• Can you please advise me in what I see as a violation of the fanon content on the James Lake, Sr. page?

    A particular user has been posting increasingly non-canonically supported theories about James Lake, Sr. on the main page. I see this as a violation of the third point in the articles policy, which states, "Please do not create pages including fanon material. Instead, create a legends subpage, and add the template Fanon and the template Non-canon. Legends pages are meant for theories and expanded universe content in the ToA continuum."

    Numerous request have been made to request any canonical source for this theory, but none have been provided. It has essentially led to numerous undos as I have tried to maintain the site's policy in removing materials for which no canon sources can be nor have been provided in the last 11 months since the initial and following request have been made. At this point I do not know what to do to avoid this individual from taking over the wiki as their own personal fanon site.

    They refuse to provide canonical sources for their theory and refuse to use the Legends page per site policy.

    Please look into this and advise on any further actions that I should take.

    Thank you.

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    • Comparing the revisions after your last edit and those subsequently I can see those edits that distiniguish the two revisions but what distinctive changes contradict the story narrative's canon?

      I agree that the wording of the page may not be to the best of quality and that a couple things are implied, but nothing seems overly contradictory unless I'm assuming something incorrectly.

      Also I suggest you bring this up with WinslowOddballs456, the most active of mods on this fandom if this continues to be an issue.

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