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A weak-human thinks she has the will to power the Skathe-Hrün
Angor Rot to Claire

The Shadow Staff (also known as Skathe-Hrün) was a magical staff capable of opening portals to other places and creating a shadow over the users. It is useful for Trolls needing to get around in the sunlight.

Created by Morgana, it was in possession of Angor Rot until it was taken by Claire and used as her weapon of choice. When being used it completely turns black, and it can fold into a pocket-sized stick.

When Morgana is sent to the Shadow Realm, Claire calls on Toby to destroy the staff, imprisoning Morgana forever.


The Shadow Staff utilizes the negative emotions of its user to open inter-dimensional shadow portals through the Shadow Realm. These portals can connect very distant places, but how many more portals are created, the greater the wear that the user suffers. In case the user does not know where their destination is, they can not open a portal unless they have it at the destination place an individual with whom the user possesses some emotional link so that it acts as an "emotional anchor".

Even so, the portals are not able to cross between dimensions, since Blinky affirmed that it could not be used to arrive at the Darklands. Excessive use of staff power can cause the user to be corrupted by its dark magic and thus Morgana.