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The Battle of Two Bridges is the thirteenth episode of Trollhunters.

Official Synopsis[]

Two fateful battles unfold when Bular and Strickler order Jim to unlock the portal and free Gunmar and his Gumm-Gumm Army from the Darklands.


It's storming in Arcadia as the radio talks about the high school's production of Romeo and Juliet.

Blinky leaves a message for Jim saying he's been captured and wants Jim to come to the Bridge alone. He then tries to say it's a trap, but Strickler cuts him off and tells him to meet in the alley beside the theater if he ever wants to see his friend again. Blinky yells for him not to open the bridge. Jim says he's listened to it 100 times and he still doesn't know what to do. Jim doesn't want anymore people to get hurt because of him. Toby gives him the amulet, which he found in the woods after they took Jim away. Barbara comes in to see Jim and Toby leaves. Barbara says Jim has good friends. One even stayed by his side all night. Jim thinks it was Toby, but it was actually Claire. Barbara asks him what he was doing in the woods. Jim makes up a story about Claire thinking she heard her brother crying in the woods, but it was actually coyotes. Barbara knows he's lying and asks again for the truth. Barbara says he's not angry. She's terrified. He thinks he's invincible, but someday, he's going to find out he's not. She asks him again what's happening. She pulls out the letter he wrote her. He notice it's still sealed. She says she wants him to tell her face to face what it is. He used to share everything with her. When he doesn't say anything, she tells him he's being discharged. He says he's sorry.

Draal doesn't understand why Jim has to go alone. Draal's worried that Jim is walking into a den of death for Blinky. Jim says he'd do the same for Draal. Jim finds what he was looking for and gets ready to leave, saying he hopes it anything goes wrong, Draal is the next Trollhunter. Draal hopes it won't come to that.

Jim gets a call from Claire. They have a problem. Through the door, Miss Janeth tells Claire they're on in an hour and asks if Jim is in there with her. Claire says she knows she needs to act normal, but she can't play Juliet without Romeo. Jim asks her to stall for him and promises to be there for call time. Claire says she'll do what she can. He thanks her for saying his life in the woods. She tells him to find her brother and they'll call it even. Once they hang up, Claire pretends she's arguing with Jim in the mirror. Miss Janeth hears and is pleased.

Strickler sees that Jim has come alone, the first time he's followed instructions. Jim asks where Blinky is. A goblin jumps on Jim and takes the amulet. Strickler then instructs Jim to follow him.

Jim is surprised to arrive at the museum. Strickler says they moved it, knowing it would be the last place he looked. Strickler says when Gunmar rules the surface, he'll do his best to look after Jim's mother.

Blinky says Jim won't come. Blinky is disappointed to see Jim come into the room. Jim says Blinky promised to build that Vespa together. Jim asks for Blinky to be cut down. Bular holds a sword to Blinky and tells Jim to open the bridge. Jim climbs up over Blinky's objections. He raises the amulet, but then something starts beeping. Nomura is upset because she thinks the trollhunter didn't come alone. Jim corrects that it's trollhunters as Toby, AAARRGGHH!!!, and Draal come in. Jim activates the amulet and Bular gives the order to kill them all. Draal and Bular go head to head. Toby goes against Strickler and takes him down by hitting him in the gronk nuts. Blinky's impressed that Jim lured the others to them for help. Toby then comes up to free Blinky as the fights continue. AAARRGGHH!!! is fighting with Nomura, avoiding her attacks. She asks if that's how a pacifist fights. He then tricks her into killing some goblins, which then prompts the goblins to attack her. He tells her that's how a pacifist fights.

Jim fights directly with Strickler while Toby struggles to cut Blinky free. He's using the wrong edge of the knife.

AAARRGGHH!!! steps in to help Draal with Bular. While they're fighting, Draal goes against Nomura. Jim loses his sword while fighting Strickler, but gets it back quickly and uses it to free Blinky himself. Blinky and Toby fall and land on a goblin.

