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The Sword of Eclipse (or the Eclipse Blade, or simply Eclipse) was a new weapon wielded by the Trollhunter, which is created by the power of the three Triumbric Stones when they are inserted into the Amulet of Daylight.

This is the only known weapon that is capable of permanently killing Gunmar.


A troll scholar named the Dishonorable Bodus found a way to kill Gunmar- by collecting the three Triumbric Stones.

Many years later, Jim and his friends assimilated all the three stones and unlocked the Eclipse Armor and the Sword of Eclipse.

Jim used it extensively during his stay in the Darklands and later slayed Gunmar using it.


The Eclipse Blade is basically the same shape as its counterpart, Daylight, only black with red trimmings and has a red jewel on top of the handgrip.


Like its counterpart, it is made of light, but in this instance, it is more likely to be moonlight. It appears with the Eclipse Armor when the Amulet of Daylight is activated by the user and recognizes the Trollhunter in the process.

With the power of the Triumbric Stones, the sword is the only weapon that is capable of killing Gunmar, as well as other Gumm-Gumms and trolls.

Like its counterpart, it can cut through anything except other troll-weapons.


  • Unable to Kill Wizards: It is discovered that the sword and possibly the Trollhunter's other weaponry are unable to kill wizards like Morgana since they are likely meant to only hunt trolls. Moreover, Morgana was able to destroy the sword, though Merlin was able to repair it without issue.


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