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Terra Incognita Part Two is the second episode of Part One of 3Below.

Official Synopsis

After crash landing in the town of Arcadia, the royals -- now disguised as humans -- search for suitable technology to power their ship.





  • This is Toby's first appearance in 3Below, the first time a main character from Trollhunters appears. Jim also makes a cameo appearance during gym class.
  • The song used during the montage is "How Bizzare" by OMC. 
  • During the montage, there is a lesbian couple holding hands at the cafe. 
  • During the cafe scene, Krel looks at a cup of coffee intriguingly, mispronouncing it "co-fefe", and upon taking a sip, drops the cup in disgust. This could be a instance of Guillermo del Toro taking a comedic jab towards Donald Trump with reference to the former infamously tweeting the non-existent word "covfefe" on May 31, 2017. 


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