The Stalklings are terrifying assassins with a valuable skill—they're the only trolls that can venture into sunlight. Once locked onto their target, these deadly trolls never give up, sometimes stalking their prey for years.
The Art of Trollhunters

Stalklings (or Vulture Trolls) are a race of dragon-like Trolls.

Besides Changelings, they are the only known species of troll that are immune to the affects of sunlight.


Stalklings are dangerous, unpredictable and uncontrollable. Once they choose a prey, they do not stop hunting until they have killed them. They prefer to attack their prey whenever they are alone.

A Stalkling is sent after Jim Lake Jr. by Bular to kill him. He evades its maneuvers for a while, but is soon caught. He uses his Sword of Daylight to attract a lightning bolt, electrocuting it and turning it to stone.

However, not all Stalklings are uncontrollable and irrational wild beasts, because a Stalkling is seen being a normal citizen of Trollmarket. Another Stalkling has been seen in the Darklands, being one of the minion beasts of Gunmar. During Jim's dream sequence created by Merlin, a Stalkling is seen carrying Steve away during the invasion of Gunmar.

In 3Below, during the Eternal Night, a Stalkling nabs Stuart while Zadra turns the Stalkling to stone and saves Stuart.

Physical Description

Stalklings are giant vulture trolls with blood red eyes, bat-like wings, and razor sharp fangs and talons.

Powers & Abilities

Besides Changelings, Stalklings are the only race of trolls immune to the effects of sunlight and can even fly at great altitude.


Despite their immunity to sunlight, they can still turn to solid stone when directly struck by a lightning bolt.


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