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The Arcadian Job is the tenth episode of 3Below.

Official Synopsis[]

In a daring heist, the royals and Stuart infiltrate a high-security military base in hopes of stealing the final part to power the mothership.


At Granada Drive - In, Alpha and Omega eulogize Beta.

A downed aircraft has drawn attention. A bunch of people in containment suits walk toward it. The top opens and something starts to crawl out. One of the suits opens to reveal Eli.

Eli talks about the flying saucer to his class. Señor Uhl gives him an F for making it up. In the back of the room, Aja and Krel wonder if Eli is telling the truth. Krel doesn't think so, but Aja says they only need one more piece to complete the Daxial Array, the osmic circuit. If the facility really does have a spacecraft, they can steal the osmic circuit from it.

Stuart claims not to know anything about the case, but it's obvious he's lying. Varvatos steps up to interrogate him. Stuart says Area 49-B is the real deal. He's the only living thing to escape from it after they captured him. Krel says they need to get into the base, so they can get the osmic circuit. Stuart agrees to help them and shows them a secret back room in his store. He has a model of the facility and starts to plan their entry. Aja says they just need to lay the trap and walk in the front door. Stuart takes and uploads a picture of Luug. A military team will come to investigate. Then Varvatos will take them down and take their van back to the base.

Once inside the base, they proceed with the rest of their plan. Krel redirects the security feeds to the taco truck, where the Blanks are waiting to help them. A solider comes out and tells them they can't park their truck there. They end up selling him tacos instead.

Stuart struggles to remember where everything is. Varvatos learns from the blanks that two buildings seem to have extra security, meaning one of them is likely their target. Stuart wants to check out the lab while the others go to the hangar. Varvatos sends Aja with him.

A soldier finds Krel and Varvatos, but they put him in a trash can and move on. They find the door to the building locked, but are able to enter when a group of soldiers leaves to get tacos. Inside, they meet a labyrinth of lasers. Varvatos makes his way through them with agility, while Krel just activates his serrator and walks right through.

Aja and Stuart put on the containment suits and try to draw out the agents they see in a room. It isn't working, but then someone else comes in and says there's tacos outside, so everyone races out, leaving them alone in the lab. Aja calls Krel and each group has found something. Krel tries to get into the ship.

Aja sees a life form imprisoned. He's hungry. Stuart knows him. Stuart had to leave him behind when he escaped as he barely got out himself. Varvatos tells Aja they can't concern themselves with anything but the osmic circuit and orders her to the extraction point. Aja decides to ignore him and help Stuart rescue his friend.

Krel gets the osmic circuit out. Just then, the alarm goes off. Aja admits that she set it off. Stuart tries to apologize to Buster for leaving him, but Buster is angry. Aja steps in and tells Buster they're going to set him free. Some agents come in and see Buster out of his cage. Buster growls at them.

Krel and Varvatos rush to help Aja and Stuart. They are able to get out with the part. As they go to leave, however, they find themselves surrounded. Colonel Kubritz steps out in front and fires at them. Varvatos shields them. She tells Stuart his cage is still waiting for him and it has room for all his friends as well. Just then, Buster appears. He shields the others and carries them out.

The blanks prepare the taco truck for them.

The group is almost out when Buster is captured and Krel is knocked out. Varvatos wants them to leave, but Aja goes back to fight Kubritz. When she appears to be trapped, Stuart comes through with a truck, which he runs into the wall, diving out at the last second. The truck hits the wall, which explodes. Buster then breaks free and they all run out. Buster runs away and the others climb into the taco truck.

Kubritz walks out of the wreckage and learns they took the osmic circuit. She knows that means their ship is grounded, so they'll be easier to find.

Aja puts in the final piece, which restores full power. She goes to see her parents.

Krel is still unconscious, but Mother says he'll make a full recovery. Varvatos says it's his fault. He betrayed his oath, but he promises to make it right and take them home.



  • When Krel dismisses the legitimacy of the Internet, he mentions that "The Internet is full of nonsense, and cats playing pianos." This could be a reference to the viral video Keyboard Cat.
  • Area 49-B is a clear reference to Area 51, a highly classified United States Air Force facility in Nevada known for its reports of unusual phenomena, secretive nature, and undoubted connection to classified aircraft research, leading it to become a focus of modern UFO and other conspiracy theories.
  • As Stuart agrees and prepares to take Aja, Krel, and Commander Vex to Area 49-B, he mentions "... I'm gonna show these men in black what old Stuart of Durio is made of." The Men in Black is both a comic book and film series focusing on an international espionage organization of the same name which both oversees and investigates good and evil paranormal activity on Earth.
  • The famed stock sound effect The Wilhelm Scream can be heard three times when Buster tosses around Area 49-B agents just before the group escapes the base.
  • There is a callback to "Mind Over Matter" when one of the Area 49-B agents shouts "But what about my guacamole? I paid extra!" as Momblank and Dadblank quickly drive away in Stuart's taco truck. Shannon Longhannon shouts the exact same line when Stuart drives off in his taco truck while being pursued by Aja and Krel.
  • The goblin corpse from "Waka Chaka!" is seen on a dissection table in Area 49-B.
  • When Stuart posted the picture of Luug on his website, a comment by someone by the name of "kalkernal" replied to this post with an emoticon and exclamation marks. This could be Colonel Kubritz or someone else at Area 49-B.


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