Strickler grabs Jim and uses his hand to put out the amulet, leaving him vulnerable. He then forces it into the Bridge. The Bridge opens, which starts sucking things in, including NotEnrique, who struggles to stay out. He goes to the amulet and tries to pull it out. He fails and Draal tries next. Nomura tries to stop him, but gets sucked in. As Jim yells for Draal to let go, Bular says not to do that. There's a flash of light, then everything goes dark.

Jim wakes up in rubble. He runs to Draal, who has turned partially to rock. Jim is happy to see he's still alive though. As Bular starts to emerge, the others rush to leave. Jim, AAARRGGHH!!!, Draal, Blink, and Toby look to the sewer, which might be their only way out. With Bular fully awake, they jump in to escape and Bular follows.

The group floats through the sewer. AAARRRGGHH!!! grabs them to keep them together, but can't get Jim in time, so he floats away from them. Jim surfaces under a bridge and pulls himself out of the water only to come face to face with Bular. Jim and Bular fight and Bular offers to get Enrique for him. Jim just says if Bular kills him, the amulet won't open the bridge. Jim understands that he wants to see his dad, but you can't always get what you want. Jim ends up hanging off the edge and Bular grabs him to stop him from falling. He says the amulet should never have chosen a human. Humans are too easy to kill. Toby and the others call from a distance and Jim uses the opportunity to remove the amulet, making him smaller, small enough to fall from Bular's grasp. Then he runs his sword through Bular's chest. Bular falls off the bridge and into the water, where he sinks.

Strickler emerges from the rubble.

Jim pulls himself onto the top of the bridge and the others run to greet him. Draal thanks Jim for avenging his father. Jim needs to rush off to get to the play in time. Blinky tells him to leave Killahead to them and get to his play. Just then, Bular emerges from the water, but AAARRRGGHH!!! easily defeats him. Toby reminds him of his oath, but he says Toby's life is more important. They're each other's wingmen. Now they need to make sure the Bridge never opens again. And Jim needs to get to his play.

In the play, Claire leans down and kisses Jim. Then she pretends to stab herself. Claire's parents cry in the audience. Toby is surprised that Juliet dies. Eli then finishes the play.

Behind the curtain, Claire and Jim celebrate making it through the play. Claire's surprised he showed up. Jim says he likes to keep his promises and promises to find her brother, even if it means crossing into the Darklands himself. The curtain opens and they hold hands as they bow together. Claire corrects that they'll find her brother together.

A radio broadcast talks about the flash flood, which caused some damage.

In Trollmarket, the toast to Jim, the Bular Slayer. Draal has a new bionic arm. Toby hands out tacos. Blinky reminds Jim that he still has training to do. Vendel is happen that Trollmarket is safe again at last. Blinky reminds him that Strickler is still at large, but Vendel thinks Jim can handle that because he has an excellent trainer.

Toby asks if the amulet helped Jim find the adventure he sought. Jim says actually Toby did. Jim says he'll need Toby now more than ever. They have to get Claire's brother back. Toby's not sure where they should start looking, but Jim says they'll figure it out. They always do.

Gnome Chompsky climbs around the Darklands and finds the babies. He celebrates.



  • Bular is killed on the same bridge and in the same way Kanjigar got killed in the premiere.
  • Draal loses his right arm after pulling the Amulet of Daylight out of the Killahead Bridge to shut it down.
  • Nomura is banished into the Darklands in this episode.
  • Title: The title most likely refers to an old Cherokee saying "The Battle of Two Wolves", which derives as "a large fight of two wolves from within a person, one good and one evil".
  • Continuity: Barbara gives Jim the letter he left for her to find in one of their cookbooks from "Win Lose or Draal", but she's never opened it because she wanted Jim to explain face-to-face with her of his strange behavior.
  • This episode was supposed to be the final episode of Part One before Netflix opted for the first 26 episodes to be aired at the same time.


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