A place of unknown madness. No one exactly knows what resides at the bottom of the Deep, because no troll has ever returned from it.
―Blinky informing the Trollhunters of the Deep[src]
The Deep is a mysterious cavern that resides in Trollmarket. It is pitch black inside, as seen when Jim is exiled for allowing the release of Gunmar.

However, as revealed in the 3Below episode, "Race to Trollmarket", the Deep was created by Kanjigar the Courageous to protect Gaylen's Core from the wrong hands.


Supposedly, no troll has ever returned from it. However, Jim managed to escape when he was sent there, due to his human status. Additionally, Krel would become the second to return from The Deep after Jim. Anyone sentenced to the Deep will "face death in the hands of their greatest fear".

Jim fights a troll version of himself in his eclipse armor, who he manages to slay. This was never explained or elaborated on again, but it is a reference to his future form after the events of "A House Divided", though it is also highly implied that Jim's greatest fear is losing his humanity.

Krel later journeys into the Deep to find Gaylen's Core, but gets caught facing his greatest fear of losing his new home and friends he's made there at the hands of Morando. Luckily, like Jim, Krel fought against and conquers his fear, and finds the hidden gate to the core's chamber. The Deep's defense mechanism was then lifted after Krel made it through.


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