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Imbued by the Arcane's primordial energies, three Titans were their handmaidens to the birth of the universe. They have been in stasis for a millennia, awaiting a reckoning of epic proportions. A reckon this world, or any other, has never seen.

Titans were primordial beings known to have ruled over magic and humanity in ancient times. They were created and imbued with the elemental energies of the Arcane Order. Each of them is controlled by a member of it.


Bellroc, Skrael and Nari created the Titans and used them to form the entire universe, including the Earth. After billions of years, the Titans underwent a deep slumber, and Nari eventually defected from the Order while Bellroc and Skrael resurrected the Green Knight to help them find Nari and open the Genesis Seals, and unleash the Titans upon the world and eventually have them connect to the Heartstone beneath what would become Arcadia Oaks, to unleash raw magic to annihilate the universe from existence and remake the world anew.

A year following the death of the Green Knight, Bellroc and Skrael find Nari, with Bellroc putting Nari under a mind-control spell, and the three open the Genesis Seals and awaken the Titans to unite them with the Heartstone, bringing about the eradication of all life on Earth and restarting the planet. The Fire Titan emerges in the South China Sea, the Ice Titan awakens in Greenland, and the Earth Titan rises in Brazil.

The Guardians of Arcadia race to stop the Titans before they can unite with each other, unaware that the Arcane Order only seeks the Heartstone. During their attempts to stop the Titans, Strickler and Nomura are killed.

In Hong Kong, Bellroc and the Fire Titan nears a bridge that still has citizens on it. Varvatos Vex then appears in a giant mechsuit based off of Gun Robot and proceeds to fight the Titan. The Fire Titan ultimately prevails, destroying the robot and forcing Varvatos to eject.

Once the Guardians manage to free Nari from the Order's control, she battles Skrael and the Ice Titan with the Earth Titan. Both wizards perish, as do their Titans, as the battle results in a draw. Unfortunately, this does not stop Bellroc and the Fire Titan, as they continue to march towards Arcadia and the Heartstone. Realizing Bellroc's true intention, the Guardians race to stop the Fire Titan.

After pulling Excalibur from its stone, Jim leads the Guardians in their last assault against Bellroc as they scale the Fire Titan thanks to Douxie's adhesive magic. However, Bellroc bests them all and knocks them off the Titan until only a stubborn, unrelenting Jim remains to oppose them. Bellroc proceeds to taunt Jim that he no longer has the Amulet of Daylight and that he is powerless. Jim states the amulet didn't make him a hero; he already was one. Just then, the amulet- having been repaired by Stuart and the stone within Excalibur- activates and flies to Jim, granting him a new set of armor.

In the ensuing battle, Bellroc manages to wound Jim by stabbing him with their staff. Before Bellroc can finish the Trollhunter, Toby blasts the Fire Titan with the Trifurcate Radiation Blaster, stripping Bellroc of their magic and allowing Jim to land the finishing blow. Without Bellroc to command it, the Fire Titan collapses to rocky debris, ending their threat to the planet.

Physical Description[]

The titans are gigantic and each of the three has a primordial element that connects them with a member of the Arcane Order.

  • Fire: It is a bipedal titan, formed by rock and magma, has a bat in the end of its arm, its head resembles a volcano, its legs are covered in magma and a glowing orange symbol is on its face. Its bat is sliced off by Gun Robot in Hong Kong.
  • Ice: It is a stout bipedal titan, formed by pure ice, has a hand larger than the other, a floating ice orb as its head and has a glowing yellow symbol on its face.
  • Earth: It is a quadruped cone shaped titan, formed by stone and vines, has sharp front legs, smaller hind legs, a large hole in its front, a water stream is mostly coming out of it, has a short tail, a floating green orb as its head and has a glowing green symbol on its face.


  • Ice: Rose from Greenland.
  • Earth: Rose from Brazil.
  • Fire: Rose from South China sea.

Powers & Abilities[]

The titans are giant, powerful abominations, capable of strength and causing destruction wherever they go. Each of the titans has a power connected to an element:

  • Fire:
    • Superhuman Strength.
    • Superhuman Endurance.
    • Superhuman Speed.
    • Magma Generation.
    • Lava Beam.
    • Volcanic Rock Launch
    • Planet's Restart (Through Heartstone).
  • Ice:
    • Superhuman Strength.
    • Superhuman Endurance.
    • Superhuman Speed.
    • Cold Generation.
    • Freezing Presence.
    • Self-Reconstruction.
    • Planet's restart (Through Heartstone).
  • Earth:
    • Superhuman Strength.
    • Superhuman Endurance.
    • Superhuman Speed.
    • Vine Creating.
    • Vine Control.
    • Earth control.
    • Planet's restart (Through Heartstone).


The titans cannot thrive without their respective demigods. the only way to stop the titans for good is to permanently defeat and kill the Arcane Order members.

When Nari's titan fought Skrael's it can be noticed that a a titan is able to be hardly wounded by another titan which in the case, will slowly kill the titan and the demigod in its control by the adversarie's element.

Known Titans[]

† Fire (Bellroc)

† Ice (Skrael)

† Earth (Nari)

Episode Appearances[]

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  • The titans are controlled only by all three members of the Arcane Order; Bellroc controls the Fire Titan, Skrael controls the Ice Titan, and Nari commands the Earth Titan.
    • It is highly believed that the main purpose of the Genesis Seals is to keep the titans dormant and prevent them from unleashing chaos on humanity and magics, which may be the reason why all of the Order members must be present to break the seals, although why the Order is specifically needed to break them is still unclear.
    • In mythology, Titans were the primary deities of their time, until the Gods (more beautiful and powerful beings) came into existence, overthrowing the Titans and resulting in many of them being locked away in prisons. The members of the Arcane Order are described as demigods, either meaning they are lesser gods or children of the gods. If the seals are indeed used to keep the Titans asleep, this could partly explain the connection between the Arcane Order and the Seals.
  • The titans bear some resemblance to the Colossi from the video game, "Shadow of the Colossus".