"We are so late, our kids gonna have detention!"
"Animal Control hung up on me."
"You have a sweet voice, but you bring death with you!"
"So there's nowhere to go, but up."
"Stupid horseshoe. I really thought he would be the one."
"I have a giant troll with me!"
"His creepy troll hand."
"Eat me, bottle breath."
"That's what you did? You took a selfie?"
"The great Warg age enters the seventh blood moon! The Draknagoth will arise!"
"The burglars were actual burglars?!"
"This is going to be really cool if we don't end up dying!"
"I'm not a troll, I'm a Toby."
"What is captain crazy-armor doing now?"
"You troll Jim, you lick cement? Are there any other secrets you're keeping from us?"
"You're one part best friend, one friend. Troll Jimbo."
"Right behind ya! MY TURN!!!"
"I'm really glad we took the canal that morning."


"Hold up. You two are aliens?"
"Yeah, you did, you knucklehead."
"I told you I needed those Nummies!"
"There really ARE aliens in Arcadia!"
"How many times has he thrown you off a cliff?"
"See ya later, rust bucket. Oh! Hello again... rust bucket."
"Hey, what's everybody looking– AH! WHAT IS THAT!!!?"
"Someone had a growth spurt."
"Wow, good catch."
"Why does everything always end at the bridge? There's no production value if we're using the same location."
"He's too strong. He's stronger than Morgana!"
"Morando! Heads up!"

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