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Suzy Snooze is a stuffed bunny rabbit and Claire and NotEnrique's favorite toy.



Suzy Snooze was given to Claire by her parents when she was very young. Since then, it had become her favorite toy and she had formed a very deep emotional bond with it.

Trollhunters (Part One)[]

Later, Enrique Nuñez was kidnapped by the goblins and taken to the Darklands. In the process, Suzy Snooze was dropped. Jim and Toby, who happened to pass by during the incident, saw the toy lying on the ground. Jim picked it up and took it to school. While he was examining it, Claire came along and noticed the toy. She then claimed ownership and thanked Jim for finding it. 

Trollhunters (Part Three)[]

When Claire's soul was sucked into the Shadow Realm due to Morgana inhabiting her body, Jim and Toby entered the Shadow Realm in order to rescue her. They took Suzy along to serve as an emotional anchor. Suzy led them to Claire when the incantation Modus Occul-Takh was uttered, but she failed to lead them back because Jim forgot the second incantation.


Suzy Snooze looks rather worn out, and this is supported by Claire saying that she had it when she was young.

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A toy rabbit seemingly identical to Suzy Snooze appears in the Dreamworks animated movie Rise of the Guardians (2012), in Jamie's Bedroom.