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The Shattered King is the eighteenth episode of Trollhunters.

Official Synopsis[]

The heroes' search for the second Triumbric Stone takes them deep into unfamiliar marshlands. Claire asks Jim to be her dance partner.


Toby asks Mary to go to the Spring Fling with him. She says she'd rather choke to death and leaves. He then spots Darcy and approaches her.

Jim spots Claire from a distance and awkwardly waves. She coughs in return. Toby rests his head on the locker and tells Jim he's asked out every girl and has been shot down. He asked every girl but Claire, that is, as he saved her for Jim. Jim still hasn't asked Claire. Toby thinks he's wussing out. Blinky agrees. He overheard people gossiping about Jim in the school library and they said he was wussing out as well. He was in the library looking for information about the mark Angor Rot left on him. He didn't find anything. Toby suddenly spots the Mole mascot and realizes he hasn't asked out every girl in school. Blinky asks if he knows for sure a female is under that costume. Jim doesn't think it matters.

Toby watches the mole walk into the girls' bathroom and celebrates. Lawrence suddenly spots Blinky and asks if he has a visitor's pass. He hauls Blinky off the property when Blinky doesn't.

Jim goes to go see Vendel. Vendel gives Jim tools and says the Birthstone must be cleaved to unlock its power. Jim cleaves it. Vendel's still against him collecting the stones. Jim chisels one final bit off, leaving Vendel with the core. Vendel has realized he can't stop Jim, so he must help for everyone's sake. Once he's finished with the gem, he puts it inside Jim's amulet, which makes it stronger, but they don't know how. Jim has to discover it. Vendel says maybe he should tell Jim where the Killstone is hidden.

Strickler and Angor Rot discuss the Killstone. It's a remnant of Gunmar's first kill, when he shattered the Wumpa King. The Quagawumps are not friendly to outsiders, especially humans. Strickler orders Angor Rot to retrieve the Killstone. Angor Rot also wants to get rid of Jim. Now that he's marked, Angor Rot looks forward to taking what's dearest to him.

Blinky, Jim, Toby, AAARRRGGHH!!!, and Claire board the gyre again. Blinky has a plan to get the stone from the Wumpas. One of them has to pretend to be the human reincarnation of the Shattered King. Toby looks most like him as they are short and stout. They arrive at their destination: Florida. Toby's nervous about having to pretend to be the King. The Wumpas spot them and come out of the foliage. They're excited to see humans to eat. Toby starts putting on his act. They ask for proof. They want to see his magic. He does a magic trick where he appears to remove his own thumb. They're impressed and carry him up in the air. They're all led into an area where there's a statue of the king. Toby is examined.

Angor Rot has also arrived.

Blinky digs into the meal while Claire is disgusted. Jim passes out after trying a bite. The Wumpas bring food to Toby. He's worried it's human, but they say it's flamingo. Blinky wants Toby to ask for the Killstone. One of the Wumpas asks if he's going to stay and fight the pretend king, Blungo. Toby says he's come to tell them of his adventures in Arcadia.

Angor Rot watches and prepares from afar.

The Wumpas are intrigued by Toby while his friends are bored as he tells stories of his life. Jim goes to Toby and tells him they need to get the stone. Toby says he'll ask after Jim asks Claire to the dance. The Wumpas then ask Toby for the song he's brought. Toby starts tapping his fingers, then other parts. He sings, but they're not impressed. One of the Wumpas decides to sing it and likes it, so the others join slowly. AAARRRGGHH!!! joins as well. Claire tries to get Jim to dance, but he says he won't. AAARRRGGHH!!! and Blinky call him a wuss. Jim says he can't dance. That's what's making him afraid. Blinky tells him to dance like nobody's watching and love like you'll never be hurt. Blinky has observed that for humans, it's the females who dance while the men just sway. Jim tries to dance. Claire pulls him close to dance with her. Claire invites Jim to go with the Spring Fling. She's been waiting for him to ask, but she was tired of waiting. He accepts her invitation. He leans in to kiss her, but they're interrupted by Blungo. Blungo doesn't believe Toby is really the King returned. He isn't impressed by Toby's magic. Toby admits he's not the King and just made it up to get the stone. Jim activates his amulet to fight Blungo. But Angor Rot drops down and kills Blungo himself. Angor Rot then makes the mark visible on Jim's face again and calls Daylight to him, saying it's not his to command. He then starts to take the stone from Blungo. Jim's armor has been unlocked by the Birthstone and gives him a new weapon to use. It swings around like a boomerang and breaks Blungo into pieces. Angor Rot directly fights with Jim while the others search for the Killstone. Blinky warns Jim that one cut from Angor Rot's blade will turn him to stone. Toby saves one of the Wumpas from a falling tree. They continue the search for the stone until a Wumpa brings it to Toby, saying he's her king. Angor Rot appears behind Toby and takes the stone from him. Claire grabs onto Angor Rot to get the stone and they both fall into his portal.

Claire is able to get to the Shadow Staff and it helps lift her out of the portal to safety, but without the Killstone. Blinky wants to take it, but she says she's keeping it.

They board the gyre. Toby struggles to say goodbye. He says it's just goodbye for now. He sings his song and she sings it back. He says the Wumpas don't need a king. Maybe it's time they had a queen. AAARRRGGHH!!! hides an injury as he boards the gyre so they can leave.

Angor Rot falls onto the road. He's angry not to have his staff. But he does have the Killstone.



  • Blinky references Orlando's amusement parks such as Disney World and Universal Studios while he and the gang go into the Marshlands.
  • First appearance of Quagawumps.
  • After cleaving the Birthstone and placing it into his amulet, Jim unlocks his glaives.
  • Angor Rot steals the Killstone in this episode.
    • However, he also loses his Shadow Staff, courtesy of Claire trying to steal the stone back. Claire choses to use the staff as her own weapon.
  • Title: It refers to Gunmar's first kill, the Shattered King, and Toby pretending to be his human reincarnation to the Quagawumps so they can earn the tribe's good graces and claim the Killstone.
  • Error: When Blinky reveals he has been perusing the books at Arcadia Oaks High, he notes "I exhausted all of Trollmarket's resources pertaining to the mysterious mark Angor Rot painted on your forehead." While the Mark of Angor Rot was painted on a portion of Jim's forehead, it was visible throughout the right side of Jim's face.
  • Jim and Claire share their first near-kiss, before being interrupted by Blungo.
  • As explained by Aaron Waltke on Twitter, Jim's terrible dancing is based on Elaine's from Seinfeld.
  • It is revealed that Toby's favorite musical is Rodgers' and Hammerstein's The King and I.
  • AAARRRGGHH!!! is revealed to have been cut by Angor Rot's Creeper's Sun blade during the climax of the episode.


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