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The Book of Ga-Huel is the third novel of the Trollhunters book series written by Richard Ashley Hamilton. It was released on June 26th, 2018 by Simon Spotlight.


Destiny is a gift... or is it?

For centuries, Changelings have recorded the history of Trolls and Gumm-Gumms in The Book of Ga-Huel. This ancient tome is, literally, a living document with new entries mysteriously appearing—or disappearing—in it. When Trollhunter, Jim Lake, Jr., gains possession of the book, he and his friends are fascinated by what they discover. But when a new passage appears and it points to the death of a beloved friend, the team must race against time to uncover the invisible force predicting a future no one is willing to face.



  • Eyes of Stone - Over 5000 years before Jim Lake is born, Spar the Spiteful chases Gunmar though the ancient city of Sumer. He follows him underneath a temple and finds strange glyphs on the walls as well as a troll named Bodus recording them. Immediately recognizing that the images tell the future, he grabs the Book of Ga-Huel and tries to read it despite Bodus's warning that the ink must be dry before one can look, then is blinded by the page’s sudden flare of light. Gunmar and Bular kill Spar while he's helpless and half-stone, but Bodus escapes with the Book.


  1. Guac 'n' Troll - The team has a belated party now that Jim is home from the Darklands. But that night he has a nightmare about the changeling nursery.
  2. Accidents Happen - Sneaking into school via a shadow portal, the three teenagers overhear Senor Uhl having a suspicious conversation. They hide in Strickler’s office and come across the Book of Ga-Huel. They also meet the lovely new librarian named Ellie.
  3. A Real Page-Turner - They bring the Book to Blinky who tells them about some of its history and how it can foretell events. He opens it, narrowly avoiding being blinded by an initial flash of light, and once it dims they see an image of them standing around Blinky’s shattered corpse.
  4. Ba-Bru-Ah's Bodyguard - That evening Draal silently keeps watch over Barbara. He sees eyes watching her from the brush outside.
  5. Fight the Future - Blinky overcomes the shock of witnessing his death and the others encourage him not to give up hope. Queen Usurna’s soldiers try to break in, searching for Jim, but they teleport in the nick of time.
  6. Seeking Council - Jim approaches the Soothscryer to ask the deceased Trollhunters about the Book. Boraz the Bold shows him a memory of the night he tried to save Bodus from Gumm-Gumms. He failed and Bodus was killed, the Book itself stolen by their enemies.
  7. Gaggletacked - Meanwhile Krubera soldiers rush into the Hero’s Forge, so Claire and Toby shadow-jump to the school. They hear Uhl speaking and begin to wonder if he’s a changeling. Ellie bumps into them and picks up their Gaggletack with no effect. Uhl gives them detention for being in school after-hours.
  8. How Unfortunate - Jim finds himself in a waking dream of the changeling nursery again. Once he opens his eyes, Unkar shows him the day of his death when he saw the Book. Jim feels he recognizes a page in it.
  9. Death by Detention - While in detention at the school library, Claire notices a picture in her history textbook that looks as though the Book of Ga-Huel was present during the signing of the U.S. Constitution. She finds assorted pictures of it in historical paintings. They use the Gaggletack on Uhl and he cries out, crashing into a shelf of books and getting buried. They run. Jim comes out of the Soothscryer and opens the Book to find a drawing of Draal’s mechanical arm.
  10. Armed & Dangerous - On edge, Draal attacks when Aaarrrgghh! comes out of a shadow portal in Jim’s basement. They tussle, making a mess that Jim has to explain to his mother. Blinky tells them if it’s his last day alive, he’d like to spend it in a special place.
  11. Burying Bular - Scaarbach brings Gunmar to a warehouse and shows him the collected pieces of Bular’s body. Scaarbach reveals they purposely put the Book of Ga-Huel in Jim’s path in order to distract him and his friends once they discovered how to add new chapters to it.
  12. Backstabber - Team Trollhunters goes to a cliffside above Arcadia to watch the sunrise, Claire carefully protecting the trolls with shadows. Draal approaches them and then suddenly attacks. As they fight, he changes into Jim and they realize they’re facing a Polymorf. It turns into Uhl and kidnaps Blinky, along with the Book.
  13. Against Uhl Odds - They chase the Polymorf into town and he uses Blinky’s Horngazel to open multiple passages, followed closely by the team using Claire’s shadow portals. Without warning she suddenly loses all trace of him and can’t follow. Barbara calls Jim to say Senor Uhl is in the hospital, having had a severe allergic reaction to metal. When Claire shows Jim a photo of the Book of Ga-Huel from her textbook, he says he needs to speak to the dead Trollhunters again.
  14. Second-To-Last Rites - Returning to the Void once more, Kanjigar shows Jim his memory of Berlin during the 1930s when many books were being burned. Though Kanjigar managed to find The Last Rites of Bodus, Strickler escaped with the Book of Ga-Huel. As they’re about to leave, Jim notices a figure who should be dead hiding behind a banner--Bodus.
  15. Body Double - Aaarrrgghh! digs up the remains of what was believed to be Bodus’s body and the group determines it was another Polymorf changeling used to fake his death. Jim, still in the Void, has yet another waking dream of the changeling nursery, this time seeing the nameplate on a cradle. He comes back to himself, saying he understands what's going on.
  16. If This Be My Tomb - Blinky wakes up bound in a room sealed with blocking spells to prevent Claire from finding him with her shadow portals. Bodus and the Polymorf taunt him with a creeper’s sun blade. Suddenly there is an explosion and Team Trollhunters bursts inside, having broken down a wall of the school library to find Blinky. Jim addresses the Polymorf as Ellie and she changes into that form, also showing she has a metal hand that can’t be affected by Gaggletacks. A fight ensues, and in the confusion Bodus stabs Blinky with the creeper’s sun blade, killing him.
  17. Ghost Writer - Bodus declares the Book of Ga-Huel is never wrong, then says he intends to serve Gunmar with it in order to enter his good graces. Then Blinky comes out of hiding and pulls a glamour mask off the dead troll, revealing Ellie was killed instead. With the prophecy fulfilled and yet thwarted, Bodus attempts to add a new page to the Book, forgetting he lost his magical spectacles during the fight. Now unprotected from the Book’s magic, the light flare on the new page is so bright that it kills him. The picture on the last page shows a stoned Bodus holding the Book with an expression of terror.


  • Left of Today - The team has another party at Jim’s house, this time celebrating how Blinky cheated death. Jim throws the Book of Ga-Huel into the barbecue pit, deciding he would rather destroy it than let it dictate his future or be used as a weapon by others. From the Void, the deceased Trollhunters discuss Jim and his upcoming challenges. Later that night Strickler walks away from the house carrying the charred-but-intact Book of Ga-Huel, turning to a page that depicts Jim fighting a battle in the year 501.


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