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The Time Map is a magical object used to navigate through time to avoid messing with history.


The Time Map was created by Merlin to establish a person's place in time.

Merlin took all the Guardians of Arcadia to Camelot after his hideout in Arcadia was attacked. He then told the teenagers about Camelot, its history, and the enemies they were up against on a Time Map.

After Douxie and and his friends were transported to 12th century Camelot, they used the Time Map several times to understand their position in time and how they could go back to the future without destroying history.


The Time Map is a small ivory-grey box in its deactivated form.

When activated, it creates a blue orb with a line (closely resembling the Infinity Loop) around it, signifying timelines. It can show real-life moving pictures of people in time. When the timeline is disturbed and meddled, the orb turns a menacing red and flickers.


The Time Map can navigate a person through any event in the past. It can also show all possible futures, much like the Omniscienstone. However, these are merely approximations and have no real basis.


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  • The Trollish writing on the Time Map reads "Time is Eternal".