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The Taylon Phalanx were an army of loyal Akiridions trained to protect Akiridion-5 and House Tarron. However, the Taylon were later corrupted by their evil general, Morando, and ultimately betrayed the royal family and their own planet.

In "A Glorious End, Part Two", due to Morando's absence, the group of rogue Taylon Phalanx were left vulnerable to attack as the Resistance led a revolution and exterminated all of Morando's soldiers once and for all.


Not much is known about the Taylon Phalanx, only that their original sole purpose was to bring peace and protection to Akiridion-5, including House Tarron.

However, through unconfirmed means, Val Morando managed to use his status as general to corrupt most of his soldiers and convinced them turn against their planet they were sworn to protect.

Morando then used the Phalanx soldiers to lead a coup to usurp the throne. They succeed, yet the royal children, Aja and Krel, along with their former commander, Varvatos Vex, managed to escape on the Mothership. With the absence of Vex, Zadra was forced by Morando to become his new commander so that he could have full control over the rest of the Taylon. Unaware to Morando, Zadra becomes a double-agent for the Resistance.

All of the Taylon Phalanx soldiers then grew more ruthless to innocent civilians and completely loyal to Morando by core, threatening to kill even children if they ever speak against their leader (or even hope for House Tarron's safety).

Later on, after Morando discovers the whereabouts of the Tarrons, he begins to gather his army and lead an invasion on Earth, even creating an army of Omen Blanks. However, Eli Pepperjack manages to use a Parking Drone to neutralize Morando's ship, thus forcing him to retreat back to Akiridion-5.

However, Morando manages to make it to Earth, but left his solders behind and brought his Omens instead.

During Morando's absence, the Taylon Phalanx were left vulnerable to attack, thus Zadra leads a revolution against the rogue soldiers and presumably rid the planet of all the corrupted soldiers.



  • After the eradication of the first army when they fell into corruption, it is presumed that Aja plans to rebuild the Taylon Phalanx into a more humane army, promoting the members of the Resistance.
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