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Before Merlin entered into stasis, he drained his magic and trapped Morgana, hiding her away for centuries. The key to Morgana's prison—Merlin's staff—has been hidden away, kept safe within the Ardennes Mountains in Europe.
The Art of Trollhunters

The Staff of Avalon was Merlin's most powerful relic, which he built to channel the arcane energies of the universe itself.

It was later destroyed by the dragon, Charlemagne, so that Douxie could find the Genesis Seals.


The Staff of Avalon was created by Merlin centuries ago. After Merlin defeated Morgana in the Battle of Killahead, the staff was hidden in the heart of Merlin's Tomb.

Since the staff was the only relic powerful enough to free Morgana from her prison, Gunmar and Angor Rot followed Jim and his friends to Merlin's Tomb where, after a confrontation, they obtained the Staff of Avalon before the Trollhunters, who found and awoke Merlin himself instead.

Gunmar later attempts to use the staff to free Morgana from her crystal prison underneath the Heartstone, until its magic backfires on him. He failed to realize that the staff can only be brandished by human hands who can speak in a trollish tongue. Gunmar then orders Queen Usurna to find and capture a Changeling alive. First, they try to capture Nomura against her will, but when she manages to escape, the Gumm-Gumms decide to capture Strickler instead and use Barbara Lake as a hostage to force him to free Morgana with the staff.

Morgana later used the staff, along with the dust of Gumm-Gumms, to begin the Eternal Night before she absorbed all of its magic to render it completely useless when she confronts Merlin.

Luckily, when she is banished to the Shadow Realm, Merlin was able to restore his staff's magic, as well as his own.

The Staff is finally destroyed by Douxie and Charlemagne according to the message that Merlin left after his death, since it was the only way to find the Genesis Seals.


The Staff of Avalon is large black staff with white trimmings and a big lime-green emerald at the center.


The staff is used to channel the universe's energy itself, possibly making it one of the most powerful weapons in existence. Merlin also designed it with a safeguard, so that it could only be brandished by human hands (as such, if a troll attempts to use the staff, the spell will backfire on them).

It can be used by either a Changeling or a human who can speak in a Trollish tongue. If a troll attempted to wield it, the spell would backfire on them as only human hands can activate it.

It's also the only tool that can release Morgana from her prison.


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  • It could be implied that Merlin built the staff within Avalon, a legendary island from Arthurian legends, which is where Excalibur was forged and is the home of Morgan le Fay and other magical beings.