it "Toothache", since it was a tooth.


It is a curved moon-shaped tooth presumably sharpened at both ends. The cutting edges are white in color. The handle is steel-grey in color.


Episode Appearances[]

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  • It can be presumed that Toothache has some magical properties due to it being made out of one of the teeth of Nimue, Lady of the Lake, a very powerful goddess.