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Terra Incognita Part Two is the second episode of 3Below.

Official Synopsis[]

After crash landing in the town of Arcadia, the royals -- now disguised as humans -- search for suitable technology to power their ship.


Varvatos opens the door and threatens Eli with his cane. Eli laughs and asks if he's interested in a newspaper subscription. He enters their house and is impressed by everything they have. A record player starts playing and Krel asks what it is. Eli tells him it's vintage music and Krel decides he likes it. Luug, taking the form of a dog, greets Eli. Eli asks where their parents are and Krel says they're in stasis regenerating after an accident. Eli takes that to mean they're at a spa. Varvatos is irritated and throws Eli out. Once he's gone, Varvatos asks Mother what she did. She explains humans to them. They're reminded of their parents and go to check that they're still in stasis. Mother says she doesn't have enough energy sources to keep them in stasis for long. They find additional damage to the ship, which is why they don't have enough energy. Aja says they just need to go out and find a replacement part, but Krel doesn't think they can.

The three of them walk around Varvatos resists when a girl scout tries to help him cross the road, wanting a badge, leading to the whole troop carrying him across. Krel fixes a rocket ride and sends it flying with a kid in it. They are fascinated by TVs in a display window, the movie theater, and coffee. Luug breaks open a fire hydrant, confusing Detective Scott, who drives by.

The burrito vendor asks if Aja is sure she wants to order the Diablo Maximus breakfast burrito with extra hot sauce. She takes it and walks away without paying. She runs into Toby, who tells her it's not for the faint of heart. He's impressed when she eats the whole thing and goes to ask for another. Varvatos and Krel ask him if he's one of the rulers of the planet as he seems to know a lot about it. He tells them he's just a duke and introduces himself. Krel asks if he knows where they can get a Daxial Array and he thinks they're a band, so he sends them to a record store.

Krel looks around and finally steals a Papa Skull album. They leave to go home. Zoe comes out of the record store behind them and says they have to pay for the record. Detective Scott pulls up and she tells him about the shoplifting. Scott takes the album from Krel and returns it to Zoe, who takes it back into the store. Scott asks Krel and Aja why they aren't in school. After speaking to Varvatos, Scott takes the two kids to school.

Uhl talks to Krel and Aja about where they come from. Aja uses a poster in his office to say they're from Cantaloupia. He can't find it on the internet. He asks if they have any papers. Krel says they don't know anything about any of that. They're just there to find a daxial array. Uhl also thinks it's a band. He decides to put them in school even after they say their parents are away at the spa.

Krel and Aja are confused about humans as they sit in math class. Krel gets up to ask a question and does some additional math on the board before asking if Miss Janeth has a daxial array.

Varvatos asks Luug to take him back to the ship, the Luug doesn't know where it is. Varvatos hears someone talking about a queen and runs toward the noise. He finds two men playing chess. He asks them questions, confusing them.

Coach Lawrence tells Krel and Aja they have to take the rope challenge. Krel wants to refuse, but Aja is excited. Before Krel can ask what the point is, Aja is ringing the bell.

Krel is upset that more people think a Daxial Array is a band. They direct him to the science lab and they have Eli take them there. Krel is unimpressed with their primitive technology and Eli assumes Krel is adopted. Uhl finds them and says they're not supposed to be in there unsupervised. He says he wants to speak to their parents at six. Both parents.

Varvatos is playing chess. If he wins, he wants to enslave his opponent's family. They tell him it's just a game, but he doesn't understand that. He's interrupted by Krel and Aja's reappearance. Varvatos insists on continuing his game. He quickly loses and then leaves with Krel and Aja.

Krel and Aja tell Varvatos they have to go to school and they have to show parents to Uhl. They have an idea to use Blank robots. Krel tells Mother to instill them with human knowledge. She warns them that her knowledge is 60 years out of date.

Krel leads the robots into Uhl's office. They have an awkward conversation and Uhl decides he needs to call Child Protective Services because their home life isn't stable. Aja says this isn't their home. Their home was stolen from them and they were forced to come here, where they know no one. Uhl apologizes and says he'll protect them until Cantaloupia is free again. Until that time, they have a place in Arcadia Oaks. The whole family leaves. Krel and Aja have to sneak out as they starting to lose their human forms.

Varvatos is angry that they were nearly discovered. Mother tells them the effect will only last for 12 hours at a time. Aja notices her eyes are linking and Mother tells her they're called tears. Krel asks if she's okay and she thinks she's afraid. Varvatos prepares to make Aja Queen-in-waiting. All Aja ever wanted to be normal, but Mama told her she wasn't. Varvatos starts the ritual while Eli watches secretly through a window.

Back on Akiridion-5, General Morando orders bounty hunters to kill Krel and Aja and bring their parents' life cores to him.



  • This is Toby's first appearance in 3Below, the first time a main character from Trollhunters appears. Jim also makes a cameo appearance during gym class.
  • The song used during the montage is "How Bizzare" by OMC (albeit, a cover, and not the original version by OMC).
  • During the montage, there is a lesbian couple holding hands at the cafe.
  • During the cafe scene, Krel looks at a cup of coffee intriguingly, mispronouncing it "co-fefe", and upon taking a sip, drops the cup in disgust. This could be a instance of Guillermo del Toro taking a comedic jab towards Donald Trump with reference to the former infamously tweeting the non-existent word "covfefe" on May 31, 2017.
  • When Varvatos competes (and ultimately loses) against Jerry in the chess match, the finale of Gioachino Rossini's William Tell Overture is playing in the background.
  • When Krel demands Eli to take him to the science lab, he shouts, "You will take me to the leader of the science lab now!" This is an obvious reference to the classic alien stereotype, "Take me to your leader, earthling."


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