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That's the problem: I can't let go [of Stuart]! My love life must continue, and it can't until he's gone!
―Gwendolyn to Aja during their fight to save Stuart

There's Something About Gwen (of Gorbon) is the sixth episode of Part Two of 3Below and the nineteenth episode of the series.

Official Synopsis

Stuart gets an unexpected visit from his ex-girlfriend. Krel helps Toby and Eli produce a short film, "Kleb or Alive," for a local contest.





  • It's revealed that Stuart has an ex-girlfriend, Gwendolyn. He explains that she is the reason why he left Durio and crashed on Earth so he could hide from her.
    • In the end of this episode, it's also revealed that she is an alien bounty hunter spy for Morando.
  • Nancy is revealed to have been dating Phil.
    • They end their (romantic) relationship sometime before "Luug's Day Out".
  • When Stuart spots the two creepy twins at the beginning of the episode, this is a direct reference to the renowned "Come Play With Us" scene featuring the Grady Twins from the famous 1980 horror film The Shining.
  • The title of the episode is a reference to the 1998 comedy film There's Something About Mary.
  • The carving of JLJ + CN (Jim Lake Jr. + Claire Nuñez from Trollhunters) can be seen on the K-I-S-S-I-N-G tree once again when Stuart and Gwendolyn were carving their initials. However, no carving references to Steve and Aja can be seen.
  • Steve and Aja presumably went to the Planetarium to steal the anti-vortex siphon during night time. However they only returned to the Mothership in the morning. Therefore it seems like either a goof or another Getting Crap Past the Radar to what Steve and Aja did at night after getting out of the planetarium and before their return, judging by them getting very distracted by each other even during the mission. Perhaps this is what Krel really meant by saying "Finally, the Staja comes through!" when Steve and Aja returned with the siphon.
  • Continuity: During their outing at the planetarium, Steve points out "The Platypus Star" amongst the display of stars as he did during his and Aja's private moment up the tree in "Party Crashers".


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