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|'''"[[Party Monsters]]"'''<br />{{#switch: {{{s1e21}}}
|'''"[[Party Monster]]"'''<br />{{#switch: {{{s1e21}}}
|appears= <span style="color:green;">'''Appears'''</span>
|appears= <span style="color:green;">'''Appears'''</span>
|absent=<span style="color:red;">'''Absent'''</span>
|absent=<span style="color:red;">'''Absent'''</span>

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Trollhunters Part 1
"Becoming: Part 1"
"Becoming: Part 2"
"Wherefore Art Thou, Trollhunter?"
"Gnome Your Enemy"
"Waka Chaka!"
"Win Lose or Draal"
"To Catch A Changeling"
"Adventures in Trollsitting"
"Bittersweet Sixteen"
"Young Atlas"
"Recipe for Disaster"
"Claire and Present Danger"
"The Battle of Two Bridges"
"Return of the Trollhunter"
"Roaming Fees May Apply"
"Blinky's Day Out"
"The Shattered King"
"Where Is My Mind?"
"Party Monster"
"It's About Time"
"Angor Management"
"A Night to Remember"
"Something Rotten This Way Comes"
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  • If the character appears in the episode, the input is 'appears'. The output is Appears.
  • If the character is absent during the episode, the input is 'absent'. The output is Absent.
  • If the character makes a cameo in the episode, the input is 'cameo'. The output would become Cameo.
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