The Book of Ga-Huel is the third novel of the Trollhunters book series written by Richard Ashley Hamilton. It was released on June 26th, 2018 by Simon Spotlight.


Destiny is a gift... or is it?

For centuries, Changlings have recorded the history of Trolls and Gumm-Gumms in The Book of Ga-Huel. This ancient tome is, literally, a living document with new entries mysteriously appearing—or disappearing—in it. When Trollhunter, Jim Lake, Jr., gains possession of the book, he and his friends are fascinated by what they discover. But when a new passage appears and it points to the death of a beloved friend, the team must race against time to uncover the invisible force predicting a future no one is willing to face.




  • Eyes of Stone


  1. Guac 'n' Troll
  2. Accidents Happen
  3. A Real Page-Turner
  4. Ba-Bru-Ah's Bodyguard
  5. Fight the Future
  6. Seeking Council
  7. Gaggletacked
  8. How Unfortunate
  9. Death by Detention
  10. Armed & Dangerous
  11. Burying Bular
  12. Backstabber
  13. Against Uhl Odd
  14. Second-To-Last Rites
  15. Body Double
  16. If This Be My Tomb
  17. Ghost Writer


  • Left of Today




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