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The Fall of House Tarron is the twenty-second episode of 3Below and the ninth episode of Part Two.

Official Synopsis[]

The last defenders of House Tarron face off against General Morando and his army of Omen robots in an all-out battle for survival.


Kubritz's troops and the Omen blanks prepare. Kubritz reminds Morando of their deal, but he says it's too important for a human to command. Kubritz is sure they need to honor their deal or Morando will destroy them.

Aja tells Varvatos and Zadra about Morando. Zadra wants to leave Earth and return to Akiridion-5, but Aja insists on them staying. Morando expects them to run and hide. Varvatos agrees. Mother warns them of intruders. They rush outside and see Morando and Omen blanks have already found them. The royals prepare for a fight. The Omen blanks start firing at their shield. So does Morando from his ship. Krel whistles to call Buster. Buster starts attacking Omen blanks. Morando attacks Buster directly and kills him. Aja declares her intent for revenge. They go inside as their shield is attacked. Krel has an idea to send their parents back to Akiridion-5 through a wormhole so they can flee the house. Aja says they can't leave the planet until they defeat Morando.

The shield fails as Kubritz's team arrives. Morando and Kubritz enter the house together. Mother attacks them as they try to get to the royals.

Krel needs more power to create a big enough wormhole. He taps into Mother's reserves. Zadra wants to test it on another life-form before sending his parents through and volunteers herself.

Zadra makes it safely through the wormhole. Loth and Krel can see each other through the wormhole and Loth tells Krel about Gaylen's core. Aja comes in and tells Krel to hurry.

Mother continues to defend the royals. An Omen blank finally destroys her.

Aja's about to send one parent though, but Krel is unable to keep the wormhole open any longer. Krel works on trying to get it open again and fixing Mother while Aja goes to fight.

Aja upsets Varvatos. Ricky and Lucy stay to protect the stasis chambers.

Aja and Varvatos confront Morando and his army before they can get to the ship. Varvatos destroys some of the blanks, but they all regenerate quickly and attack him again.

Kubritz attacks Aja herself. Aja finishes fighting with Kubritz really quickly.

Zadra is angry not to be able to communicate with Aja and Krel. Zadra says they need to contact the humans.

Toby and Darci are putting up posters for his film when he gets a call from Zadra. She explains the situation to him. She says they need the humans' help. Toby hands the rest of the posters to Darci and leaves.

Morando sends Kubritz to find the cores while he battles Varvatos and Aja. Varvatos sends Aja back inside to protect her, leaving him to face the Omen blanks alone. Suddenly, the blanks all freeze. Morando goes to fight Varvatos himself.

Aja runs from Kubritz and finds Krel. They're confronted by blanks, but then witness one blank attacking the others. They quickly realize that blank is Mother. She says when she was threatened, she downloaded herself to a safe receptacle, one of the Omen blanks. She goes with them to join the fight.

Toby puts on his armor, but has trouble getting it to fit. He also calls Eli to get Steve for the battle.

Morando taunts Varvatos as they battle, talking about how he'll take Gaylen's core. Varvatos talks about how Morando betrayed him. Morando invokes his family and Varvatos attacks, revealing that he knows the truth about what happened to his family. Morando wants Varvatos to kneel to him, but Varvatos refuses.

Aja, Krel, and Mother enter the stasis room. Mothers's there to defend their parents.

Morando knocks Varvatos out and enters the ship.

Thy get an alert about Morando wanting to access their parents' memories. Krel thinks it's because their parents know where Gaylen's core is. Krel wants to try to get in before Morando and find where Gaylen's core is. They send Ricky and Lucy into battle while they work on that.

Ricky and Lucy, disguised as Aja and Krel's human forms, meet up with Kubritz. They draw her away while Aja and Krel get to work.

Morando gets in to see their parents.

A Omen blank attacks Ricky and Lucy in the living room. Kubritz aims a weapon at them and fires, then declares the Tarron children dead. Then she has them extracted from the house, saying she has tests to run.

Toby and AAARRRGGHH!!! have arrived along with Steve and Eli. They are caught by the soldiers on their way in.

Morando prepares to get the memories.

Mother says she won't be able to give them long. Krel and Aja hold hands as they prepare to enter their parents' memories.



  • Aja and Krel finally learn that Morando is after Gaylen's Core on Earth.
  • Morando kills Buster in this episode.
  • The binary code shown on Toby's phone when called by Zadra translates to "Tales of Arcadia".


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