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He's fine, and so are Maja, Baja, Taja, Faja, Daja, Waja and Eli Jr.
Eli Pepperjack on Steve and Aja's children[src]
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Maja, Baja, Taja, Faja, Daja, Waja, and Eli Jr are the children of Steve Palchuk and Aja Tarron, and the grandchildren of King Fialkov and Queen Coranda. They briefly appear towards the end of Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans.


After Steve's unexpected pregnancy due to their seventh kiss, they were born by the help of Eli in The view of Arcadia. Aja and Steve were overjoyed to see their children and proud to have become a family.

After Jim reset the timeline with the Time Stone, it is unknown if they were still born or are going to be born in the new future.

Physical Description[]

Their body is similar to that of Aja's, while their hair is the same as Steve's.

Episode Appearances[]

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  • The kids are an example of septuplets, seven children born at once.
  • They are the second-to-eighth known hybrids to appear in the franchise, the first being Jim Lake, who was temporarily transformed into one.
  • Most of the names of theirs are rhyme with their mother's, Aja while Eli Jr. is named after his father's best friend, Elijah Leslie Pepperjack.