"Jim, if you fancy Miss Nuñez, I submit that talking to will be much more effective than staring at."
"I believe the amulet has found its champion.
"It's a great honor that you've been chosen to wield this mantle. I've no doubt that you'll prove equal to the task."
"Atlas, too, carried the weight of the world on his shoulders."
"War is constant chaos. The winner will be the one who controls the chaos, both his own and his enemy's."
"Please, my friends call me Walt."
"It seems we each have something the other wants."
"What do you think? Good look for picture day?"
"If you care about your mother, don't fight it. You were always my favorite."
"I control the chaos."
"I'll give you an A for effort, but you're going to fail this exam!"
"You disappoint me, when I had such high hopes for you."
"Not many people are lucky enough to say they were there when history was made."
"Nothing can stop his return!"
"The bridge will be spoken of no longer.Gunmar had his chance to rule, Now, it's my turn."
"I'm back, Arcadia, and I brought you a gift."
"With me in charge, things are going to change."
"I've decided I'm not done with you. Your education has just begun."
"Sometimes, you have to focus on what you can control over what you can't."
"You are a dog, and this is your leash!"
"You know, I'm a bit surprised how well we work together."
"Let's just say, I'm always looking out for my best interests."
"There is a vast world beneath our feet, Barbara, and your son has stirred up a heap of trouble."
"You don't understand. Our lives are bound magically."
"Haven't I redeemed myself?"
"You kept your word. And after everything I've done.Once again, you've proved why you are... the hero, and I am..."
"Your idealism is nearly contagious."
"Save the children? Yes, if you rescue my familiar, then I'll be trapped in my troll form forever."
"You may not believe me, Young Atlas... but I do wish you luck and hope we meet again one day."
"A human Trollhunter? This would change everything."
"But why on earth would I ally with a Trollhun...?"
"So, that's how it is"
"Go, get out of here. They want me, not you."
"I'm not trying to train you! I'm trying to kill you!
"Jim is a good kid, but a good kid can't kill Gunmar."
"I want teach you tell you, but you're so blind to the truth"
"Then kill me, or I shall kill you, ending this charade once and for all!"
"You've proven yourself too, Young Atlas. There is hope for you yet."
"I'm not sure what exactly came over me, but I woke up and had to see you."
"I choose to believe there's a better way"
"But I've come to learn that stolen a heart... is never truly yours."
"Barbara always called me Walter, Usurna!"
"I'm sorry, Barbara. May the world forgive me, for without you, there is no world."
"Don't look, Barbara! Keep your eyes shut!"
"Young Atlas, you are not alone. Don't do this! Open the door!"
"It took me years to handle diverse emotions of either troll or human, but I've never had to deal with both at once"
"But I've been wrong before. What do I know about being human?"
"Good luck, Young Atlas."


"Excuse me! Coming through!"

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