The Arcadian Job is the tenth episode of 3Below.

Official Synopsis

In a daring heist, the royals and Stuart infiltrate a high-security military base in hopes of stealing the final part to power the mothership.





  • When Krel dismisses the legitimacy of the Internet, he mentions that "The Internet is full of nonsense, and cats playing pianos." This could be a reference to the viral video Keyboard Cat.
  • Area 49-B is a clear reference to Area 51, a highly classified United States Air Force facility in Nevada known for its reports of unusual phenomena, secretive nature, and undoubted connection to classified aircraft research, leading it to become a focus of modern UFO and other conspiracy theories.
  • As Stuart agrees and prepares to take Aja, Krel, and Commander Vex to Area 49-B, he mentions "... I'm gonna show these men in black what old Stuart of Durio is made of." The Men in Black is both a comic book and film series focusing on an international espionage organization of the same name which both oversees and investigates good and evil paranormal activity on Earth.
  • The famed stock sound effect The Wilhelm Scream can be heard three times when Buster tosses around Area 49-B agents just before the group escapes the base.
  • There is a callback to "Mind Over Matter" when one of the Area 49-B agents shouts "But what about my guacamole? I paid extra!" as Momblank and Dadblank quickly drive away in Stuart's taco truck. Shannon Longhannon shouts the exact same line when Stuart drives off in his taco truck while being pursued by Aja and Krel.
  • The goblin corpse from "Waka Chaka!" is seen on a dissection table in Area 49-B.
  • When Stuart posted the picture of Luug on his website, a comment by someone by the name of "kalkernal" replied to this post with an emoticon and exclamation marks. This could be Colonel Kubritz or someone else at Area 49-B.


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