The Exorcism of Claire Nunez is the forty-forth episode of Trollhunters and the fifth episode of Part Three.

Official Synopsis

While Gunmar searches for the Staff of Avalon, Jim and Toby head into the Shadow Realm to rescue Claire's spirit and return it to her body.





  • Angor Rot is officially resurrected by Morgana.
  • Claire is freed from Morgana's control, but the witch is close to being revived. 
  • The title is a reference to the 2005 horror film The Exorcism of Emily Rose.
    • Additionally, in the first scene where Strickler arrives at Claire's house, it is dead night and with lights illuminating from Claire's window. This is a scene replication of the horror film The Exorcist
  • Archived scenes from Parts One and Two are shown when Toby turns on the television at the Nuñez house within the Shadow Realm.
    • Along with the usual grunts and yells, Anton Yelchin provides the dialogue for Jim in these archived scenes. 
  • This is the episode that reveals that Morgana created the Changelings all those years ago.


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